دراین دوره آموزشی شما با چگونگی استفاده از Git در کنار ویژوال استودیو آشنا می شوید.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه  Infiniteskills  است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • اصول Git
  • ایجاد یک مخزن
  • شبیه سازی یک مخزن
  •  کار با مخازن محلی
  • ایجاد تغییرات در یک مخزن
  • لغو تغییرات
  • شاخه ایجاد
  • شاخه سوئیچینگ
  • کار با مخازن از راه دور
  • آپلود تغییرات خود
  • کار با ویژوال استودیو آنلاین
  • شبیه سازی یک مخزن از ویژوال استودیو آنلاین
  • کار با GitHub
  • دو فاکتور تأیید هویت
  • نصب git برای ویندوز
  • افزودن فرمان های سفارشی Git به ویژوال استدیو
  • و…

عنوان دوره:  Infiniteskills Git for Visual Studio
مدت زمان: 3 ساعت
نویسنده:  Edward Thomson


Infiniteskills Git for Visual Studio

Edward Thomson
3 hours

In this project-based Git for Visual Studio video tutorial series, you'll quickly have relevant skills for real-world applications.
Follow along with our expert instructor in this training course to get:
Concise, informative and broadcast-quality Git for Visual Studio training videos delivered to your desktop
The ability to learn at your own pace with our intuitive, easy-to-use interface
A quick grasp of even the most complex Git for Visual Studio subjects because they're broken into simple, easy to follow tutorial videos

01. Introduction
Introduction And Course Overview
About The Author
Introduction To Distributed Version Control
Git Fundamentals
02. Getting Started
Getting Started
Configuring Visual Studio
Creating A Repository
Opening A Repository
Cloning A Repository
03. Working With Local Repositories
0301 Introduction To Local Repositories
0302 Making Changes In A Repository
0303 Reviewing Changes
0304 Committing Changes
0305 Amending A Commit
0306 History - Part 1
0307 History - Part 2
0308 Undoing Changes
04. Branching And Merging
0401 Introduction To Branches
0402 Creating Branches
0403 Switching Branches
0404 Merging - Part 1
0405 Merging - Part 2
0406 Rebasing
05. Working With Remote Repositories
0501 Introduction To Remote Repositories
0502 Creating A Branch From A Remote Branch
0503 Downloading Changes - Fetching
0504 Downloading Changes - Pulling
0505 Uploading Your Changes - Pushing
0506 Uploading Your Changes - Syncing
0507 Working With Multiple Remotes And Deploying To A Hosting Platform
06. Working With Visual Studio Online
0601 Introduction To Visual Studio Online
0602 Cloning A Repository From Visual Studio Online
0603 Publishing A Repository To Visual Studio Online
0604 Associating Work Items With Commits
0605 Pull Requests
07. Working With GitHub
0701 Getting Started With GitHub In Visual Studio
0702 Cloning And Creating Repositories
0703 Two Factor Authentication
0704 Code Review With Pull Requests - Part 1
0705 Code Review With Pull Requests - Part 2
08. Interacting With Command Line Tools
0801 Introduction To The Git Command Line
0802 Installing Git For Windows
0803 Adding Custom Git Commands To Visual Studio
0804 Git Bash And Posh-Git From Visual Studio
0805 Using The Visual Studio Merge Tool From Git
09. Wrap Up
0901 Conclusion