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این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه CBT Nuggets است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • مقدمه
  • بررسی اجمالی Network Load
  • پیکربندی Cluster Storage و شبکه
  • پیکربندی Cluster
  • Cluster های پیشرفته و PowerShell
  • Clusterless
  • پیکربندی و بهینه سازی در ذخیره سازی
  • BranchCache و NFS
  • بررسی دسترسی به کنترل های پویا
  • پیکربندی سرویس های فایل های پیشرفته
  • پیکربندی و مدیریت پشتیبان گیری: پشتیبان گیری ویندوز
  • پیکربندی و مدیریت پشتیبان گیری: Azure و VSS
  • بازیابی سرور
  • بررسی Directory Federation
  • بررسی DHCP
  • رزرو DHCP, فیلترها و Policies
  • DHCP: IPv6, Superscopes و Scopes های چند بخشی
  • بررسی IPAM و پیکربندی سرور
  • پیاده سازی IPAM
  • بررسی DNSSec, کلیدها و سوابق منبع
  • DNS: بازگشت پیکربندی، و GlobalNames
  • سرویس های Active Directory
  • سرویس های Active Directory: ثبت نام دستی
  • سرویس های Active Directory: پاسخ گووی آنلاین و CRL
  • سرویس های Active Directory :Active Directory
  • سرویس های Active Directory: پیکربندی و مدیریت کلیدهای آرشیو و بازیابی
  • سرویس های Active Directory: قابلیت همکاری با نسخه های قبلی, به روز رسانی دامنه, توابع L
  • سایت های Active Directory
  • Active Directory: تکرار RODC
  • Active Directory: Sysvol و تکرار

عنوان دوره: CBT Nuggets Microsoft Windows Server 2012 70-412 with R2 Updates

نویسنده: James Conrad

سطح: متوسط

مدت دوره:15 ساعت و 53 دقیقه


Microsoft Windows Server 2012 70-412 with R2 Updates

This Windows Server video training with James Conrad covers the latest version of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, including an exploration of each topic that is an objective in the 70-412 R2 exam.

Related area of expertise:
Microsoft Server 2012 R2

Recommended skills:
Familiarity with Microsoft Windows
Familiarity with Windows Server 2012 R2

Recommended equipment:
Windows Server 2012 R2

Related certifications:
MCSA: Windows Server 2012 R2
MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure
MCSE: Server Infrastructure
MCSE: Private Cloud
MCSE: Messaging
MCSE: SharePoint
MCSE: Communication

Related job functions:
IT professionals

Get ready for the 70-412 exam with this course from veteran CBT Nuggets trainer James Conrad! This course offers a refreshed look at the 70-412 exam’s topics, and includes all new content for Windows Server 2012 R2.
Microsoft exam 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services, counts as credit toward the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certifications in Windows Server 2012 R2.
The 70-412 test covers the following general topic areas: Advanced Network Services; Advanced File Services; Dynamic Access Control; Network Load Balancing; Failover Clustering; Disaster Recovery; Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS); Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), and more.

1. Course Introduction (4 min)
2. Network Load Balancing Overview (9 min)
3. Network Load Balancing Demo: Configuring the Cluster (10 min)
4. Network Load Balancing Demo: Modifying the Cluster (10 min)
5. Configuring Cluster Storage and Networking (21 min)
6. Configuring a Cluster (33 min)
7. Advanced Clustering and PowerShell (35 min)
8. Virtual Machine Movement: Clusterless (22 min)
9. Virtual Machine Movement: Clustered (28 min)
10. Configure and Optimize Storage (36 min)
11. BranchCache and NFS (28 min)
12. Dynamic Access Control Overview (6 min)
13. Dynamic Access Control Demo (25 min)
14. Configure Advanced File Services (38 min)
15. Configure Site-Level Fault Tolerance: Replicas (29 min)
16. Configuring Site-Level Fault Tolerance: Clusters (23 min)
17. Configure and Manage Backups: Windows Backup (22 min)
18. Configure and Manage Backups: Azure and VSS (22 min)
19. Recover Servers (22 min)
20. Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Overview (12 min)
21. Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Demo (33 min)
22. Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Workplace Join (9 min)
23. DHCP Overview (12 min)
24. DHCP Reservations, Policies, and Filters (9 min)
25. DHCP: IPv6, Multicast Scopes, Superscopes (15 min)
26. DHCP High Availability: Split Scopes (9 min)
27. DHCP High Availability: DHCP Failover (8 min)
28. DHCP: DNS Registration and DHCP Name Protection (12 min)
29. IP Address Management (IPAM) Overview and Server Configuration (27 min)
30. IP Address Management (IPAM) Implementation (22 min)
31. DNSSec Overview, Keys, and Resource Records (9 min)
32. DNSSec Demo (25 min)
33. DNS Socket Pool and DNS Cache Locking (10 min)
34. DNS Logging, Analyze Zone Level Statistics, Configure Delegated Administration (7 min)
35. DNS: Configure Recursion, Netmask Ordering, and GlobalNames (11 min)
36. Active Directory Certificate Services: Overview (6 min)
37. Active Directory Certificate Services: Hierarchy, Standalone vs Enterprise, Install an Enterprise Cert... (17 min)
38. Active Directory Certificate Services: Manual Enrollment and Revocation (13 min)
39. Active Directory Certificate Services: CRL Distribution Point and Online Responder (13 min)
40. Active Directory Certificate Services: Issue Web Server Certs (11 min)
41. Active Directory Certificate Services: Autoenrollment (9 min)
42. Active Directory Certificate Services: Configure and Manage Key Archival and Recovery (21 min)
43. Active Directory Certificate Services: CA Role Separation and Certificate Renewal (11 min)
44. Active Directory: Multi-Domain and Multi-Forest Environments (15 min)
45. Active Directory: Interoperability with Previous Versions, Upgrading Domains and Forests, Functional l... (14 min)
46. Active Directory Trusts (21 min)
47. Active Directory: SID Filtering, Name Suffix Routing, UPN (10 min)
48. Active Directory Sites: Overview (8 min)
49. Active Directory Sites: Demo (17 min)
50. Active Directory: RODC Replication (14 min)
51. Active Directory: Sysvol and Replication (13 min)
52. Active Directory Rights Management Services Overview (19 min)
53. Active Directory Rights Management Services Demo (19 min)