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عنوان دوره:  Digital Tutors Applying Revit Tools to Model Concrete Structures
مدت زمان: 2 ساعت و 4 دقیقه
نویسنده:  Steve Bennett


Digital Tutors Applying Revit Tools to Model Concrete Structures

Steve Bennett
2h 4m

With this course, we'll look at modeling a marine structure.
We'll review a unique application of Revit and present a few challenges to solve. You'll find it's easy to get site relevant data and learn plenty of tips on how to model a structure like this. We'll build both an as-built pier condition as well as prepare a new robust concept pier model.
When you've finished this Revit tutorial, you'll be able to set out on your own design of a marine structure!

1 Introduction and project overview Watch it now
2 Obtaining our reference data for the proposed site
3 Cleanup of site data and prepping for linking into Revit
4 Continuing to prep site data for linking into Revit
5 Setting up the Revit model and preparing to link DWG data
6 Linking DWG site data Into Revit
7 Building the existing pier for reference
8 Prepping laser scan data of as-built conditions for linking into Revit
9 Accurately creating as-built conditions in Revit
10 Preparing to model the new concrete pier
11 Custom column family and placement
12 Modeling deck components
13 Mastering view templates
14 Wrap up and conclusion