در این آموزش تصویری با میاحث پیشرفته Photoshop CC 2015 آشنا می شوید.

این دوره یکی از کاملترین و جدیدترین دوره های طراحی گرافیک با فتوشاپ 2015 می باشد.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسهLynda است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • رابط فتوشاپ جدید: نوامبر، 2015
  • محدوده رنگ
  • معرفی دستور محدوده رنگ
  • خوشه رنگ و تشخیص چهره
  • انتخاب یک شی عکاسی در دنیای واقعی
  • افزایش یک لایه ماسک
  • پالایش ماسک
  • انواع سایه
  • اضافه کردن اثر تاری
  • ستفاده از ماسک
  • Finessing مو و جزئیات دیگر
  • لایه ماسک و محدود کردن لبه
  • انتخاب استاتیک در مقابل لایه ماسک پویا
  • تکمیل لبه ماسک با ابزار Smudge
  • پوشش لایه در دنیای واقعی
  • استفاده از پر و تراکم
  • ترفند ویژه: چشم انتخاب
  • چرخش، انحراف و تار
  • معرفی دستور Free Transform
  • پوسته پوسته شدن در دنیای واقعی و ترکیب
  • از بین بردن رنگ از یک لایه
  • Smart Object
  • سه راه برای ایجاد یک smart object
  • ویرایش محتویات یک Smart Object
  • و ….

عنوان دوره: Lynda Photoshop CC 2015 One-on-One Advanced

مدت دوره: 11 ساعت و 17 دقیقه

نویسنده: Deke McClelland


Lynda Photoshop CC 2015 One-on-One Advanced

Deke McClelland
11h 17m

Take your Photoshop skills to the next level. Photoshop CC 2015 One-on-One: Advanced is the second course in the comprehensive Photoshop training series by industry expert Deke McClelland. One-on-One teaches you everything you need to know about Photoshop, in the order you need to know it, on the schedule that work best for you. In this installment, Deke takes you through Photoshop's more advanced features.

Learn about Photoshop's automated selection tools (Color Range, Focus Area, and Refine Edge), the nondestructive editing capabilities of Smart Objects, Liquify's slimming and trimming power, and techniques for drawing and designing with vector shapes. Plus, discover how to improve a photo with poor composition by reconstructing it with Photoshop's Content-Aware Scale tool, healing tools, and blend modes. These tutorials feature all-new projects and exercise files, so there's something new for even long-time Deke fans.

And there's more to come. Look for Chapters 24'30 in early 2016, and Photoshop CC 2015 One-on-One: Mastery later next year. In the meantime, we'll continue to update the training whenever Photoshop changes.
Topics include:
Selecting real-world objects in photographs
Refining masks with the Smudge tool, Refine Mask, and Refine Radius
Using the Focus Area tool
Skewing and distorting a layer
Transforming and duplicating in one operation
Warping text
Creating and masking Smart Objects
Applying Smart Filters
Nesting Smart Objects
Using Content-Aware Scale
Applying stack modes
Using the Liquify filter
Drawing custom vector shapes
Adjusting contrast, color, and luminance with blend modes

Welcome to Photoshop Advanced
8m 10s
Welcome to Photoshop Advanced
2m 27s
New Photoshop Interface: November, 2015
5m 43s
16. Color Range and Focus Area
1h 31m
Introducing the Color Range command
8m 55s
Localized Color Clusters and Detect Faces
6m 40s
Selecting a real-world photographic object
4m 39s
Enhancing a layer mask with the Wand
10m 0s
Refining your mask to absolute perfection
13m 28s
Shading the airplane to match the sky
7m 16s
Infusing the airplane with sky colors
6m 20s
Adding a custom Motion Blur effect
4m 27s
Adding a rocket plume
4m 27s
Introducing the Focus Area command
4m 16s
Using the Focus Area tool
5m 26s
Cleaning up a jagged Focus Area mask
7m 56s
Finessing hair and other details
7m 25s
17. Layer Masks and Refine Edge
1h 28m
Static selection vs. dynamic layer mask
6m 35s
Perfecting mask edges with the Smudge tool
4m 46s
White reveals, black conceals
6m 43s
Real-world layer masking
5m 25s
Combining multiple passes of Color Range
7m 6s
Painting away the gaps in your mask
8m 35s
Testing your mask with the Magic Wand
5m 40s
Using Feather and Density
6m 23s
Introducing the Refine Edge command
7m 43s
Edge Detection and Smart Radius
7m 40s
Using the Refine Radius tool
4m 55s
Turning day into night with Camera Raw
1m 59s
Blending hair into a nighttime sky
7m 5s
Special trick: selecting eyes
7m 27s
18. Scale, Rotate, Skew, and Warp
1h 20m
Introducing the Free Transform command
7m 9s
Skewing and distorting a layer
5m 31s
Bending and otherwise warping a layer
6m 54s
Creating a cheerful bat-faced moon
5m 51s
Real-world scaling and compositing
8m 8s
Quick-and-dirty layer masking
4m 25s
Transform and duplicate in one operation
8m 2s
Removing the color from a layer
5m 20s
Transforming a selection outline
5m 49s
Repeating one or more transformations
8m 32s
Transforming and warping text
8m 18s
Filling text with a warped gradient
6m 24s
19. Smart Objects
1h 41m
Three ways to create a smart object
4m 51s
Applying nondestructive transformations
7m 14s
Applying nondestructive distortions
6m 21s
Masking smart objects
8m 53s
Editing the contents of a smart object
9m 20s
Applying editable smart adjustments
6m 44s
Applying and blending smart filters
6m 43s
Editing a filter mask
6m 53s
Applying Camera Raw as a smart filter
5m 21s
Opening a Camera Raw smart object
3m 39s
Two ways to duplicate a smart object
5m 45s
Protecting editable text
5m 31s
Using nested smart objects
5m 25s
Editing text inside a nested smart object
3m 12s
Pasting smart objects from Illustrator
6m 3s
Applying Photoshop effects to Illustrator art
4m 29s
Trouble-shooting Illustrator smart objects
4m 58s
20. Image Reconstruction
1h 4m
"Uncropping" a photo by expanding the canvas
5m 11s
Using the Content-Aware Scale command
7m 36s
Restoring a photographic element
9m 5s
Fitting an image to a custom print size
8m 23s
Applying an image stack mode
6m 47s
Combining a stack mode with spot healing
4m 5s
Erasing people with the Median mode
7m 23s
Blurring away registration problems
4m 21s
Auto-blending multiple depths of field
6m 34s
Auto-blending with more flexibility
5m 22s
21. Liquifying an Image
53m 49s
Introducing the Liquify filter
5m 47s
Using the Pucker, Bloat, and Push tools
7m 10s
Working in the Advanced Mode
7m 21s
Using Liquify's masking tools
7m 28s
Liquifying a person on a busy background
5m 51s
Slimming down hips and arms
8m 20s
Tucking a tummy with the Pucker tool
3m 50s
Meticulously straightening an edge
8m 2s
22. Vector Shapes
1h 25m
How vector-based shape layers work
5m 34s
Adjusting the roundness of a rectangle
5m 59s
Creating a dashed or dotted border
8m 42s
Drawing and aligning custom shapes
5m 14s
Creating your own custom shape
5m 23s
Designing a custom shape in Illustrator
6m 12s
Selecting, modifying, and combining shapes
7m 32s
Duplicating and centering shapes
6m 21s
Centering a star inside a circle
3m 30s
Beveling your shapes with Pillow Emboss
5m 56s
Combining shapes into a smart object
6m 33s
Applying lighting and photorealism
8m 2s
Converting text to a shape layer
5m 33s
Editing the shape of a character of type
5m 10s
23. Blend Modes
1h 43m
Normal and Dissolve
4m 54s
Using the Dissolve mode
5m 44s
Multiply and the other darken modes
6m 20s
Using the Multiply mode
6m 59s
Screen and the other lighten modes
4m 49s
Using the Screen mode
9m 31s
Using the Dodge and Burn modes
5m 38s
Overlay and the contrast modes
7m 17s
Using the Overlay and Soft Light modes
6m 32s
Difference, Exclusion, Subtract, and Divide
6m 13s
Capturing the differences between images
4m 57s
Hue, Saturation, Color, and Luminosity
7m 55s
Blend mode keyboard shortcuts
5m 51s
The Brush tool blend modes
5m 34s
The remarkable "Fill Opacity Eight"
7m 29s
Blend If: This Layer and Underlying Layer
7m 29s
1m 18s
See Ya (for now)