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این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Infiniteskills است.

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  • آموزش Vim
  • جستجوی دقیق
  • پیش نمایش جستجو
  • Postview جستجو
  • Postprocess جستجو
  • جستجو و جایگزینی
  • کپی دقیق
  • انعطاف پذیری بیشتر Undo
  • تاریخچه Undo
  • دستورات کامل
  • کامل کردن متن
  • ویرایش
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  • راهنما
  • مخفی کردن اطلاعات
  • نتیجه گیری

عنوان دوره: Infiniteskills Mastering Vim Training Video

نویسنده: Damian Conway

مدت دوره:3.5 ساعت

Mastering Vim Training Video
A Practical Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills

Damian Conway
3.5 hours

Roughly half of all software developers use vi/Vim on a regular basis, but most of those who do still use only a tiny fraction of the editor's full feature set. This video tutorial explores two dozen effective ways you can immediately improve your Vim environment, including recently added features and many powerful plugins and tools. In just three hours, you'll learn about a wide range of Vim's other features, discover numerous configuration options that can make your editing more efficient and productive, and explore several Vim plugins that can instantly make your editing experience vastly better too. The tutorial's sections include:

- Mastering Vim's help system
- Learning to move more efficiently
- Manipulating text faster and more flexibly
- Making use of text objects
- Activating guides to help your layout
- Searching more effectively and with less effort
- Using and configuring Vim's advanced undo facilities
- Autocompleting just about anything
- Editing visually, instead of syntactically
- Focusing on details by folding text

Vim is a V12 supercar, but most Vim users drive it like they're stuck in first gear. This tutorial will show you how to edit faster, more smoothly, and with much less grind. A prominent contributor to the Open Source community, Damian Conway is an internationally renowned speaker, author, and trainer.

Table of Contents:
01. Mastering Vim
Seek Help
Learn Your Alphabet
Learn To Move
Fix Your Deletions
0106 Control Your Insertions
0107 Search Smarter
0108 Preview Your Search
0109 Postview Your Search
0110 Postprocess Your Search
0111 Search And Replace
0112 Search And More-Than-Just-Replace
0113 Copy Smarter
0114 Undo More Flexibly
0115 Persistent Undo History
0116 Complete Your Commands
0117 Complete Your Text Too
0118 Edit Visually
0119 Enhancing The Visual Modes
0120 Take A Guide
0121 Hide The Details
0122 Conclusion