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عنوان دوره: LearnNowOnline Python 3: Programming Tools

مدت دوره: 1 ساعت و 26 دقیقه


LearnNowOnline Python 3: Programming Tools

Jordan Hudgens
1h 26m

In this course, we�re going to discuss some of the most important tools a Python 3 developer can use for advance implementations. We will introduce you to the high level concepts of various classes and techniques, and close each section with a practical, code-driven example on how you can leverage these techniques in daily development. Specifically, this course will start with an introduction on iterators and generators, followed by discussions on regular expressions, introspection, lambda functions, metaclasses, decorators, and more.
This course is for anyone with the basic understanding of programming using Python 3. You should have the basic understanding of Python 3 to get the full use of this course. If you don�t have a basic understanding of Python 3 please view the Python 3: Fundamentals series starting with �Python 3: Getting Started�, �Python 3: Statements�, �Python 3: Data�, and �Python 3: Functions and Classes.�

Iterators And Generators (16:13)
Introduction (00:28)
Programming Tools (00:23)
Iterators (02:10)
Demo: Iterators (05:23)
Demo: Iterators (Cont) (01:09)
Generators (01:41)
Demo: Generators (04:39)
Summary (00:19)
Regular Expressions (18:40)
Introduction (00:26)
Regular Expressions (01:57)
RE Special Characters (06:37)
Special Character Extensions (01:47)
Demo: Regular Expressions (03:46)
Demo: More Regex (03:39)
Summary (00:25)
Introspection and Lambda (27:35)
Introduction (00:28)
Introspection (04:06)
Demo: Introspection (04:00)
Demo: Types (03:23)
Demo: Type Mismatch (03:50)
Lambda Functions (05:27)
Demo: Lambda Functions (06:00)
Summary (00:19)
Metaclasses and Decorators (24:05)
Introduction (00:22)
Metaclasses (02:47)
Demo: Classes (04:56)
Demo: Metaclasses (02:03)
Demo: Using Metaclasses (03:49)
Decorators (02:49)
Demo: Decorators (02:33)
Demo: Using Decorators (04:24)
Summary (00:17)