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  •  اشکال زدایی و عیب یابی
  • گوگل آنالیز چگونه کار می کند؟
  • اصول اولیه اشکال زدایی و عیب یابی
  • نصب یک TMS
  • دستیار جست و جوی پیشرفته
  • چرا کاربران بیش ار ession ها هستند؟
  • بخش جست و جوی پیشرفته
  • درست کردن بخش های سفارشی
  • بازدید کنندگان بخش: بخش کاربری
  • بازدید کنندگان بخش: دنبال کنندگان بخش
  • گزارش های پیشرفته
  • درکی از  جمعیت بازدید کننده
  • درک منافع بازدید کننده
  • داده های سفارشی
  • ابعاد سفارشی: داده شخصی
  • وارد کردن داده های سفارشی
  • وارد کردن داده با استفاده از پارامترهای رشته پرس و جو
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عنوان دوره: Lynda Advanced Google Analytics

مدت زمان:4 ساعت و 46دقیقه

نویسنده: Corey Koberg


Lynda Advanced Google Analytics

Corey Koberg
3h 46m

Do you want better insights from Google Analytics? By customizing filters, tags, segments, and even the data that flows into Google Analytics, you can generate better reports about your web traffic and make more intelligent decisions about where to focus your marketing efforts. In this training course, Google Analytics expert Corey Koberg shows you advanced techniques for this popular and powerful analytics tool.
Learn how to set your account up for multiple users, structure properties and views, and configure the back end of Google Analytics'including a popular WordPress CMS plugin for automating tracking code on WordPress pages. Corey shows how to apply advanced filters and segments (and customize them to fit your needs) and import custom data sets. He also covers debugging and troubleshooting techniques that allow you to fix Google Analytics issues from under the hood, and he reviews the major segmentation and analysis pitfalls to avoid.
Note: This course picks up where Google Analytics Essential Training leaves off. If you have any questions about how Google Analytics works straight out of the box, see those tutorials for more information.
Topics include:
Setting up a Google Analytics account for multiple users
Working with the WordPress CMS plugin
Using custom and advanced filters
Debugging and troubleshooting Google Analytics
Using the advanced Tag Assistant
Setting up advanced segments: custom, user, and sequenced segments
Avoiding segmentation pitfalls
Generating better reports and insights from Google Analytics
Importing custom data

33m 37s
Working with the WordPress CMS plugin
6m 28s
Introduction to filters
10m 48s
Custom filters
8m 50s
Advanced filters
7m 31s
3. Debug and Troubleshoot
36m 31s
How Google Analytics works
5m 43s
Debugging and troubleshooting basics
5m 26s
Inspecting a TMS-based install
6m 33s
Advanced Tag Assistant
8m 34s
Why are there more users than sessions?
10m 15s
4. Advanced Segments
54m 40s
Advanced segment basics
13m 2s
Create custom segments
9m 45s
Clean data and identify big spenders in custom segments
10m 15s
When to use filters vs. segments
8m 28s
Segment visitors: User segments
7m 32s
Segment visitors: Sequenced segments
5m 38s
5. Segmentation Pitfalls
24m 17s
Segmentation pitfalls: Users vs. sessions
11m 6s
Segmentation pitfalls: Mixing user and session elements
7m 36s
Segmentation pitfalls: Sequences
5m 35s
6. Advanced Reporting and Insights
35m 23s
Enable demographics and interest reports
2m 50s
Understanding visitor demographics
7m 20s
Understanding visitor interests
5m 28s
Cohort analysis via advanced segments
9m 4s
Create a custom report in under a minute
5m 17s
Calculated metrics
5m 24s
7. Custom Data
23m 18s
Custom dimensions: Personalize data
6m 33s
Import custom data
9m 30s
Import data using query string parameters
7m 15s
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