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  • بهترین تمرین های طراحی گرافیک
  • طراحی یک پوشش مدرن: ساده، تمیز و زاویه ای
  • طراحی یک کارت ویزیت تجاری
  • آثار هنری خود را به صورت رایگان طراحی کنید: استفاده دوباره از تصویر
  • طراحی یک کارت ویزیت با استفاده از شکل تکراری
  • استفاده از حروف مدور
  • طراحی یک پوستر قدرتمند
  • لوازم اداری طراحی یک بروشور
  • طراحی لوگوی ساده
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عنوان دوره: Lynda Before And After Graphic Design Best Practices

مدت دوره: 1 ساعت و 49 دقیقه

نویسنده: John McWade


Lynda Before And After Graphic Design Best Practices

John McWade
1h 49m
Appropriate for all

John McWade, founder of Before & After and now senior staff author at, presents a weekly series that touches on all areas of design, helping designers new and old sharpen their skills and create more powerful work. This series covers a wide range of topics, from typography and layout to color and logo design, but each episode is a standalone technique that can be completed in just ten minutes or less. Tune in every Monday for a new tip.

New This Week
2m 43s
Elementals: How black, white, and gray make depth NEW
2m 43s
1m 25s
1m 25s
The Best Practices of Graphic Design
1h 45m
Design a modern cover: Think simple, clean, and angular
3m 22s
Transform a product sheet: Put your words here, not there
3m 1s
Design a business card: Make it look like what it says
4m 40s
Double your artwork for free: Use the same picture twice
3m 49s
Design a ghosted logo: A picture always goes with itself
5m 39s
Design a business card using repetitive shape
4m 38s
Why round letters are bigger than straight ones
1m 49s
Design a powerful poster: Work with your photo, not against it
7m 13s
Design stationery that's almost a brochure: Picture your product, not your logo
7m 42s
Alignment: Your ruler's good only for regular things
4m 32s
Logo design: Think simple
3m 40s
Your design needs a focal point: Dramatic photo anchors a strong makeover
8m 5s
Chart your data with images
2m 26s
Make a beautiful logo with off-the-shelf type
3m 30s
How to transfer your look to a new format
13m 55s
4m 52s
The (very!) versatile art of the silhouette
8m 14s
Easy, functional one-line design
6m 30s
Signage: Consistency makes the brand
7m 59s