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سرفصل های دوره:

  • معرفی Agile Manifesto
  • کار با Agile در مقابل Scrum
  • کار با Scrum
  • آموزش طراحی ساده
  • کار با نمودار
  • برنامه ریزی Sprint
  • کار با Sprint
  • کار با Scrum به صورت روزانه
  • تنظیم Sprint
  • یکپارچگی اشیا
  • آموزش برنامه نویسی
  • کار با Kanban
  • پیاده سازی برنامه
  • روش های کار با Agile
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Cbtnuggets Agile for the Real World
نویسنده: Steve Caseley


This video training course with Steve Caseley provides real-world experience by following an Agile project through the complete lifecycle. 
Recommended skills:
Project management experience
Microsoft Office
Recommended equipment:
Personal computer
Related certifications:
Scrum Master
Related job functions:
Project manager
Product owner
This "Project Management in the Real World" course provides a "day in the life" approach to successfully managing an Agile project. It follows a project through its compete lifecycle, while reviewing the approaches defined by Agile, Scrum, and Kanban development methods. 
This course covers developing a conference room scheduling system, from inception through to successful delivery. The also course reviews the steps involved in selecting the development approach, developing the vision, the release and sprints, as well as the management approaches needed throughout the project. 
This training has been approved for Category A PDUs. For a listing of how many PDUs are earned for this training, please visit our PMI R.E.P. FAQs on our Forum.
PMP and PMBOK Guide are registered marks of the Project Management Institute.

1. Agile in the Real World (4 min)
2. Agile Manifesto (11 min)
3. Agile vs. Scrum vs. Kanban (6 min)
4. Product Vision (6 min)
5. Product Owner (4 min)
6. Scrum Master (6 min)
7. Agile Team Member (5 min)
8. Minimal Marketable Feature (6 min)
9. Simple Design (6 min)
10. Stories and Epics (8 min)
11. Definition of Done (2 min)
12. Story Conversations (5 min)
13. Story Point Estimating (8 min)
14. Product Backlog (5 min)
15. Release Roadmap (5 min)
16. Release Plan (5 min)
17. Backlog Grooming (7 min)
18. Sprint Planning (9 min)
19. Burn Down Chart (6 min)
20. Rhythm (8 min)
21. A Sprint (11 min)
22. Self Organizing Team (5 min)
23. Daily Scrum (5 min)
24. Information Radiators (7 min)
25. Closing a Sprint (7 min)
26. Tracking Velocity (7 min)
27. Retrospectives (5 min)
28. Adjusting a Sprint (6 min)
29. Continuous Integration (6 min)
30. Build Automation (6 min)
31. Incremental Development (6 min)
32. Pair Programming (7 min)
33. Test Driven Development (5 min)
34. Spikes (8 min)
35. Technology Debt (4 min)
36. Caves and Commons (5 min)
37. Kanban Board (9 min)
38. Documentation (5 min)
39. Release/Implementation (7 min)
40. Scaling Agile (8 min)
41. Other Agile Methods (7 min)

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