این دوره آموزشی مبانی PowerShell 4 را به شما می آموزد.

PowerShell کارامدی و مدیریت مقیاس پذیر محیط ویندوز را بهبود می بخشد. این دوره موقعیت خوبی را برای شما فراهم میکند تا به یک متخصص پاورشل تبدیل شوید بدون اینکه هیچ تجربه قبلی داشته باشید.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه CBT Nuggets است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • نصب PowerShell 4.0
  • دستورات
  • اشیاء
  • گسترش Shell
  • توسعه اشیاء
  • فرمت خروجی
  • WMI و CIM
  • ریموت کردن
  • اسکریپت نویسی
  • و…

عنوان دوره:  CBT Nuggets PowerShell 4 Foundations
مدت زمان: 6 ساعت
نویسنده:  Garth Schulte


CBT Nuggets PowerShell 4 Foundations

Garth Schulte

Garth Schulte covers PowerShell 4, Microsoft's automation and management framework. PowerShell provides efficient and scalable management of Windows environments. This is the perfect time for you to become a PowerShell expert! This course will take you from zero to scripting hero, even if you have no prior PowerShell experience.
Join Garth on a journey through the foundations of PowerShell 4 and beyond, where we'll learn by doing against a client/server network spanning many versions of Windows with live demonstrations and lab challenges. We'll start small with a single machine to cover the basics and work our way up to real-world scripting against a full network of Windows machines.
Recommended Experience
Familiarity with Windows client/server environments
Recommended Equipment
Windows operating system
PowerShell 4
Related Certifications
Not applicable
Related Job Functions
IT professionals
Automation specialist
Scripting wizardry
Garth Schulte has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 202 and holds a variety of Microsoft certifications, including MCSD, MCSD.NET, MCDBA, and MCSA. His areas of expertise extend to Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio .NET Windows/Web Programming, and SQL Server 6.5-2012.

1. Welcome to PowerShell 4 Foundations!
21 min
2. Installing PowerShell 4.0
15 min
3. Getting Started
23 min
4. Getting Help
25 min
5. Commands
17 min
6. The Pipeline
15 min
7. Objects
26 min
8. Extending the Shell
18 min
9. Extending Objects
19 min
10. Formatting Output
18 min
11. The Pipeline Returns
21 min
12. Providers
14 min
13. WMI & CIM
27 min
14. Remoting
20 min
15. Jobs
17 min
16. Workflows
20 min
17. Scripting - Getting Started
17 min
18. Scripting - Essentials
32 min
19. Scripting - The Real World
26 min
20. Desired State Configuration - Getting Started
21 min
21. Desired State Configuration - Making it So!
18 min
22. Tips, Tools, and Resources
7 min