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عنوان دوره: Packtpub Play! Framework for Web Application Development
نویسنده: Martin Gontovnikas


Leverage the awesome Play! Framework to develop Java web applications
About This Video
Learn by example how to create a WebApp and re-utilize code with Play! 2
Discover quick and productive ways to implement your ideas
Create your own APIs and make your site beautiful with Bootstrap
Who This Video Is For
This video course is for Java programmers who want to develop applications in a simple and straightforward manner. All you need to start this course is basic Java knowledge and the desire to create powerful web applications using the Play! Framework.
What You Will Learn
Create reliable Java web applications
Develop your own modules so that you can re-use code with the DRY principle
Deploy your application for free and share it with the world
Put the fun back into Java application development by using the Play! Framework
Test every aspect of your applications using the Play! Framework’s powerful testing functionality
Use Bootstrap to create attractive UIs for your Java applications
Create powerful APIs for your application
Consume Twitter’s API to add social networking data to your application
In Detail
Java programming with Spring, Spring MVC, JSP, Tiles, and Hibernate, among others, has become very tedious. It requires developers to write hundreds of lines of code configuration. The Play! Framework provides a solution for this by removing the boilerplate, making application development more productive and time efficient.
In "Play! Framework for Web Application Development" you will learn how to use Play! 2 to create robust web applications. You will create an agenda application and make it better by adding functionality with each progressing tutorial. By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence to create awesome applications with the Play! Framework.
If you have always wanted to learn how to create great Java web applications then this course is for you. This friendly, hands-on course will show you how to overcome the inherent complexity in writing Java web applications by leveraging the Play! Framework.
The course starts by showing you how to create a basic agenda application. You’ll then add validations, internationalization, and custom error pages before enhancing it using the popular frontend framework, Twitter Bootstrap. Additionally you’ll learn how to create modules to re-utilize code for future projects. You’ll finish the course by adding a JSON API to your application so that it can consume Twitter’s API using async requests.
By the end of Play! Framework for Web Application Development you will be a more confident developer able to create attractive, fast, and scalable applications using the Play! Framework.
Martin Gontovnikas
Martin Gontovnikas is a software engineer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s an IT enthusiast who started programming at the age of 12, when he decided that this was going to be his life. Martin is passionate about technology and he always keeps up to date with everything regarding IT.
He started as a .NET programmer and converted into Java early on as he saw that most of the open source and the greatest technology contributions were in this area. He continued working on this while trying JavaScript, Ruby, and Scala later on. After learning about Rails, he started to look for a framework that could be as good and productive for the JVM, as it is written from scratch and more robust.That’s when he discovered Play! 1 and Play! 2. He started working with these two with Java as well as Scala, and hasn’t looked back since.


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