دانلود 2000 پروژه سی شارپ

دسته بندی ها: دات نت (NET.) ، پروژه | Project ، آموزش سی شارپ | C#.NET


مجموعه ای که برای شما آماده کرده ایم یکی از کامل ترین مجموعه پروژه های سی شارپ است که بیش از 2000 پروژه در زمینه های مختلف در آن قرار دارد.

این پروژه ها از مثال های ساده تا پروژه های تجاری و علمی بزرگ را شامل می شود.

لیست برخی از پروژه ها:

  • مدیریت Webcam
  • مدیریت Ram و CPU
  • پروژه دبیرخانه
  • پروژه داروخانه
  • پروژه آزمون گیر
  • پروژه مشاور املاک
  • بازی پازل
  • ساخت انیمیشن
  • مدیریت فایل
  • کار با اینترنت
  • ماشین حساب ساده و پیشرفته
  • ساعت آنالوگ و دیجیتال
  • بازی Mine Sweeping
  • بازی Snake
  • مدیریت دانشگاه
  • برنامه های امنیتی
  • ساخت کامپایلر با سی شارپ
  • تبدیل فرمت عکس
  • تبدیل فرمت PDF
  • ایجاد و مدیریت سندهای Office
  • پروژه مدیریت دانشجویان
  • چندین پروژه برای کار با دیتابیس
  • دانلود فایل
  • ارسال ایمیل
  • و ...

لیست کامل پروژه ها:

'C# Hooks For RRDtool'
'Extending' the Enum Class to Validate the Enum Values with the Flags Attribute
'Extension Properties' Revised
(Desktop) Falling Snowflake
100% Reflective Class Diagram Creation Tool
100 C# Net Source Code
101 C# Project
12 Important FAQ’s on VSTS Testing (Unit testing, load testing, automated testing, database testing and code coverage)
38Ajans-zip 2
3D_Border With GDI
3D Border With GDI
6 important uses of Delegates and Events
7 Simple Steps to Run Your First Azure Blob Program
8-bits paralel port..C# version
A 'how to' for Delegate use as a thread safe pointer
A .Net Auto-Updating Project Template
A .NET Component for Localizing String and Message Boxes
A .NET File System Watcher
A .NET State Machine Toolkit - Part I
A .NET State Machine Toolkit - Part II
A .NET State Machine Toolkit - Part III
A .Net Tetris game in c# using GDI+
A Ball Bouncing on the Desktop
A Basic Tour To Dynamic Keyword - Dotnet 4.0
A basic Virtual Machine for Experimentation
A Beginner's Guide To Events
A Beginner's Tutorial - Type Casting and Type Conversion in C#
A Beginner's Tutorial on Basics of Delegates, Anonymous Functions and Lambda Expressions in C#
A Beginner's Tutorial on Extension Methods, Named Parameters, Optional Parameters, Object Initializers and Anonymous types in C#
A Beginner's Tutorial on Implementing IEnumerable Interface and Understanding yield Keyword
A Beginner's Tutorial on Operator Overloading in C#
A Beginner's Tutorial on String Comparison in C#
A BitStream Class for the .NET Framework
A C# alternative for the Visual Basic GetObject function
A C# Class for Complex Polynomials
A C# class that deals with System Registrya
A C# Class to Perform Arithmetic on Complex Numbers
A C# Combinations Iterator
A C# idiom to simulate global functions
A C# image enhancement filters library
A C# Implementation of Douglas-Peucker Line Approximation Algorithm
A C# Implementation of Mime De_encode
A C# List Permutation Iterator
A C# Password Generator
A C# Personal Organizer
A C# Wrapper for the SpamAssassin Protocol
A Calculator using C#
A Chained Property Observer
A class to dynamically create delegates of functions at runtime
A Code Project Article Editor with Live Preview
A COM class wizard for VS.NET 2003
A Command Line Calculator
A Comparative Study of Java and C#
A computational statistics class
A Console ZIP Utility Using ICSharpCode SharpZipLib
A Controllable Notifying Thread Queue with Generics
A cool game that uses the mouse
A Crontab Linux like Windows Service
A Custom Message Box
A DelegateScheduler Class
A DXF Reader Solution and a Simple DXF Viewer
A fast equivalent for System.Random
A Fast Serialization Technique
A fixed-point data type class in C#_Saltarelle
A Form with Customized Caption Bar and Flexible Border
A General Fast Method Invoker
A Generic Enum Detail List Class
A Generic Frequency Table in C# with Descriptive Statistics
A Generic Method for Deep Cloning in C# 3.0
A Graphics Drawing Tool by using C# and Winforms
A Graphics Drawing Tool by using WPF
A helpful way to use the FlagsAttribute with enumerations
A JavaScript Compression Tool for Web Applications
A Link to LINQ and a Look at the Binary Search Tree
A managed 'Send To' menu class
A managed wrapper for the HTML Tidy library
A Mentor’s Example Article
A Modified C# Implementation of Tony Selke's TextFieldParser
A Multipanel Control in C#
A Naive Bayesian Classifier in C#
A New Task Scheduler Class Library for .NET
A non-well-formed HTML Parser and CSS Resolver
A perfect C# string enumerator
A Practical Means to Perform Functions with Administrator Privilege (Elevate Process Privilege)
A Project Dependency Graph Utility for Visual Studio 2008
A Proposal for an Enhanced C# Property syntax
A Raw Serializer
A Really Vain 'How are my articles doing' Web Spider
A realtime event log monitoring tool
A Richtext Note Application which is Automatically Managed
A Scary Bug in String.Compare, ArrayList.Sort, SortedList etc
A ServiceController Class that Contains the Path to the Executable
A short identifier using base 36 in C#
A simple but handy utility for serializing and de-serializing various data
A Simple C# Global Low Level Keyboard Hook
A Simple C# Labyrinth and Maze
A Simple Clock
A Simple Code Snippet to Add an Event
A Simple Extension Framework in C#
A Simple FTP Application
A Simple Geo Fencing Using Polygon Method
A Simple Immutable ArrayList for C#
A Simple Immutable Hashtable for C#
A simple library catalog system in C#
A Simple Mine Sweeping Game
A simple plug-in engine using ReflectionA simple plug-in engine using Reflection
A Simple Snake Game  Engerek
A Simple Taint Checking Solution for C#
A Simple Wizard Control for .Net 2.0 with Full Designer Support
A small Content Detection Library
A small set of routines for compressing and decompressing various types of data
A spelling corrector based on Bayes Theorem (PHP, C#)
A Study of Delegates
A Synchronized Volume Control for your Application
A tool statistic C# solution code count
A tool to change the default source control client
A tool to view and debug XML XPath queries with .net 2.0
A Tutorial on Nested Classes in C#
A Universal Event Handler Factory
A USB HID Component for C#
A Web Content Monitoring Tool  Web Watch - Gas Price
A Win32 Library for .NET
A Winamp Front-End Library with C#
A Windows Service Which Kills Unwanted Windows  Part 2
A WIX web setup
A Workaround Method To Achieve Default Parameters In C#
A Zune Style Application Template for WPF and Silverlight
Abstract Class versus Interface
Abstract Factory Pattern in C#
Accelerate Your XML Development Under .NET 2.0
Accelerating Enum-Based Dictionaries with Generic EnumComparer
Access a Web page in Dynamics CRM with JavaScript Code
Access Basecamp Through .NET API Wrapper
Access Modifier For Beginners
Access Modifiers
Accessing alternative data-streams of files on an NTFS volume
Accessing an EJB from .NET Using IIOP.NET  an Example
Accessing COM+ component using C#
Accessing the SQL Server Virtual Device Interface via .NET (C#)
Achieve Persistence Through Serialization
Action Extensions
Actionless Frameworks
Active Directory Helper
Active Directory Searcher
Active Directory User Class Update
ADB - Documentation Compiler for Managed Class Libraries
Add run-time functionality to your application by providing a plug-in mechanism
Add Your Control On Top Another Application
Addad Aval
AddBusinessDay DateTime Extension Method
Addin to create the Dependent Upon Add-in
Adding Custom Dialog to Visual Studio .NET 2003 Project
Adding Data to Word Doc
Adding data-bindable attributes to C# enums using the dynamic runtime
Adding Default Parameters to C#
Adding Descriptions to your Enumerations
Adding Event to Event Viewer
Addit – A Simple Puzzle Game
Addition, Multiplication of Very Long Integers
Address Book
Ader Template Engine
ADO Data Access through COM Interop in .NET
ADO.NET Asynchronous SQL Calls
Advanced - Multithreading - How-To Async Calls
Advanced Phone Number Type Implementation
Advanced Unit Testing, Part I - Overview
Advanced Unit Testing, Part II - Core Implementation
Advanced Unit Testing, Part III - Testing Processes
Advanced Unit Testing, Part IV - Fixture Setup_Teardown, Test Repetition And Performance Tests
Adventures with C# 4.0 dynamic - ExpandoObject, ElasticObject, and a Twitter client in 10 minutes
AFP  Almost Functional Programming in C#  Part 2
AFP  Almost Functional Programming in C#, part 1
Alarm Clock (CS)
Alarm date time
All about abstract classes
All Dialogs
Alternative to the C# out keyword using Generics, Anonymous methods and Type converters
Alternative way to support languages under the .NET Framework
AltSerializer - An Alternate Binary Serializer
Amicable Number Calculator
amlakyar C#2008
An 'easy to use' FTP client library
An Application to Create Interesting and Fully Customizable Web Photo Gallery
An Application to Keep Track of Your Article Ratings Over Time
An attribute based approach to business object validation
An Audiobook Player Using an Embedded Microsoft Mediaplayer
An Easy to Use Weak Referenced Event Handler Factory for .NET 2.0
An Easy way to interface with semiconductor SECS_GEM equipment in .NET
An even conciser definition of Interfaces
An Event Based Rules Engine
An Event Pool
An Extensible Expression Evaluation Package (EEEP!)
An extension for a Configuration Settings class in .NET
An indepth look at structures in C#
An instrumented synchronous_asynchronous event manager utilizing EventHandler and Reflection
An introduction to Big Integer class - Dotnet 4.0
An Introduction to Business Objects in C#
An introduction to Complex Struct of dotnet 4.0
An introduction to Expando Object- Dotnet 4.0
An Introduction to Fit and Fitnesse
An Introduction to Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) - Part I
An Introduction to Named Parameters - C#4.0
An introduction to numerical programming in C#
An Introduction to Operator Overloading in C#
An introduction to Optional Parameters - C#4.0
An Introduction to SortedSet Collection of .NET 4.0
An introduction to System.Lazy- Dotnet 4.0
An introduction to Tuple
An Overview of C# 4.0
An Overview on Many Terms and Principles
An SVG framework in C# and an SVG-GDI+ bridge
An Undo_Redo Buffer Framework
an XML to CSV converter
Announcer in C#.NET using Microsoft Agent
Anonymous Method Serialization
Anonymous Methods - Behind the Scenes
Anonymous Types - Dynamic Programming With C#
Another C# sets this time generic ones
Another class factory
Another Look At IDisposable
Another Simple Yahoo Map Proxy
Another XML parser in C#
Apex Part 1  Create Your First MVVM Application
Apex Part 2  Adding Commands to an MVVM Application
App.Config Type String Verification with MSBuild
Append Date and Time to File
Apple Software
Application and component configuration
Application Configuration Editor using the PropertyGrid
Application Configuration Settings .NET & VB 6 With XML
Application Core Messaging
Application Framework to plug components - Part I
Application Framework to plug components - Part II - Notify Events
Application to Debug Serial Port Communication
Application Trial Maker
Applied Mathematics in C# via the Extreme Numerical Libraries for .NET
Applied Reflection or stop SWITCHing
arash-soft blogsky
Arithmetic Overflow Checking using checked_unchecked
Arrays Basics in CSharpDotNetTech
ARSLib 1.0
ASN.1 Editor
Asp.net Currency Exchange Rate via RSS
Aspect Oriented Programming  learn step by step and roll your own implementation!
Assembly Attributes
Assert Enhancements
Asynchronous Code Blocks
Asynchronous Context Processor
Asynchronous method calling using events and delegates
Asynchronous Method Invocation
Asynchronous models and patterns
Asynchronous Threading
ATOM To RSS Converter
Attributes in C#
Attributes vs. Single Responsibility Principle
Authorize Navision Sales Order Line with Navision add-on 'NDA', Developed in C#
Auto Clicker C#
Auto Increment Microsoft Build Task
Auto scrolling html to give an impression of rolling news
Auto test all the Enum types for duplicated values and error-prone Flags values using Reflection
AutoCAD Drawing Using C#
Autocaster - Implicit interfaces for .NET
AutoComplete TextBox
Autoincrement Version in Visual Studio
Automate key sequences for repetitive tasks, reference XML data
Automated Undo_Redo library based on C# Generics in .NET framework
Automatic Expandable Properties in a PropertyGrid
Automatic Interface Implementer  An Example of Runtime Type Building
Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures (ALIP) By Artificial Neural Network Approach
Automating the code writing process using macros
Automating web browsing
Automation Helper for Stored Procedures in C#
Autoplay Virus Remover
AutoSig  A browser helper object that automatically adds a different signature when you post a message to a CP forum
Avoiding IDisposable while still working with unmanaged resources
Avoiding null in C#
AzharDNA New Bioinformatics Program (Basic Tools for the Analysis of DNA)
AzharDNA New Bioinformatics Program (DNA Translation)
Azure FAQ Part 1
Backup Utility in C#
Bakhsh Paziri
Band Objects - .NET 2.0 Redux
bank Csharp
BarbarianIOC   A simple IOC Container
Base 36 type for .NET (C#)
Base class for cloning an object in C#
Base Convert
Base64 Encoder_Decoder in C#
Basic Backgroundworker
Basic Design Pattern in C#
Basic Events Out Of The Box
Basic Understanding of Implicit Variables in C# 3.0
Basics concepts of Extension Methods
Basics of Bing Search API using .NET
Basics of Dataflow Programming in F# and C#
Basics of Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD)
BatchRebuilder - Batch rebuilder for your Visual Studio .NET Projects
Benchmarking Direct, Delegate and Reflection Method Invocations
Best Practices on Using Implicitly Typed (i.e. var ) and Explicitly Typed Variables
Best practices to create your own Fluent library
BHO Development using managed code
BigInteger Library
Binary Clock for Windows Created Using C# in Visual Studtio 2008 Beta 2
Binary operations on byte arrays, with parallelism and pointers
Binary String Manipulation
BinaryFormatter vs. Manual Serializing
Bind Better with INotifyPropertyChanged
Bind Data's to Table Using JSON with Webservice
Binding parameters to a Crystal Report using SqlDataSource control – A reduced code approach
Bit wise operations in C#
BizDraw framework for .NET
Blackjack - a real world OOD example
Boosting Performance with Fields
Bot Suite
Boxing and UnBoxing in C#
Boxing and unboxing in C#_2
Breaking Changes in Argument List Evaluation in C# 5.0
Bridging the Gap between the Functional and the Technical. Think Functional
Broadcasting Using Socket-Oriented Approach
Browsing objects using ObjectReflector.Net
Browsing xkcd in a Windows 7 way
Bspline in C#
BST Deletion
bubble sort
Build a Desktop GIS Application Using MapWinGIS and C# - Part 2
Build a Desktop GIS Application Using MapWinGIS and C# - Part 3
Build a Desktop GIS Application Using MapWinGIS and C# - Part 4
Build a Desktop GIS Application Using MapWinGIS and C#
Build distribution applications by remoting(TCP_HTTP)
Build Windows Event Log Watcher Service Process to Export Event Log Entries as RSS Feed
Building .NET Coverage Tool'
Building a Tiny WebServer in less than 500 lines
Building an AI Chatbot using a Regular Expression Engine
Building Basic Windows Applications
Building Linq Expressions Dynamically
Building Snap-In Applications  Appendix A, Code Signing for Security
Building the CVS Root File Changing Utility
Building XMPP Client using MatriX XMPP SDK
Bulk Insert using ODP.NET
Bulk Insertion of Data Using C# DataTable and SQL server OpenXML function
Bulk SMS Sender
Business Dates Calculation
Business Object Introduction
C Sharp Ripper
C#  Application to Browse and Read using RSS Feeds from your Desktop
C# - dataCollector – Collecting and Saving Data Easily
C# - Delegates 101 - A Practical Example
C# - Installing and uninstalling software
C# - project ,crystal
C# - XML Schema Validator
C# .NET Autoupdate Application Launcher
C# 2.0 Aliases
C# 2.0 Nullable Types
C# 3.0 Features
C# 3.0 New Language Features (Part 1)
C# 3.0 New Language Features (Part 2)
C# 4 - Tuples
C# 4.0 Features
C# 4.0's New Features Explained
C# 5.0 vNext - New Asynchronous Pattern
C# Abstract Factory Pattern
C# Access Modifiers Quick Reference
C# and Ruby Classes
C# Application with XML File
C# as a Scripting Language in Your .NET Applications Using Roslyn
C# ATLCOM Interop code snipperts - Part 1
C# Batch Photo Resize
C# BigInteger Class
C# Bitwise Helper Class
C# CCITT-8 CRC Algorithm
C# Class Construction Techniques
C# Class for Calculating Sunrise and Sunset Times
C# Code profiling
C# Code Reviews using StyleCop – Detailed Article
C# Coding Practicies Guide
C# Coding Standards and Best Programming Practices
C# COM Late Binding Event
C# COM Object for Use In JavaScript _ HTML, Including Event Handling
C# Compiler
C# ConceptNetUtils (CNU) Version 2
C# control library
C# CSV Reader and Writer
C# DateTime Library
C# Delegates  Step by Step
C# Delegates, Anonymous Methods, and Lambda Expressions – O My!
C# Documenting and Commenting
C# Easy Extension Properties
C# Enum with Char Valued Items
C# Equivalent of VB's IsNumeric()
C# event fundamentals and exception handling in multicast delegates
C# Event Implementation Fundamentals, Best Practices and Conventions
C# Events  Create class events and use that class
C# Expression Parser using RPN
C# FileAssociation Class
C# Filtering with JSON
C# Form Location Manage
C# Interfaces for the Windows Scripting Host
C# Keywords, Part I  Modifier Keywords
C# Keywords, Part II  Type Conversion, Operators and Object Types
C# Language Essentials for the Beginner
C# Language Features, From C# 2.0 to 4.0
C# Language Infrequent Methods, Operators and Techniques
C# Native Interop  Methods and Performance
C# Open Source Managed Operating System - Quick View Under the Hood
C# Parameter  Pass object by value, The copy constructor
C# Popup Killer
C# Script  The Missing Puzzle Piece
C# Script Engine tutorial
C# Server Enumerator
C# State machine - Yield
C# Templates for Visual Studio 2003
C# Threadding, one on one - an easy way to do multi-threadding
C# Use Zip Archives without External Libraries
C# ViewState Management_Storage - Four Locations!
C# vs C_C++ Performance
C# Wallpaper Switcher
C# Wizard Templates Integrated with SourceSafe
C# Word 2003 Mailmerge by DSN
C# WPF Log4Net Viewer
C# XML Directory Lister
C#-like Expression Evaluator and Type Converter
C#.NET TCP Server
Cache Collection
CafeNet Timer
Calculator User
Calendar control in Data Grid in C#
Callback Functions and .NET C# COM Components
Calling Managed .NET C# COM Objects from Unmanaged C++ Code
Calling methods from Dll compiled in 'C' from C#
Calling parent form functions from a user control
Calling Stored procedures in ADO.NET
Calling Unmanaged Code from .NET and Device Detection with C#.NET
Capture all of the forms of a .net Desktop application
Capturing Minimized Window  A Kid’s Trick
Carved Dialog
Cascading Deletes in LINQ to SQL
Casting from a Collection to a Data Table using Generics and Attributes
Castle Validator Component for Beginners
Castle's DynamicProxy for .NET
Centralised Exception Handling in C# Windows Application
Chain Of Responsibility Design Pattern in C#, using Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)
Chained null checks and the Maybe monad
Chameleon - Connection Settings Manager
Changing file properties such as date of creation, modification and last access
Check If A String Value Is Numeric
CheckBox_With GDI
CheckBox With GDI
Circle Form
Cisco configuration download and upload - Part II
Class Data Binding using Custom Attributes
Class Diagram in VS.NET 2005
Class for Adding Buttons, Menu Items and Explorer Bars to Internet Explorer
CleanUp Files using C Sharp
Client For SQL Server Databases in C# .NET
Clipboard Ring Utility with yahoo messenger alert like popup window
CLR Stored Procedure and Creating It Step by Step
Coco Custom Tool for Visual Studio.NET
Code Ascii
Code Generation in Visual Studio From XML Files - A Simpler Approach
Code Generator using CodeSmith Api
Code generator, plug-in based
code melli
Code Review Add-In
Code Review Checklist and Guidelines for C# Developers
Code Simplified!!
Code Spelling Checker Extension for Visual Studio 2010 (VSX)
CodeDom Assistant
CodeDOM Strong Type Collection Maker
Coding an N-Tier Application in C# Without Any Wizard  Part II
Coding an N-Tier Application in C# without any Wizard - Part I
Coding Standards for C#  Names
Collections Interoperability
Color Hex Converter
Color Shower
Colored Layers
ColorImage_TO_GrayScal Image
ColorImage TO GrayScal Image
COM Interoperability in .NET Framework  Part I
COM+ Subscription Viewer
Combine multiply MSN chat histories into whole one
Combo Font
Command Line Parsing with Delegates
Command Line Windows Services Manager
Command Line Written in C#. Part 2  Attribute Arguments
Command Line Written in C#
Common C#.NET Performance Guidelines
Communicating with LEGO NXT via Bluetooth in C#
CompactFormatterPlus  Generic Serializer for Full and Compact Framework
Complete Class of Events
Complete Guide on How To Turn A Monitor On_Off_Standby
Complex Calculator
Complex Data Binding a collection implementing IBindingList and ITypedList
Composed LINQ Queries using the Decorator Pattern
Computer Conversions (Hexadecimal, Decimal, Octal and Binary)
Computer Information
Computer Managment
Computer Vision  Laser Range Finder
Concurrent Object Pool, the Right Way
Concurrent Observable Collection, Dictionary, and Sorted Dictionary
Conditional Invoking of Methods Using Delegates and Reflection
Conditional Methods using Conditional Attribute
Configuration Files for Class Library Projects
Connect To Internet
Connecting a Davis Instruments Vantage Weather Station to the Internet
Conscript  An embeddable, compiled scripting language for .NET
Conscript IDE  An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) implementation for the Conscript scripting language
Console Input in C#
ConsoleLibrary, C-Functions for use in C# console applications
Constructors, Destructors and MSIL
Consuming Webservice In A Windows Application
Contacting a Registration Server to obtain a unique registration key based on unique machine ID
Context Help Made Easy
Control Windows System
ControlInspector - monitor Windows Forms events as they are fired (like Spy++ for .net)
Controlling iTunes through COM
Controlling The Screen Saver With C#
Conversion of Decimal to any Base (Binary, Octal or Hexa) and vice-versa (C#)
Convert & Parse are Nice, But What If You Need to Convert to a Nullable Type
Convert a byte array to a struct which contains managed data
Convert INI file to XML
Convert Numeric Currency into Words (For INDIAN Currency Only) (Optimized)
Convert Numeric Currency into Words for International Currency - Part - II (Optimized)
Convert String To Decimal
Convert to TryParse
Convert VB6 forms to C#
Converters class - Register all your data-type conversions in a single place
Converting Database records to Excel file(Very simple code)
Converting JScript.NET to C#
Converting PHP arrays to a C# Dictionary
Count pages in MS Word Document
Count With Letters Extension
Count with Letters
Counting PDF Pages using Regular Expressions
Covariance, Contravariance and Invariance in C# Language
Coversion operators
Crafting a C# Forms Editor from scratch
CRC Encoding
Create a Class and its Collection in Memory, Create Objects from them and Bind them to DataGrid at RunTime using CodeDOM and Reflection
Create a Windows Media Player List
Create ActiveX in .NET Step by Step
Create Custom Color Maps in C#
Create Pdf
Create Sample Application Using Entity Objects In C#.Net
Create String Variables from Embedded Resources Files
Create Transparent Windows using C#
Create Your Own Googlebot
Creating a Basic Extension Method
Creating a Custom Event Dictionary
Creating A Custom Message Box Part 2
Creating a dynamic object from XML using ExpandoObject
Creating a Form That Doesn't Take Focus
Creating a Mechanical Trading System Part 1  Technical Indicators
Creating a Mechanical Trading System Part 2  Four Percent Trading System
Creating a Mechanical Trading System Part 3  Get real time quotes using DDE
Creating a NFO Viewer in C# as a beginner
Creating a Nickname Generator
Creating a shell extension with C#
Creating a Simple Autoclicker
Creating a Switch function that works for non-integral types
Creating a weak event
Creating a Weak List
Creating a Windows Service for Watching System Directory's Files
Creating Active Directoy group OwnerShip using c#
Creating advanced C# custom events
Creating and Deleting Custom Menus in Visio using C#
Creating and Using Attributes in your .NET application
Creating Cool Agent User Interfaces
Creating Custom Build Components for Sandcastle
Creating Custom Controls-Providing Design Time Support 2
Creating Enums from Database Lookup Tables
Creating Extensible and Abstract Layer
Creating MDI application using C# (Walkthrough)
Creating MMC Snapin using C# (Part I)
Creating PDF Tables using C# (.NET 2.0) and iTextSharp
Creating Windows Live Messenger Add-ins
Creating Your First C# Windows Application
Creating Your First EMGU Image Processing Project
Creating Zip Files Easily in .NET 4.5
Creation of Exception Layer using OOPs Concept
Cross Thread
Crystall Motion
CTM - Clone To Modify Model
Culture Invariant DateTime values
Custom application configuration. [With Editor Demo]
Custom AppSettings
Custom Clock for Different Time Zones
Custom configuration, from soup to nuts
Custom ConfigurationSettings through configuration resource embedding
Custom Control  Numeric TextBox  TextBox that alow you to enter only numbers
Custom CSharp Control for Powershell
Custom Data Binding Through Reflection
Custom Event Handlers
Custom Events and Delegates for Beginners
Custom Field in Crystal Report
Custom Generic Compare For Collection
Custom Global Application Culture
Custom Message Box
Custom Resource Reader
Custom Serialization using the SOAP Formatter - Advanced
Custom XPath Functions
Customised TabControl using C#
Customising FxCop using Introspection
Customising the .NET Panel control
Customized Solution & Project Explorer in .NET using C# and Windows Forms
Customized Task Manager in .NET using C# and Windows Forms
Customizing Code Generation of Telelogic Rhapsody in C with .NET
Daily Wallpaper Changer
DAL DataSets vs. Collections
Data Accessing Independent From Database And Entity With ADO.Net
Data Aware Unit Testing
Data Binding an Enum with Descriptions
Data Encryption_Decryption using RSACryptoServiceProvider and X509Certificate2
DataAnnotations Validation for Beginner
Database 1
Database Abstraction
DataBinding in WPF Browser Application using SQL Server Compact
DataGrid in WPF using SQL Server Compact 3.5 Sp1
DataGrids, Forms and Delegates
Datalist paging
DataParser Helper Class
date convert
Date Range Overlap Testing
Debugging OnStart Method in .NET Service when Debbuger.Launch Doesn't Work
Declarative Programming--Unifying Form And Web Development
Decompiling CHM (help) files with C#
Deep copy of objects in C#
DeepObject  A Multi-level C# 4.0 Dynamic Object
Delegate  What is this
Delegate Behind the Scenes
Delegates - a 15 minutes quick start tutorial
Delegates and Business Objects
Delegates and Events - Internals
Delegates And Events - The Uncensored Story - Part 1
Delegates and Events
Delegates and their role in Events in C# .NET
Delegates for Dummies
Delegates in C #
Delegates in C# - Attempt to look inside  Part 5
Delegates in C# - Attempt to Look Inside - Part 1
Delegates in C# - Attempt to Look Inside - Part 2
Delegates in C# - Attempt to Look Inside - Part 3
Delegates in C# - Attempt to look inside. Part 4
Delegates in C#
Delegates, events, and namespaces using C#
DelegateTypeT makes using delegates a breeze!
Demonstrating Custom Attributes  Build An Assembly Searching Tool
Demystify C# floating-point equality and relation operations
Demystify http.sys with HttpSysManager
Demystify LINQ in 10 Minutes
Dependency Injection for .NET using a Dynamic Service Locator with Dynamic Proxy Injection
Dependency Injection with ObjectPoolManager (OPM)
DependencyProperty Serialization for Business Objects
Descriptive Enumerations
Design a Dictionary with Spellchecker (En-Fa)(De-En)
Design by Contract Framework
Design Patterns - nuff said !
Design Patterns in C#
Designing and Integrating Crystal Reports
Designing Exception Hierarchy in C#
Desktop Sheep
Desktop Switching
Destructors in C#
Detect Internet Network Availability
Develop Your Own Operating System in C# or VB.NET
Developing extension packages for Visual Studio 2005_2008_2010_2012 using C# with real-life samples (1_6)
Developing extension packages for Visual Studio 2005_2008_2010_2012 using C# with real-life samples (2_6)
Developing extension packages for Visual Studio 2005_2008_2010_2012 using C# with real-life samples (3_6)
Developing extension packages for Visual Studio 2005_2008_2010_2012 using C# with real-life samples (4_6)
Developing extension packages for Visual Studio 2005_2008_2010_2012 using C# with real-life samples (5_6)
Developing extension packages for Visual Studio 2005_2008_2010_2012 using C# with real-life samples (6_6)
Developing Managed Event Sinks_Hooks for Exchange Server Store using C#
DfsmvPorty - XML-configurable Port Scanner
Diagrams with Reflector and the Graph Plugin (Part 1)
Dictionary with a Custom Key
Difference Between Int32.Parse(), Convert.ToInt32(), and Int32.TryParse()
Difference between
Different Kinds of Operator Overloading
digg API.NET - C# Implementation of digg Web Services
Directory Analysis with Custom Events and Threading
Disconnect Dialup
Disconnected Client Architecture
Disentangling braces and semi-colons
DispatcherFrame. Look in-Depth
Display the Output from Command-line Process on your Desktop (A GeekTool Clone)
Displaying Greek letters in .NET using char casting
Displaying JSON from PHP into a DataGridView using Json.NET
DLL Hell Solution in DOTNET
DNA Fractal Beginning of Finger Print Detection
DNSBL Lookup Class
Do Anything With ID3
Documentation in C#
Domain-Genie™ Create New Infomercial Domain Names
Dot Matrix Label
Dot NET Code Generator
Dot Remoting - Server Activated, SingleCall Technique
Dotnet eXtended framework
DotNet TimePicker control
Download Sample
Downloading C# ActiveX Components through CAB File
Drag and Drop text containing file in textbox
Draw a US Flag using C# and GDI+
Draw objects using Multithreaded
Draw with Mouse
Drawing a grid-covered cylinder in WPF
Drawing Names (A Christmas Name Drawing Application)
Drive Icon Changer
Drive Information
Drive the TAXI!
DSL Tools
DSLs  A Deep(ish) look - CodeProject
DuckTyping  Runtime Dynamic Interface Implementation
Dynamic Application Configuration Solution
Dynamic Assemblies
Dynamic Binding in C#
Dynamic Code Generation vs Reflection
Dynamic Dialog Box
Dynamic Invoke C++ DLL function in C#
Dynamic Keyword in C# 4.0 - Part 1
Dynamic Keyword In C# 4.0 - Part 2
Dynamic Keyword In C# 4.0 - Part 3
Dynamic Proxy Creation Using C# Emit
Dynamic Screen Resolution
Dynamic Type Programming with C# 4.0
Dynamic View Model
Dynamic, Object to Object Converter
Dynamically Invoke A Method, Given Strings with Method Name and Class Name
Dynamically load a class and execute a method in .NET
DynamicObjects – Duck-Typing in .NET
E-mail Address Scanner in C#
Easier .NET settings management
Easier Database Access with Diamond Binding (Part 1)
Easy String to DateTime, DateTime to String and Formatting
Easy to check recursion
Easy to use Wrapper (DLL) for Intel's OpenCV Library with Examples
Ebook Shelf
Editing a Resource File Treating It as an XML File
EezeeScript  A simple embeddable scripting language for .NET
Effective C# - Part I
Effective C# - Performance notes
Efficient Map Operations for Arrays in C#
Elastic Groups - The Groups Which Can Be Arbitrarily Changed by Users
Elementary Math Game
Email a LocalReport as a PDF Attachment
Email Client Application by Implementing Our Own SMTP and POP3 protocols using C#
Embed Win32 resources in C# programs
EMGU Kalman Filter
Empty Recycle Bin
Empty the Recycle Bin using C#
Encoding Accented Characters
Encrypt and Decrypt ConnectionString in app.config and_or web.config!
Encrypt and Decrypt Data with C#
Encryption with RC5 Algorithm
Encryption_Decryption with .NET
End Process
Ending the Great Debate on Enum Flags
Enhanced EventLog writing for .NET Applications
Enhanced FileSystemWatcher
Enhancing C# Enums
Enhancing User Experience - Part 1   A Simple Unit Converter Application
Enhancing Your Custom Classes
Entekhab vahed
Entity Framework 4 EDMX Modifier - Correct Default Values in SQL Server
Enum Builder  The Curious Case of the Inheritable Enum
Enum Generitized
Enum Utilities
Enum, Alternate Values, and FluentNhibernate
Enumerable recursion with some extendable control
Enumerate and Auto-Detect USB Drives
Enumerate System Objects using WMI
Enumerating Objects in C#
Enumerating Users using WMI.NET and C#
Enumerations and Adding them to Structures
Enums and Structs in C#
Enums as a DataSource
Enums in C#
Enums Multivaluables
Enums powered by Reflection
Equation Analyzer(Parser)
Errors in XML Log with C#_.NET
Escaping in C#  characters, strings, string formats, keywords, identifiers
Evaluate C# Code (Eval Function)
Evaluate Expressions from C# using JavaScript's Eval() Function
event and custom eventargs in depth for beginners
Event Based Scheduler
Event Browsing - .NET Event Concepts and Customizations
Event Chain
Event Control
Event Delegates in Simple English (Really, it's that simple)
Event Handling _ Generating Basics
Event Like Processing for Properties
Event notification on streams during long reads or writes
Events and Clones
Events and delegates in depth
Events and Delegates Simplified
Events and Delegates
Events and event handling in C#
Events in C#
Events Made Simple
EventSubscriptionManager - No More Leaking Event Delegates
EventyList  The List with Events
Everyday programming techniques - C# Enums
Evolving Windows Forms Event Handling With Loosely Coupled Methods
Excel Charts in C# Applications
Excel Report from Microsoft Project
Excel to SQL without JET or OLE (Version 2)
Excel to SQL without JET or OLE
Exception Handling and .NET
Exception Handling for C# Beginners
Exception Handling in C# with the 'Do Not Catch Exceptions That You Cannot Handle' rule in mind
Exceptions Handling - Some Advanced Detail
Execute a Program for n Seconds
Executing Stored Procedure with Data Reader
Expander user control for Windows Metro Style app
Explorer - A Visual Studio 2005 add-in which interacts with Windows Explorer
Exploring Lambda Expression in C#
export sql server or other database query in to excel or word by using c# programming
Exporting functions in C#_VB.NET to native code
Exposing VB InputBox Dialog to C# code
Expression Evaluator
Expression Tree Basics
Extend Built-In Classes
Extended Cursors for .Net
Extending Enum for Extra Meta Data
Extending Polymorphism Backward in Class Hierarchy
Extending user control and IDE_VS.NET Toolbox
Extension Method (Basic Understanding)
Extension Methods in .NET
Extension Methods in C#
Extensions to DrawTools
Extract Text from PDF in C# (100% .NET)
Extract_Save Article Headers from Newsgroups
Extreme Optimization #1.1  Mapping IP addresses to country codes
Ez SQL, An easy to use query editor with many useful features
EZLogger - drop-dead easy logging
Face Detection in C#
Factory Method Pattern With Expression Trees using C#
Facts and Fallacies of Events in C#
Fal Source Code
Fast and Less Fast Loops in C#
Fast Dialogs and Message Boxes
Fast Dynamic Property Access with C#
Fast Dynamic Property_Field Accessors
Fast late-bound invocation through DynamicMethod delegates
Fast Native Structure Reading in C# using Dynamic Assemblies
Fast String Sort in C# and F#
Faxing with XP and C#
Fibonachi Nums
File Contents Watcher Application
File Explorer using Treeview controller in C# 2.0
File Splitter & Builder
File System Search Engine
File Transfer using Socket Application in C# .NET 2.0
File Watcher Windows Service in C#
FileDiff Contest Entry
Fill ListBox With System Colors
Financial Calculations in C#
Finding Dll's and Exe's under a given directory
Finding Document Similarity using Cosine Theorem
Finding things in your favorite text editor with C#
Finglish to persian
Finite State Machine with Sub-state
FireBird SqlHelper - A Data Access Application Block for FireBird
Fix Message Implementation using QuickFix
Fix Protocol C# Fix Engine Source Code
Fixed Size Formatter
Fixing BindingList(T) Deserialization
Flattening a Hierarchy – a producer thread to get all files in a folder and subfolders
Flexible Cron And Schedule C# 2.0
Flexible Self Extracting Application in C# (ProjectSFX)
Flexible Time Schedule in C# 2.0
Fluent Method and Type Builder
Fluent NHibernate Automapping for Unidirectional ManyToMany relationship
Fluent.Xml.Linq - Exploring the limits of C# syntax
For C# - For and For More
Foreach On IEnumerable
Formats for DateTime.ToString()
Formless Notify Icon Application
FormPrint as a simple class
Forms Authentication ! An Introduction
Forms Designer Friendly Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) wrapper
Forms’ (Dialogues’) Customization, Based on Moveable _ Resizable Elements
Forwarding a type from one assembly to another  TypeForwardedToAttribute
Four real world uses of Partial classes and Partial methods
Fractal Tree and Flake Controls
Fractions in C#
Freakshow - a sample application in C#
Friends and internal interface members at no cost with coding to interfaces
From one to another number system
From Zero to Proficient with MEF
Full Outer Join of Two DataTables C# Code
Fun with Dynamic Objects and MEF in C# 4.0 - A dynamic File System Wrapper
Fun with Func
Fun with Unit Testing - testing abstract classes
Function Overloading
Function to Resize Images on Upload
Functional Programming in C# 3.0 using Lambda Expression - Part 1
Functional Programming in C# 3.0 using Lambda Expression - Part 2
Functional programming in C#
Further Attributes - Method Based Attributes and Data Conversion for Business Objects
Game 1
Game 2
Game of life  Code solution in C#
Game Of Life 2 Life Wars
Game of Life Simulator as Learning Tool
Game Puzzle
Game with planes in C#
Gammit! An easy to use application for desktop gamma correction
Garbage collection and resource deallocation
GBVB - Converting VB.NET code to C#
General DynamicObject Proxy and Fast Reflection Proxy
General Guidelines for C# Class Implementation
Generate .cs class from XML
Generate a PDF File using CrystalReports
Generate Filter String
Generate Valid MSNP9 ClientTicket
Generated Access to .NET Resource Strings
Generating MD5 Hash out of C# Objects
Generating types from external metadata
Generic IComparer
Generic List of Mutable Objects with Events
Generic Mathematical Expression Framework
Generic Memento Pattern for Undo-Redo in C#
Generic Object Factory
Generic SinglyLinkedList in C# with Basic and Advanced Custom Operations
Generic ValueConverter for Binding Enumerations to Check Boxes
Generics in C# 2.0
Generics sample in C#
Genetic Algorithms and the Traveling Salesman Problem using C# and ATL COM
Get all IP-Adresses within a given text
Get Delegate from Event's Subscription
Get IP
Get Money Text
Get Registered File Types and Their Associated Icons in C#
Get Size of a File from the Internet
Get System Info using C#
Get The User Name In C# For NT Authentication
Get value from one page to another
GetOpt for .NET
Getting a string out of a ref ushort
Getting Around InvokeRequired Without Copy and Paste
Getting Drive's Volume Information using C#
Getting File Info
Getting local groups and member names in C#
Getting Started with ReSharper OpenAPI
Getting unsafe with pointers in C#
Ghabz Gaz
Glade Code Changer
Global Event Distributor
Global Positioning Device Software
Globalization in C# .NET Assemblies
Gmail Agent API v0.5 _ Mail Notifier & Address Importer
Google Spider .NET
Google translate
Goto Shrinkster
GPS Receivers, Geodesy, and Geocaching  Vincenty’s Formula
Gradient Enumerator
Graphic CS
Graphical Analysis of Process Control Program
Gregorian Date To ISO Date Converter
GroupFileRenamer 2.0
GroupFileRenamer 2[1].0
GroupFileRenamer 2 0
Gurux Data Refinery
Hacking out the C# 2.0 Iterators
Hacking the Mono C# Compiler
Handling Fixed-width Flat Files with .NET Custom Attributes
Handling Multiple Views on a Common Data Set
HardLinks - Manage your library of common classes
Hardware Helper Library for C#
Have Fun Again With Custom Attributes (Part 1)
Have Fun Again With Custom Attributes (Part 2)
Having fun with MIT's ConceptNet 2.1 in C#
Hebb neural network
Height of Text
hello, world - A primitive view of the state of the art
Help To Use EnvDTE - A Little Simple Library
Helper Class for Development_Test_Release Configuration Files
Helper class to load WinWord
Hex Editor in c#
Hierarchical Tree
High-Performance Timer in C#
Horizontal ListView Component
Hosting a webpage inside a Windows Form
How can I remind myself of everything in my life
How can you build your necessary components in c#
How Can You Load .NET Assemblies Dynamically
How does it work in C#  - Part 1
How does it work in C#  - Part 2
How does it work in C#  - Part 3 (C# LINQ in detail)
How does it work in Mono's C# compiler
How Events Work Under the Surface
How the new C# dynamic type can simplify access to a late bound COM object
How To Append 'st', 'nd', 'rd' or 'th' To Day Numbers in Dates
How to Become a Rumorous C# Developer
How to build an Inductive User Interface using the Windows Presentation Foundation
How to call a long running method asynchronously and display a wait image on the UI
How to compress and decompress a file using Huffman Algorithm
How to Configure Default Values in .NET Classes
How to Convert a Numeric Value or Currency to English Words Using C#
How to convert DOC into other formats using C#
How to convert leads to an account or contact
How to copy a String into a struct using C#
How to Create a Table with Fields in an Access Database (ADOX and JET SQL)
How to create a User Defined Collection
How to Develop an Yearly Interest Calculator
How to Edit and Persist Collections with CollectionEditor
How to Embed _Access JavaScript, CSS, Images in an Assembly
How to expand .NET structs and sealed classes in C#
How to export a Crystal Report using C#
How to fix DateTime values after .NET Xml Serialization
How to Get the Last Restart_Reboot Time for Windows
How to get user SID using DirectoryServices classes
How to Hide GridView Cloumn Cell and how retrive value of a hidden cell
How to make a class Sealed without Sealed Keyword
How to make a Smart Tag using C#
How to make Informal Form
How to Manage Multiple Asynchronous Calls by using Delegates
How to override parent class event method with your own
How to Print Invoice using C#
how to program a windows standard calculator
How to route events in a Windows Forms application
How to Safely Trigger Events the Easy Way
How to Search and Find an Entity in MS CRM 3.0
How To Send and Receive SMS using GSM Modem
How to Test Private and Protected methods in .NET
How to Use an XML Database as a Registry for Storing Information in a Hierarchical Structure
How to use delegates in C# - step 1
How to use Microsoft Agent in C#
How To Use the Settings Class in C#
How to Work with TFS
How to write a loading circle animation in .NET
How to write custom log and source for custom log in C#
How to Write Windows Service and Control It By Application
HTML Meta Tag Generator
HTML Parser
HTML Table Of Contents Generator
HtmlHelp library and example viewer
HttpTunnel in C#
Humanizing the Enumerations
I Love C# Extension Methods
I, Interface
Iconits demo
Iconits src
IconLib - Icons Unfolded (MultiIcon and Windows Vista supported)
IEnumerable And IEnumerator interfaces
IEnumerable() and Yield in .NET 2.0
IIS Admin Base Object Wrapper for installing SSL Certificates
IIS Admin Base Object Wrapper for installing SSL Certificates_2
IKVM.NET in Details
Image Converter
Image Processing Library in C#
Image Protector - Merge an Image with a Transparent Image with Copyright Programmed in C#
Image Recognition with Neural Networks
Image Rotator
Image Slide Show For Smartphone Using C#
Image to Sql dataBase asp.net
Image Viewer User Control with Preview Capability
Images into sql server
IMAP Messages Transfer Tool
Implementing A Data Model and Business Layer that Supports State Management
Implementing a finite-state machine using async_await
Implementing a Generic Object Pool in .NET
Implementing a TextReader to extract various files contents using IFilter
Implementing a TreeSize-like application with C#, SQL and Analysis Service, part 1
Implementing an event which supports only a single event handler, in C#
Implementing Continuations in a Generic Way - The Usage of the Option Type in C# - Make Code More Clear
Implementing Dynamic Escalations Using Timers to Augment K2 Workflow
Implementing Linked Lists with The Null Object Pattern
Implementing Object Pool in C#
Implementing Object Undo and Redo capabilities in .NET
Implementing Perl-style list operations using C# 2.0
Implementing the Huffman algorithm as a C# library
Implementing the Singleton Pattern in C#
Implementing XOR cipher encryption _ decryption in C#
Important Path Finder By Salar
Improve Performance with Anonymous Methods, Asynchronus Processing, and Thread Pools
Improving String.Format
In C#, Use Win32 API to Enumerate File and Directory Quickly
Incorporating Parameterized Construction in the Singleton Design Pattern
Indexers In C#
Indian Number & Date Format
Info.NET, the way to collect and organize your data on the side of your screen, similar to Dashboard on MSN 8
INI Class using C#
Inline MSIL in C#_VB.NET and Generic Pointers
INotifyPropertyChanged - Automagically Implemented (Reloaded)
INotifyPropertyChanged and Beyond - Part I
INotifyPropertyChanged and beyond - Part II
Input and Output  File System Information, Reading, Writing, and Streams
Insert and retrieve data through stored procedure
Insert Text into Existing Files in C#, Without Temp Files or Memory Buffers
Inserts Tabular Text from Text Files into Microsoft Word Table
Inside Cdot-Insource Framework
Inside Trivadis Framework
Int To Str
Integrate Microsoft Dynamics Axapta with Temperature Conversion C# Application - Part II
Integrate Microsoft Dynamics Axapta with Temperature Conversion C# Application
Integrated College Management System[Credit Hours Sys.] --Part 1-- Class Library & Database
Integrating your applications with MS CRM Online 2011 using C# SDK
Intelligent Systems - Part I
Intentional Logic in C#
Inter-Process Communication with C#
Intercepting method calls in C#, an approach to AOSD
Interfaces In Action
Interfaces in C# (For Beginners)
Interfaces vs Abstract Classes
Interfaces vs Delegates
Internals of Constants and Readonly
Internet Explorer Late Binding Automation
Internet Magic (Proxy Server) Windows Application
Internet web macros in C#
Interoperability feature in .NET Framework and how to communicate with a COM component from .NET
Interpolation with Polynomials and Splines
Intertexti - Resurrecting HyperCard
Introducing C# 2.0 Partial Types
Introducing C# 2.0 static classes
Introducing LinFu, Part VI  LinFu.AOP – Pervasive Method Interception and Replacement for Sealed Types in Any .NET Language
Introducing Serialization in .NET
Introducing the LinFu Framework, Part I - LinFu.DynamicProxy  A Lightweight Proxy Generator
Introducing the LinFu Framework, Part II  LinFu.DynamicObject – Adding Dynamic Language Features to Statically Typed Languages
Introduction of Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)
Introduction to C# 3
Introduction to C# and Fuzzy Logic
Introduction to inheritance, polymorphism in C#
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Concepts
Introduction to Threads in C#
Introduction to XML and XSLT in C#.Net
IP Address Extension
Iron Web Analyzer
ISBN13 Validation
Iteration Performance in .NET
iTunes Style Music Browser using MSN Desktop Search API
I_O Ports Uncensored - 1 - Controlling LEDs (Light Emiting Diodes) with Parallel Port
I_O Ports Uncensored Part 2 - Controlling LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) and VFDs (Vacuum Fluorescent Displays) with Parallel Port
Jabber Client using MatriX XMPP Library
jadval 8dar8
Jalali Calendar
JavaScript Code Compressor
Javascript in PDF
JavaScript Reflection
Javascript to find the weeknumber (Gregorian Calendar)
JawBreaker Game in C#
JS Parser
JSON Viewer
JumpTo RegEdit
KBSoft IP Locator
Key-Value Pairs as Enum-Constants
Kill Brontok A HVM 32 Virus Files
KS Technologies Crystal Report
Lambda Expressions  A C# 3.0 Language Enhancement
LAN Chat Using Multicating
Large Pi Calculator(Project)
Large Pi Calculator
Late Bound ActiveX Loading [TamilFM]
Launching a process and processing its standard output in real-time
Lazy Alternatives - LazyAndWeak and BackgroundLoader
Lazy Loading in C#
Learn How to Simplify the Asynchronous Programming Model
LED Example with Measurement Studio
Leitner Box with C#
Let's see   Attach an Azure blob drive in windows 7
Library C#1
Light Note 2.1
LightBox Web Gallery Generator
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Uniform Resource Identifier (LDAPUri)
Line Counter - Writing a SharpDevelop Add-In
LinFu.IOC 2.0 in Five Minutes (Part 1 of n)  Fun With Attributes
LinFu.IOC 2.0 in Five Minutes (Part 2 of n)  Constructor, Field, Method, and Property Injection
Lingering COM Objects Caused by ActiveX Control Event Handlers
Link 4 game with intermediate computer intelligence
LINQ for Immutable Arrays
LINQ To Google Image and Google Groups
LINQ to SQL Performance Considerations
LINQ vs ADO.Net - A Practical Overview
Linux Todolist
List Comprehensions for C# 2.0
List processing using Yield and Delegates
List With Events
List(T).ForEach or Foreach, It Doesn't Matter...Or Does It
ListView Find Items Text
Little Class Library to manage project file related Windows Form Application
Load an EXE File and Run It from Memory
Load config files
Load structure from a byte[] byffer
Local Inversion of Control
Localizing .NET Enums
Lock Computer
log4Net and SQLite
log4net C# Code Snippets
Log4net GUI Configuration Tool
log4net NonBufferedSmtpAppenderWithSubjectLayout
LOG4NET WebServiceAppender
log4net XmlConfigurator Simplified
Logging into single file from multi-process
Logging with NLog
Logical Sudoku Solver
LogOff Shutdown Reboot
LogString  A Simple C# 2 Application Event Logging Class
Long Integer Addition_Multiplication
Loosely Coupled Event Driven Programming
Lottery Number Picker (Uses Random and Array)
LSA Functions - Privileges and Impersonation
Lucene.Net - Text Analysis
LuceneWrap  A Compact Lucene.net Wrapper
Luhn' s Algorithm
Macro Management Framework
mahe dokad
Mail Checker 1.0
Mail Magic Plus version 0.69
Main Differences between C# and Java
Main Method in C#
Make NDoc compile the code examples contained in your documentation using NLiterate
Make your Skype Bot in .NET
Making an Enum Readable (The Lazy Way)
Making and using events
Manage .NET configuration file appsettings section
Manage Library
Manage Processes on Remote Machine
Managed Application Shutdown
Managed I_O Completion Ports (IOCP) - Part 2
Managed I_O Completion Ports (IOCP)
Managing Enums and their Database Equivalents
Managing Quota Entries in C# and DiskQuotaTypeLibrary
Mandelbrot Set with Smooth Drawing
Mapping .NET Enumerations to the Database
Mapping exceptions to events
Mapping Text to Enum entries
Mapping with a GPS and C#
Marshal an Array of Zero Terminated Strings or Structs by Ref
Marshalling For Remote Persistence
Masks and flags using bit fields in .NET
Mastering Debugging in Visual Studio 2010 - A Beginner's Guide
Math Parser
Math Parther Engine
MathLibrary for Matrix and Vector
MathParser - Math Formula Parser
MATPaint - Simple App with Simple Features
Matrix Rain
MaxDB Connection
Maximum Entropy Modeling Using SharpEntropy
mbNotes  electronic notes v1.1
MD5 and SHA-1 Hashing (for String and Files)
MDI Container background
Media Stream Tester
MEF 2 Preview Beginners Guide
MEF Features - with Examples
MEFify an Applications
Memo Pad
Message & InfoBus Components
Message Maintenance Architecture with C# and XML
Message Queue Part I - Using Message Queue for Connectionless Programming
Method Hiding in C#
Method Overriding in C#
Methods are first class objects in C#
Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)
Microsoft Message Queuing – A Simple Multithreaded Client and Server
Microsoft Message Queuing – Log Trade Information using Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Web Browser Automation using C#
Middle Mouse Button (or Wheel) to Doubleclick (.NET 2.0)
Midnight Timer - A Way to Detect When it is Midnight
Mine Sweeping
Mini C# Compiler
Mini Calculator
misterious numbers
Mixin in C# 3
Mocking Methods and Properties Using PostSharp
Modal and Modeless Dialogs in C# - For Beginners
Model View Controller (MVC) Using C#, Delegates and Events in .NET
Money TextBox ver 1.2.0
Money TextBox
MongoDB with C#.NET
Monitor and Manage Services on Remote Machines
Monitor Folder Activity
Monitoring attribute value changes inside a class
MonthCalendar Has a Problem When Displaying
MOS Protocol Fundamentals
Most Recently Used (MRU) Menu Class for .NET 2.0 in C#
Most Recently Used (MRU) Menu Class in C#
Motion class to animate your controls
Mouse Operations
Movable Elements  From Primitive to Complex Objects
Movable Freeform_Round Edged Window_Form in C#
Move Form With Mouse_With API
Move Form With Mouse With API
Move Ico
MoveFormWith Mouse
MoveForm_With Keyboard
MoveForm With Keyboard
Moving Form Without Titlebar
MP3 Rearrange
MSBuild Task Tutorial  Label SourceSafe Project
MSDTC Service enable issues when Using .NET TransactionScope
MSN Floating Personal Message
Multi Index Container for C# 2.0
Multi RDP Client .NET
Multi-monitor Warp Speed Screen Saver
Multi-Select List Box and Checked List Box
Multi-threaded polling process - base for NT-Service
MultiException  Type-Safe Collections without CollectionBase
MultiLanguage Applications
Multilanguage Supporting Urdu and English
Multilingual Support in C#
Multiple Indexers In a Class Using Interface Indexers
Multiple Inheritance in C#
Multiple Language Syntax Highlighting, Part 2  C# Control
MVP  Updating View’s Binding Asynchronously with the SynchronizationContext Object
My BitArray Class
My Explorer In C#
My Flex Grid ActiveX Control
n Queens1
Named and Optional Arguments
Navigating Exception Backtraces in Visual Studio
Neon Clock (CS)
Nested Functions in C#
Nested Property Binding
NET Collections Performance Test in WindowsXP and WindowsCE
NET Connector for Microsoft Outlook
NET Delegates  A C# Bedtime Story
NET DUMeter clone
NET Enum  The Next Level
Net Expression Evaluator using DynamicMethod
NET Framework - How-To Send Mail
NET Framework Delegates  Understanding Asynchronous Delegates
NET Framework Runtime Serialization
NET Multicast Delegates
NET Rational (fraction) value type using Decimals, written in C#
NET Type Internals - From a Microsoft CLR Perspective
NET Useful Functional Class Library
NET Weak Events for the Busy Programmer
Network settings changer
Neural Network OCR
New features of C# 3.0 _2
New features of C# 3.0
NHibernate DaoFactory Exposer with Castle MikroKernel
NHibernate Templates for Smart Code Generator
NHook - A .NET debugger API for x86
Nice Movie Cast (Text Scroller)
NMEA 0183 Sentence parser_builder
Non CLS-Compliant Code in C#
Non Kernel Semaphore
Non-Deterministic Destructors - What Are They
Non-Zero-Based Arrays and Interface
Notepad Application in C#
Notes 2007
Notification Client and Server Written in C#
NotifyIconExample Shows All Combinations of NotifyIcon and Taskbar Logic and Much More
NParallel Chapter II  Loop and Task Parallelism
NParallel, A Small Parallel Execution Library
Nullable Types in C# - A Beginner's Tutorial
Nullable Types in C#.NET
Number To Word (Arabic Version)
Numeric TextBox
Object Comparer
Object Composition Over Inheritance
Object-Oriented Programming in C# .NET - Part 1
Object-Oriented Programming in C# .NET - Part 2
Object-Oriented Programming in C# .NET - Part 3
Object-Oriented Programming in C# .NET - Part 4
Object-Oriented Programming in C# .NET - Part 5
OctaveSharp - Running GNU Octave with C#
Office 2007 .bin file format
One Type To Convert Them All
Only Chat (Simple )
Only Number Or Only Character In TextBox
Onward! 1.4  A command line alternitive
OO, Patterns and Sudoku Solver  Part 1
OO, Patterns and Sudoku Solver  Part 2
Open Forms Elegantly
OpenGL 3D Navigation2 With Tao and C# Tao.OpenGL, Tao.freeGlut, EP_OpenGL_CS02
Opening multiple document windows with previous instance
OpenTheme   An open source graphic user interface (GUI) toolkit
Open Close CDRom
Operator overloading for Mathematical Libraries
Operator Overloading in C# .NEt
Optimize your C# with Inline ASM via ATL and C++
Optimized Calculation Algorithm for Business Days
Optimized IP to ISO3166 Country Code Mapping in C#
Optimizing integer divisions with Multiply Shift in C#
Option Library
Orchestration of asynchronous communication
Ordering Items in the Property Grid
Organization Chart Generator
Other Button
Outlook Add-in  Set the time for your draft mails, for sending the mails at particular time in Microsoft Outlook 2003
Outlook Mail Content Reading and Exporting it in to Text File
Outlook Signatures Out of Active Directory Information
Overriding App.Config Settings for Multiple Objects
Overview of XQuiSoft Logging using the Provider Pattern (Open Source)
P.I. Per Inquiry TV Ads & YouTube Video Scriptor & Teleprompter
Packet Capture and Analayzer
Paging Class for .NET
Paint Form
Paint Form1 Beter
Paint Desktop
Palantir - Remote Desktop Manager
Parallel Computations in C#
Parameter Discovery on Ms Access and SqlServer. using Microsoft Patterns and Practices DataBlock version 3.0 final
Parameter Substitution within Expression Trees
Parsing Sentences and Building Text Statics in C#
Parsing Supplemental Event Log Data
Partial Class in Polymorphism
Passing binary data in xml  a C# example which puts and gets icon and bitmaps to and from a xml file
Passing Data between Windows Forms
Passing Parameters to Crystal Reports at Runtime
Passing parameters to predicates
Password file manager - simple double click to look at your password file
Password Generator
Password Protected Stream Using Decorator Pattern
Password Safe Database Reader Library in C# for .NET
PDF creation using C# (and Office) from RTF_DOC files
Pelco P and D protocol implementation in C#
Performance and Ideas from Anders Hejlsberg INotifyPropertyChanged
Performance considerations for strings in C#
Performance Monitor Grid
Persian Calendar with Simulated PHP Methods in C#
Persian Calendar with Tray Icon
Persian Date (Vista Skin)
Persian Date (Vista Skin)2
Persian DateTime
Persian DialogBox Controller
Persian Puzzle [git.ir]
Persian Time
Persisted Data in C#
Peter - Programmers Extensive Text Editor
Phone Book in C#
Phone Book
PHP4Apps  PHP Scripting from your application
PictureBox Array in Visual Studio .NET
Pizza Ordering System
Planet 3D (Alias GL Earth)
Plug-in Enabled Applications
Plug-in Manager for Logging - Configure MSEL2 On the fly
Plug-in Manager
Pluggable Remote Object Hosting
Plugin Architecture using C#
Poker Card Library and Poker Bot Challenge
Poor Man's Code Injector in C# 3.0 (Exception Handling Scope, Policy,  .  Injection)
Populate data from database in a ComboBox
Popup Window Finder and Mouse Tracker in C#
Position & Value Based Indexers
Practical Unit Testing - a manual
Preprocessor Directives in C#
prim's algorithm
Prime Numbers
Print Formatted Text To A Printer
pro Calculator
Production Grammar Framework for .NET with Applications to Testing
Productivity macros for C# in Visual Studio 2005
Profiting from the WebForm designer generated code
Programmatically Convert Documents to PDFs the Easy Way
Programming XPath with VTD-XML
Properties, Controls and XML  AutoSettings
Property Acccesor Modifiers
Protecting Writable Properties with an Interface Delegator
Proxy Delegates
Prune My Recent Documents and associated Registry keys
Puzzle Game
Quick C#
Quick n' Dirty Alpha Mask Generator
Quick Overview of C# Attribute Programming
Quieren ustedes aprender español  - Foreign words memorizing tool
Raising Events, Event Handlers, and the Use of Delegates
Random Generation Framework
Random Number Generation
Ranges in C#
RAPPTOR.Persistence - Transparent object persistence the easy way
Rating of Open Source AOP Frameworks in .NET
Rating Project_complete-[git.ir]
Rational Numbers - .NET 4.0 Version (Rational Computing 1)
RCRssReader - Sync and Asynchronous
re-mix - A Mixin Library for .NET
Read a certain line in a text file
Read and Write Config Files with an Object Oriented Style with .NET 1.1
Read and Write Structures to Files with .NET
Read Document Text Directly from Microsoft Word File
Reading and Writing app.config or web.config Settings - Simply
Read_Write App.Config File with .NET 2.0
Read_Write XML files, Config files, INI files, or the Registry
Real World Best Practices for Handling Dates
Really Easy Logging using IL Rewriting and the .NET Profiling API
Really Lazy Properties
Really Simple RSS (Yeah, I know)
Recommending a 'Deep Assignment' Instruction for C#
Record Navigation using Events in c#
Recurring Date Generator with Pattern Coding
Recursive methods using C#
Redhotglue C# ArrayObject
Redirecting Text Output to a File from a Console Application
Ref and Out (The Inside Story)
Refactoring a Switch Statement
Reference and Value Types in C#
Refly, makes the CodeDom'er life easier
Register New Account using Matrix XMPP Library
Registry Export File (.reg) Parser
Regular Expression Validation Class
Remote control media player
Remote Desktop using C#.NET
Remotely Eject CD and Pop Up Message Box
Remoting An Interface Based Approach
Rename Drive
Reputationator - CP Narcissists Rejoice! Part 1 of 4
Reputationator - CP Narcissists Rejoice! Part 2 of 4
Reputationator - CP Narcissists Rejoice! Part 3 of 4
Reputationator - CP Narcissists Rejoice! Part 4 of 4
Restrict your application from creating a new instance
Resume Sender
RESX to XLS conversion for multi-language support
Reuse of iteration algorithms
Reverse Polish Notation
Revisit the Game of Life while Learning about Extension Methods in C#
Reza Restaurant
Ride the Override
Right Mouse Click Menu Control
Robin Project - Not Only A Super Parser
Rolling label
Roslyn CTP  Three Introductory Projects
Rotate Picture
RSS Feed Creator
RSS Feed Link Reader
RSS Parses Library
RSS Reader
Run a Command Line Tool as a Windows Application in C#
Run any stored procedure using that C# code
Run Dropbox as a Service with C#
Running a Web Site in Kiosk Mode with C#
Runtime C# Expression Evaluator
Runtime Compiled Symbolic Expressions
Runtime Embedded Resource Manager
RunTime Error
Runtime variables class to support multiple application development
Safe Method Caller -- A Defensive Programming Technique
Safe typecasting of arbitrary data
Sandcastle Help File Builder
Satellite Assembly Demo by Using 12 Languages in C#
Satellite Assembly Example in C# (Step by Step)
Saving Registry Settings
Scalar Data Visualization Part 1
Scalar Data Visualization Part 2
Scientific Calculator
Scratchpad  An Auto Save Notepad
Screen Capture on Multiple Monitors
Scribble  WPF InkCanvas application Using PRISM, MVVM
Scribe4net - The test oriented serializer
Script Engine Implemented by C# and Regular Expression
Script Generation in C# with In Script Objects
Script.NET a language for embedding scripting functionality into CLR Applications
Scripted tutorials
Searching in an ArrayList
See the Intermediate Language for C# Code
Selecting Colors from Anywhere on the Screen
Self installing .NET service using the Win32 API
Self-Implemented Properties versus Public Fields
Sending and playing microphone audio over network
Sending Emails from C# Application using default SMTP
Sending Input Messages to Other Windows or How To Win a Flash Game By Your Programming Skills
Sending mail from C# 2.0
SequenceCompare - Comparing Sequences of IEnumerable
Serial Communication in .NET Micro Framework
Serial Communication using C# and Whidbey
Serial Port
Serialization in C# .NET I - Custom Serialization
Serialization in C# .NET II - XML Serialization
Serialization using different formats in .NET
Serialize Printer Settings
Serializing Complex Data Containing XDocument
Serializing to a File
Set the Culture and UI Culture for Windows Forms Globalization
Set Value Types to Null
Set Your Data and Code Free from the Constraints of Hierarchies and Tables
SettingsXpress - Application Settings Made Easy
Sev7n Form
Share User Settings Between Applications
sharpcms.net - CMS framework based on XSLT and XML
Show a WinForm in FullScreen mode using C#
Show navigation bar item in IFrame in Microsoft CRM
Show_Hide Outlook Express Tray App
Shut Down-Restart-Logoff
SID Translator Library
SignalR - Simple Chat Application in C#
Silverlight 4 and Multiple Duplex Clients
Silverlight Animations along Arbitrary Mathematical Paths via Easing
Simple Application Settings Persistence
Simple Application to Zip and UnZip files in C# using J#
Simple ASCII Art Generator
Simple Attribute Based Validation
Simple Binary Clock using Graphics
Simple but Interesting Features of VS2010 and C# 4.0
Simple calendar reminder application in WPF and MS SQL Server 2005
Simple chat application using .NET remoting
Simple Chat Application Using .Net Sockets
Simple countdown chronometer
Simple Cryptographic Engine
Simple effective Weak Event Dispatcher in C#
Simple Email Formatter Framework - Using C#, Smtp
Simple Encrypt and Decrypt Technique and Computing Hash using C# in .NET
Simple EventLog
Simple File Tracer
Simple Magnifier
Simple Memory Cleaner that forces GC to collect objects
Simple Movie Database in C# using Microsoft Access
Simple Mplayer Front End in C#
Simple Note Pad
Simple Ontology Support for C#
Simple Parental Control Service in C#
Simple PC Alarm Clock
Simple Preference Module
Simple Programming Challenges - Enumerator Bits
Simple PropertyComparer
Simple Rapidshare Download Class C#
Simple RSS Reader in C#
Simple Source Line Counter in C# for C#
Simple SVG Editor
Simple Text Editor With Speech Abilities
Simple Time-profiling in .NET
Simple WebPageCheck (Spider)
Simple Windows Service which sends auto Email alerts
Simplest event delegate ever
Simplify Roots
Simplifying Exception-Safe CodeSimplifying Exception-Safe Code
Simulating polymorphic operator overloads with C#
Simulating Signal recovery
Sin Antgral
Single Instance Children Forms in MDI Applications
Single Instance Forms
Single Process Instance Object
Single-Instance C# Application - for .NET 2.0
Singleton application in C# with redirection of arguments
SIP Stack with SIP Proxy - (VOIP)
Skin Recognition in C#
Skype Smiley Sender
Skype Status Changer
Skype4COM Event Handler Example for ALL Skype API Messages
Slide Show
Small File Transfer from Server to Client
Small Lucene.NET Demo App
Small Virus
Smart Broom as an Adaptive Autonomous Machine
Smart Client Application based on the No touch deployment
Smart Search Textbox
SMTP Mail Manager
Snippet to Generate a Public Property + Private Backing Field + Documentation Tags inside #regions
SnippetManager written by Tim Sneath extended with cool tooltip
SNMP library
Social Club  Sample application using WinForms, C#.NET, ADO.NET and MS Access
Software Design Patterns (Simplified) - Abstract Factory - Part 2
Software Design Patterns (Simplified) - Abstract Factory - Part1
Solve Maze Problem (Tortuous Game)
Solver for Scramble by Zynga
Solving a system of linear equations
Solving Jumble Puzzles Using a Recursive Algorithm
Solving Paint-by-numbers puzzles in C#
Some Best Practices for C# Application Development (Explained)
Some practices to write better C#_.NET code
Some Time on Reflection
Some Unfriendly, Annoying Balls on the Desktop
Some Useful Concurrency Classes and A Small Testbench
Some Useful Features of C#
Sorted Set and MultiSet with Embedded Keys
Sorting Datagrid Columns
Sorting Generic Collections
Sorting Lists using IComparable and IComparer Interface in .NET
Sorting objects on their properties that do not have their own CompatreTo() implementation
Source Code Uncommentor in C#
SparseArray for C#
Special Function(s) for C#
Specialized Queues - A Cyclic Queue
Specify a Configuration File at Runtime for a C# Console Application
Speex in C#
Splash Form and Loading Data in a Separate Thread
Splash Screen Control
Splash Screen with Semitransparent Borders
Sql Database Engine
Sql Script Generator in C# From SQL Table
SqlDependency with Entity Framework 5.0
SQLDoc Sharp
SQLoogle - Part 1 of 2
SSIS - Programmatically create a ScriptTask inside an EventHandler using C#
Starting with Prism - Part 3 of n
StateProto - Executing Multiple StateMachines
StateProto - Saving and Restoring the State Machine
StateProto Beta - State Chart Designer for Qf4Net
Static Events
Static Keyword Demystified
Static Members vs Instance Members (Overview)
Step by Step  Event handling in C#
Step by step guidance for calling a IronRuby Method from C#4.0
Step by step guidance of calling Iron Python Function From C# 4.0
Step by Step Guide to Delicious OAuth API
Step by step introduction to Database programing in C# using controls
Sticky Pad   A Microsoft-Outlook Style Notepad using C#
STL Dotnet
STL-Style Functor Delegates
Stock Quotes and Charts from Google Finance using C#
Stopwatch and Rubik's Cube Shuffle Algorithm Generator
StopWatch with digital display
store and retrieve image to_from sql server database
Storing ECG to a PACS
String Enumerations in C#
StringBuilder vs. String _ Fast String Operations with .NET 2.0
Stripping Accents from Latin Characters  A Foray into Unicode Normalization
Strong-Type & Efficient .NET Enum
Strongly Typed Configuration Class Generator for VS.NET
Strongly Typed Guid Classes
Structs in C#, Structs vs. Classes, Heap or Stack  Structs Constructors
Structs in C#
STUN Client
SVGPad - Application and class library for editing SVG documents
SvnPerms dot Net
Switching Seamlessly Between Serialization
SwitchNetConfig - Laptop users, quickly switch network and proxy configuration in different places
Symbols as extensible enums
Synchronize access to stream data section by section
Synchronize Invoke Events
System Mouse Cursors available through .NET_C#
System Performance Indicator in C#
System RunTime
SystemTrayNotifyIcon with Event Generator
SystemWatchdog - An Experimental & Educational Project for System Monitoring
Taghire form be reshte
taghvim shamsi
Tail utility for windows
Task Parallel Library  1 of n
Task Parallel Library  2 of n
Task Parallel Library  3 of n
Task Parallel Library  5 of n
Task Parallel Library  6 of n
Task Parallel Library and async-await Functionality - Patterns of Usage in Easy Samples
Task-based Asynchronous Pattern
TaskLister 1.0a
Taxi Telephoni www
TblProc  OpenOffice Calc and Excel
TdhCursorFactory - A Class to Provide Animated and Color Cursors to DotNET Applications
Team Foundation Power Tools Wrapper
TeboScreen  Basic C# Screen Capture Application
Technorati Ping Using C#
Terminal 3
Terser Enum Programming with StrongEnum
Test Driving NHibernate 3.0, LINQ and the Entity Framework CTP 5 with the Abstract Factory Design Pattern
Testable Applications
Testing Serial Application with Virtual Ports
Testing, tracing and debugging in Project Hoshimi
test XML
Text Editor Using C#
Text File
Text to Braille Converter
Text to Speech using Windows SAPI
Text-based menu class for Console Applications
Textbox Which Holds an IP Address
The 'Rule-O-Nator' - An example of dynamically loading classes at runtime
The 'using' Keyword in C#
The .NET bug  the finally block could be executed twice
The Application Automation Layer - Using XML To Dynamically Generate GUI Elements--Forms And Controls
The Application Automation Layer - Using XML to generate Menus
The beauty of fractals - A simple fractal rendering program done in C#
The CFGLite Project
The Dynamic Keyword in C# 4.0
The Enum Keyword and Its Functional Usage
The Enumerable Enumerator
The EventPool Revisited
The Interface Construct in C#
The Magical Exclusive OR (XOR)
The miracle of Tag
The Monty Hall Problem - C# Solution
The myUML Project
The Null Coalescing Operator ( )
The Paperless Desktop
The Pauper Man Dictionary
The Power of Delegates in C#
The Power of the 'Action' Delegate
The Runaway Application
The Shady Side of Rich Text
The Simplest C# Events Example Imaginable
The Simplest Way to use MEF Fully Lazy DLL Loading
The Tiny Wrapper Class for URL History Interface in C#
The Universal Framework for Science and Engineering
The Unsafe way of doing it
The use of Stacks in C#
The using Keyword and IDisposable
Thread-safe enumeration in C#
Threading in C#
ThreadQueue -- A queue for threads that allows asynchronous execution and a time limit
Three C# Tips  Indexed properties, property delegates, and read-only subproperties
Three Layer Architecture in C# .NET
Three Ways To Extend A Class
Thunder Measurement Unit Conversion Framework
Tic Tac Toe Implemented in C# with Computer Player
TicTac Source
Time Picker
Time scheduler in C#
TimeOf RunSystem
Timer Computer Shutdown
Timer surprises, and how to avoid them
TimeRanger -- Allows foreaching across a time interval
Tiny Java Editor
Tips to Make ASP.NET Talk to ASP, PHP, RAILS and JAVA (Part 1)
Tips using DataGrids
To Convert your Text or .txt File to Speech or AudioFile in .wav Format
To Remove Decimal From Price
To Unload a Running Dll
Tool for Viewing Drag and Drop and Clipboard Formats
Top 10 Reasons to Dump Java for Visual C#
Top 10 tips and tricks to jazz up your C# business solutions_server products
Topography Table
Traditional 'Hello World' Program Using Different Approaches. PART-I
Traditional 'Hello World' Programme Using Different Approaches. PART-II
Transferring Data to the New EXE
Transform XML via XSLT-Stylesheets
Transport Stream Analyzer for HDTV standard
Tree Chart Generator
Tree Iterators
Tree Structured Enumerations
TreeView with multi selection feature
Troubleshooting Visual Studio Add-ins, Error Numbers and it's possible solutions
Tweaked Events
Twitter Client - Login to C# application using twitter oAuth using Twitterizer library
Type casting impact over execution performance in C#
Type learning
TypeBuilderLib, a Library to Build Dynamic Types Easily
TypeLoader for .NET
UI for Simple HTTP File Downloader
Understand how bitwise operators work (C# and VB.NET examples)
Understanding .NET Delegates and Events, By Practice
Understanding CGI with C#
Understanding Delegates in C#
Understanding Destructors in C#
Understanding Events in C#
Understanding Expression Trees
Understanding Extension Methods and Mixin
Understanding Implicit Operator Overloading in C#
Understanding Indexer in C#
Understanding Namespaces in C# 2.0
Understanding Predicate Delegates in C#
Understanding Simple Data Binding
Understanding Static Methods and Data
Understanding the 'using' statement in C#
Understanding the Generic Type in C#
Understanding the System.Buffer class
Unit test and the man in the middle
Unit testing on tic tac toe example
Unit testing with Fakes with Visual studio Premium 2012
Units of Measure Validator for C#
Universal Framework for Science and Engineering - Part 10  Research of epilepsy
Universal Framework for Science and Engineering - Part 2  Regression
Universal Framework for Science and Engineering - Part 3  Control systems. Processing of signals
Universal Framework for Science and Engineering - Part 4  Space elevator
Universal Framework for Science and Engineering - Part 5  Category theory
Universal Framework for Science and Engineering - Part 6  Determination of Orbits of Artificial Satellites
Universal Type Converter
Universal Type Extender
UNIX timestamp to System.DateTime
Unmanaged Arrays in C# - No Problem
Unmanaged to Managed calls (C++ to C#) without Regasm
Unraveling Delegates & Events
Unsafe programming in C#
Update Database
UploadFileEx  C#'s WebClient.UploadFile with more functionality
Urdu Date Time Picker
Use .NET Reflection APIs to facilitate get_set property
Use a timer to create a simple alarm application
Use bar code fonts in C#.net
Use Reflection To Generate Complete Color Chart
Use Rules In Your Applications
Use System Events To Protect Your Application Data
Use WM_COPYDATA to send data to_from C++ and C# Windows processes
User Action Based Undo_Redo in C#
User Database Query Tool
User Interface Time Zone Extending the System.TimeZone Class
UserManager  a class to manipulate local Windows users and groups
Using .NET to Create Objects for a Sample POS System
Using 128 bit integer and higher than 128 bit integer
Using a Property to store an Array
Using a Rules Engine to Separate Business Rules from the Application
Using a system tray application to check , send and configure emails
Using ADO.Net for your Data Access Classes
Using Attributes in Excel Add-in Framework for Validating and Exporting Data
Using attributes to document alterations
Using C# Interfaces to Make Applications Resilient to Changes
Using C# to Create an Excel Document
Using Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) to check for new Exchange email
Using CollectionBase and DictionaryBase
Using Custom Attributes to Create Performance Counters
Using DescriptionAttribute for enumerations bound to a ComboBox
Using DynamicObject to Implement General Proxy Classes
Using Enumerations  Enumerated Types and Bit Flags
Using Events and Delegates in C#
Using Events and Threading to Communicate Long Processes to UI
Using Extension Methods to Create Form Extensions
Using IEnumerator and IEnumerable in the .NET Framework
Using IFilter in C#
Using IMessageFilter to create a generic filter for operating system events
Using InsomniaServer to Build a Web-interface for your Application
Using Interfaces for Advanced Accessibility Control Level
Using Keyword Is Not Abort Safe
Using Lambda Expression in C# 3
Using Managed Code to Detect if IIS is Installed and ASP_ASP.NET is Registered
Using managed delegate types in the unmanaged world
Using Microsoft Tag API
Using MSHTML Advanced Hosting Interfaces
Using MSMQ from C#
Using Multiple NHibernate Assemblies with NHSessionManager
Using Nested Lambda Functions to Implement Numerical Algorithms
Using NRefactory for analyzing C# code
Using OpenTK_OpenAL to Develop Cross Platform DIS VOIP Application
Using POP3 with C# to download and parse your mail
Using Regular Expressions in C# .NET
Using Remoting
Using Resource File for Adding and Extracting ZIP File
Using Resources In Windows Applications
Using Roslyn ScriptEngine for a ValueConverter to process user input
Using SQLite in your C# Application
Using the .NET Framework BCL Math APIs via C#
Using the APIs Defined in the System.Net.NetworkInformation Namespace
Using the Google Desktop and ReSharper APIs
Using the Linked List via C#
Using the treeview in your applications
Using the VB.NET My Namespace in C# .NET 2.0
Using the WebBrowser control in .NET
Using the _CDECL calling convention in C# (changing compiler service)
Using Tuples to Synthesize Polyadic Returns in C# and COBOL
Using Unmanaged code and assembler in C#
Using Windows Application on web
Using Windows Service
Using Word's spellchecker in C#
Utilizing Microsoft's Object Builder to Create Custom Objects Based on the Dependency Injection Patt
Validation Library using C# 3.0 Lambda Expressions
Variants and COM
vCard Parser with Lightweight Approach II
Vehicle Casualty Recovery Calculation
Verifying .MD5 file verification databases
Very Easy Program for Beginners
video clupe
Virtual Extension Methods
Visual Cryptography Generator
Visual Image Cryptography Generator
Visual Matrix
Visual Source Safe 6.0 Recursive Rollback
Visual Studio 2010 Concept IDE
Visual Studio Designer Cache Hell
Visual Studio Editor Clone V0.1a
Visual Studio Unit Testing Extensions
Visualizing Project Dependencies Automatically
Visually Manage Applications Settings
Vital Techniques for Using Objects as Properties
VSA Scripting in .NET
VTD-XML  XML Processing for the Future (Part I)
W3CDateTime Structure in C#
WaitCursor hack using using
WallPaper Changer
War Card Game Simulation in C#
Water Motion Simulation
WAVE File Processor in C#
Way to Lambda
WBXML Support in C# - Handy
Weak Events in C#
WeakReferences, GCHandles, and WeakArrays
web broser
Web Browser in C#
Web Search - Visual Studio Add-in , Search (Google, Yahoo, MSDN, Code Project, Stack Overflow and more...) for the selected text_item
Web Timer Control
WebCam Fast Image Capture Service using WIA
WEBLIGHT 2.00 OpenSource Component Library for MVC.NET 3 and 4
Webpage thumbnailer
WebTester in C#
What is the difference between Reflection and dynamic keyword in C#
What's up with BeginInvoke
Whereis for Windows
Who Needs LINQ Anyway   Build Queries with Intellisense Support in C#
Why I use explicit interface implementation as a default implementation technique
Win 32 API Timers for .NET
Winding Back the System Clock
Window Tabifier
Windows 7  Taskbar Extension in Event in Time Application
Windows Charting Application
Windows Forms Modular App Using MEF
Windows Hijri Calendar
Windows Impersonation using C#
Windows Mail
Windows Message ID constants
Windows Printing using the Shell
Windows Service Management
Windows Service to Host Multiple Processes
Windows Service which Kills Unwanted Windows
Windows Services in Action I
Windows Services in Action II
Windows Services information component
WinXpStyle Class
Wireless Push
Wizard like application using Windows.Forms.TabControl
WMI Notification Provider
Word Automation using Late binding - Usage of dynamic Keyword
Word Processor Based Upon an Extended RichTextBox Control
Word Viewer
Worker Threads in C#
Workflow Interruptions
Working with BackgroundWorker & Creating Your Own Loading Class
Working with collections in the .NET Framework
Working with Crystal Reports in C#
Working with TFS Server
Working with the COM+ admin objects under .NET_C#
Working with UTF8 characters
WPF Philosophers
Wrapping the Windows Installer 2.0 API
Write Data to Excel using C#
Write ETL jobs in pure C#
Write Your Customized Editor for Your Own Programming Language
Write your own Code Generator or Template Engine in .NET
Writeable Application Scope Settings
Writing a Background Color (bKGD Chunk) to a PNG File
Writing a Windows Form Application For .NET Framework Using C#
Writing Hello World in different styles using C# and .NET
Writing Microsoft CRM 3.0 Callouts – Sample Code  Turkish Citizen Number Validator
Writing Unsafe code using C#
X-O Game Through LAN
XGetoptCS - A Unix-style getopt() written in C#
Xmi CodeDom Library, Part 2 - Using dynamic types to increase performance
XML Database In C#
XML Finite State Machine in C#
XML Reader - Import data from XML file to MSSQL table
XML Validation Patterns in .NET 2.0 using C#
xmove - Regex enabled file move command
XScriptLib - Scripting language
XsdTidy beautifies the Xsd.exe output  with full DocBook .NET Wrapper
XwServiceBase - A Windows Service Template
Yahoo Emoticons, Hidden emoticons (smileys) and Emotes in your system tray
Yahoo! Weather Reader_Wrapper
Yet Another Chess Board Control
Yet Another Command Line Parser
Yet another Logger class
Yet Another QuickWatch
Yet Another Universal Event Handler
Your own custom browser !!
Zarb (git.ir)
Zeta .NET Base Libraries
Zeta Helpdesk
Zeta Uploader Windows Client
Zip and Unzip from a C# program using J# runtime
Zip Extension method- Dotnet 4.0
Zoj Or Fard
Zoomer - Capture_Zoom_Add Filter_Choose Format_Save
ΝUnit Inspired Task Runner

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