در این آموزش تصویری با Adobe Camera Raw آشنا می شوید. Adobe Camera یک پلاگین قدرتمند ویرایش عکس می باشد که Adobe Julieanne Kost تمام قابلیت های Adobe Camera را دارد و به رفع مشکل برنامه مانند اصلاح رنگ، رفع مشکلات perspective ، و افزایش جزئیات برای تصاویر زنده و تبدیل تصاویر به تصاویر سیاه و سفید و از بین بردن خطاهای رنگی بکار می رود.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • کار با Photoshop CC
  • ملزومات اولیه دوربین
  • مزایای استفاده از دوربین
  • مقایسه فایل های RAW و JPEG
  • نحوه ی توزیع کردن فایل های فتوشاپ
  • رفع مشکل ACR
  • از بین بردن خطاهای رنگی
  • استفاده از ابزار Crop
  • چک کردن سایه و جزئیات برجسته با استفاده از histogram
  • استفاده از ابزار حذف
  • کار با جزئیات تصویر
  • کار با ابزار Brush
  • تکنیک های خلاقیت با دوربین
  • سفارشی کردن رنگ با استفاده از HSL
  • کار با تکنیک های ACR
  • نصب و راه اندازی چندین تصویر در Camera Raw
  • کپی کردن و چسباندن فایل ها
  • استفاده از پردازشگر تصویر
  • ترکیب چندین تصویر
  • ادغام عکس های متعدد
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Lynda Adobe Camera Raw Essential Training
سطح: مقدماتی
مدت زمان: 3 ساعت و 32 دقیقه
نویسنده: Julieanne Kost


Camera Raw is more than a plugin. It's a powerful photo editing tool in its own right, capable of taking your photos from raw material to polished gems. In this course, Adobe evangelist Julieanne Kost takes you through all of Camera Raw's capabilities, from fixing common but vexing problems to finding more creative uses for the program's rich and nondestructive editing tools. Learn how to correct color, fix perspective problems, and enhance detail and contrast to make images come alive. Then find out how to make localized color corrections, custom black-and-white images, and even panoramas and HDR composites. If you're interested in becoming more efficient in Camera Raw, Julieanne also includes a chapter on using presets, synchronization, and batch processing to automate some of your corrections.
Topics include:
Comparing raw and JPEG files
Correcting lens distortion and perspective correction
Removing chromatic aberration
Cropping and straightening a tilted horizon
Fixing color cast with the White Balance tool
Revealing shadow and highlight detail
Sharpening and reducing noise
Removing haze and adding clarity
Making localized adjustments
Converting to black and white
Emulating film grain
Adding vignettes
Retouching portraits: skin, eyes, and teeth
Automating corrections
Merging images for panoramas or HDR images

5m 14s
1m 17s
Using the exercise files
Keeping Photoshop CC up to date
1m 11s
Bridge and Camera Raw or Lightroom: Which should you use?
2m 20s
1. Camera Raw Essentials
32m 45s
Opening files into Camera Raw
2m 59s
The advantages of Camera Raw
2m 4s
Comparing raw and JPEG files
4m 55s
Touring the Camera Raw user interface
4m 13s
The basic panel in Camera Raw
4m 20s
Previewing before-and-after adjustments
6m 10s
Choosing the correct Camera Raw settings when handing off files to Photoshop
5m 2s
Saving a copy without going to Photoshop
3m 2s
2. Fixing Common Problems Quickly with ACR
1h 0m
Correcting lens distortion
3m 12s
Removing chromatic aberration
2m 25s
Automatically correcting perspective using Upright
4m 13s
Using the nondestructive Crop tool
3m 13s
Correcting a tilted horizon
2m 52s
Fixing color casts with the White Balance tool
3m 37s
Checking shadow and highlight detail using the histogram
2m 59s
Recovering hidden highlight detail
2m 58s
Revealing hidden shadow detail
3m 39s
Making images pop using contrast, color, and clarity
4m 54s
Adding and removing haze
2m 39s
Removing dust and small imperfections with the Spot Removal tool
6m 37s
Reducing distracting noise
5m 36s
Sharpening image details
6m 23s
Bringing it all together to make an image shine
5m 38s
3. Camera Raw's Local Adjustment Tools
20m 0s
Enhancing an image using the Graduated Filter
5m 56s
Highlighting important elements using the radial gradient
4m 41s
Making selective enhancements using the Adjustment Brush
7m 58s
Saving presets for the local adjustment tools
1m 25s
4. Creative Techniques with Camera Raw
47m 29s
Converting images to black and white
8m 22s
Using Snapshots to explore different adjustments
3m 7s
Customizing color using HSL
3m 56s
Creating a hand-colored look using the Adjustment Brush
7m 17s
Recreating traditional color toning effects
3m 36s
Simulating cross-process and split tone effects
6m 31s
Emulating film grain textures
2m 56s
Adding vignettes and border effects
4m 35s
Adding a vintage look to an image
7m 9s
5. Portrait Retouching Techniques in ACR
19m 54s
Retouching blemishes with the Spot Removal tool
4m 42s
Brightening eyes and teeth with the Adjustment Brush
8m 17s
Skin softening using Clarity
5m 26s
Removing red-eye and pet-eye
1m 29s
6. Automating Camera Raw
16m 46s
Adjusting multiple images in Camera Raw
3m 18s
Synchronizing changes across multiple files
3m 5s
Copying and pasting adjustments across files
1m 53s
Creating and applying Camera Raw presets
3m 46s
Saving multiple files in Camera Raw
2m 51s
Using Image Processor to batch process multiple files
1m 53s
7. Combining Multiple Images
7m 52s
Merging multiple images to create a panorama
3m 51s
Merging multiple exposures to improve dynamic range
4m 1s
1m 16s
Next steps
1m 16s

حجم فایل: 1.2GB