در این آموزش تصویری با مباحث مربوط به گواهینامه پیشرفته AutoCAD آشنا می شوید.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • نحوه نصب و راه اندازی AutoCAD
  • نحوه تغییر Certiport
  • نحوه ثبت نام در وب سایت
  • نحوه ورود به سیستم
  • کار با مهارت های طراحی
  • نحوه ساخت فایل ها
  • نحوه طراحی دایره، کمان و چند ضلعی
  • نحوه رسم خطوط
  • نحوه رسم مستطیل
  • نحوه انتخاب اشیا
  • نحوه استفاده از ورودی پویا
  • استفاده از دستورات inquiry
  • نحوه رسم خطوط
  • نحوه کار با مختصات سیستمی
  • نحوه استفاده از PolarSnap
  • نحوه ایجاد نقشه های ایزومتریک
  • نحوه اصلاح اشیا
  • نحوه استفاده از آرایه
  • نحوه استفاده از fillet و chamfer
  • کار با تکنیک های نقاشی
  • نحوه ترکیب اشیا
  • نحوه تغییر خواص اشیا
  • نحوه مدیریت لایه ها
  • استفاده از محتوای برنامه
  • مدیریت ویژگی های بلوک
  • نحوه اضافه کردن متن
  • نحوه اصلاح متن
  • نحوه اضافه کردن multileaders
  • نحوه اصلاح multileaders
  • نحوه استفاده از جداول
  • نحوه تنظیم چاپ اطلاعات
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Lynda AutoCAD Certified Professional Prep Course
مدت زمان: 4 ساعت و 40 دقیقه
نویسنده: Shaun Bryant


Lynda AutoCAD Certified Professional Prep Course

Shaun Bryant
4h 40m
Appropriate for all

Become an Autodesk Certified Professional. This training course helps you study for the certification exam while you reinforce your CAD skills. Shaun Bryant helps you understand the two pathways available: Autodesk Certified User for  designers who want to demonstrate basic proficiency and a commitment to academic success or career development and Autodesk Certified Professional for those who possess more advanced skills and can solve complex workflow and design challenges. He then walks through the basic drawing skills, object manipulation techniques, organization skills, annotations, and layout and print options that are necessary to pass both certifications.
Topics include:
Creating and publishing AutoCAD files
Drawing shapes and lines
Creating isometric drawings
Transforming objects
Creating and using arrays
Organizing objects and layers
Reusing content with blocks
Adding text, dimensions, multileaders, and scales
Creating layouts
Setting printing and plotting options

5m 21s
1m 33s
What you should know before watching this course
2m 18s
Using the exercise files
1m 30s
1. Certification: What Is It?
22m 13s
What is an Autodesk certification?
4m 39s
Autodesk Certified User
4m 22s
Autodesk Certified Professional
4m 11s
Changing to Certiport
1m 8s
Registering on the Certiport website
2m 13s
Logging In
2m 20s
Other Autodesk Certified Professional exams
3m 20s
2. Basic Drawing Skills
42m 21s
Creating, opening, and publishing files
8m 16s
Drawing circles, arcs, and polygons
6m 21s
Drawing lines and rectangles
6m 5s
Fillet and chamfer lines
5m 26s
Selecting objects
6m 21s
Using dynamic input, direct distance, and coordinate systems
5m 51s
Use inquiry commands
4m 1s
3. Drawing Objects
21m 52s
Drawing lines
4m 53s
Drawing rectangles
3m 59s
Drawing circles
5m 24s
Drawing arcs
4m 4s
Drawing polygons
3m 32s
4. Drawing with Accuracy
38m 1s
Using object-snap tracking
5m 20s
Using coordinate systems
5m 40s
Using ortho and polar tracking
6m 13s
Using PolarSnap
3m 44s
Using running object snaps
4m 53s
Working with Grid and Snap
7m 9s
Creating isometric drawings
5m 2s
5. Modifying Objects
49m 1s
Selection settings
5m 26s
Stretching objects
3m 35s
Moving and copying
4m 48s
Rotating and scaling
5m 12s
Creating and using arrays
7m 9s
Trimming and extending
6m 33s
Offsetting and mirroring
6m 27s
Editing with grips
3m 42s
Using fillets and chamfers
6m 9s
6. Additional Drawing Techniques
13m 39s
Drawing and editing polylines
5m 32s
Blending between objects with splines
2m 10s
Applying hatches and gradients
5m 57s
7. Organizing Objects
20m 53s
Changing object properties
4m 48s
Altering layer assignments for objects
3m 28s
Controlling layer visibility
4m 58s
Assigning properties by object or layer
4m 1s
Managing layer properties
3m 38s
8. Reusing Existing Content
16m 18s
Working with AutoCAD blocks
5m 31s
Managing block attributes
6m 2s
Referencing external drawings (xrefs) and images
4m 45s
9. Annotating Drawings
36m 9s
Adding text
5m 8s
Modifying text
3m 48s
Using dimensions
7m 18s
Adding multileaders
5m 12s
Modifying multileaders
3m 58s
Creating annotative scales
4m 51s
Using tables
5m 54s
10. Using Layouts and Printing
13m 17s
Creating layouts
3m 8s
Using viewports
4m 1s
Setting printing and plotting options
6m 8s
1m 45s
Next steps
1m 45s