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  •  بررسی اجمالی از طرح
  • یک کتاب طرح ثابت چیست؟
  • EPUB3 در مقابل فرمت Kindle
  • رمان های گرافیکی و زیبا
  • مقایسه ثابت طرح ساختار فایل به EPUB3
  • خروجی EPUB3 از InDesign CC 2015
  • مقایسه EPUB3 فرمت در مقابل فرمت Kindle
  • قالب Kindle
  • content.opf
  • فایل XHTML
  • شیوه نامه CSS
  • مدیریت فونت برای یک پروژه ثابت طرح
  • درج تصاویر در یک کتاب ثابت طرح
  • آماده سازی یک سند دیزاین برای خروجی
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عنوان دوره: Lynda Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks for the Kindle

مدت دوره: 2 ساعت و 29 دقیقه

نویسنده: Kevin Callahan


Lynda Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks for the Kindle

Kevin Callahan
2h 29m

Fixed-layout ebooks for the Kindle aren't difficult to make. Once you know how the Kindle format works and have a familiarity with InDesign, HTML, and CSS, and a little bit of Photoshop, you're on your way to creating a beautiful ebook. The process is similar whether you're adapting a print design or creating an ebook from scratch. This course walks members through what "fixed layout" means, and what makes a good fixed-layout ebook for the Kindle. Author Kevin Callahan shows how to prepare an InDesign file for ebook output, export the text and image assets, add them to the Kindle template, and build in special features such as region magnification, pop-ups, and media queries that adjust your book's display to the reader's device. Plus, learn how to test and future-proof your files and upload your ebook to the Kindle Store with the Kindle Previewer.
Topics include:
What is a fixed-layout ebook?
Good candidates for fixed layout
Comparing the Kindle format to EPUB3
Managing fonts
Inserting images
Using the Kindle Previewer
Exporting InDesign documents for Kindle formatting
Working with the Kindle fixed-layout template
Using media queries

1m 35s
1m 14s
Using the exercise files
1. Overview of the Fixed-Layout Format
6m 56s
What is a fixed-layout ebook?
1m 30s
EPUB3 vs. the Kindle format
2m 4s
Good candidates for fixed-layout ebooks
2m 17s
Graphic novels and comics
1m 5s
2. Comparing the Kindle Fixed-Layout File Structure to EPUB3
27m 8s
Exporting EPUB3 from InDesign CC 2015
2m 5s
Comparing the EPUB3 format vs. Kindle format
2m 50s
The Kindle fixed-layout template
6m 4s
The content.opf
4m 8s
XHTML file
1m 47s
CSS: The style sheet
4m 18s
Manage fonts for a fixed-layout project
3m 10s
Insert images into a fixed-layout book
2m 46s
3. Preparing an InDesign Document for Export
27m 3s
Letting InDesign do the work for you
2m 36s
Style sheets
6m 49s
Exporting images as background spreads
4m 34s
Exporting text as XHTML
2m 44s
Fixed-layout ebooks without InDesign
1m 39s
Using Kindle Kids' Book Creator
7m 49s
4. Working with the Kindle Fixed-Layout Template
41m 50s
Filling in the content.opf
11m 36s
Populating the XHTML pages
9m 22s
Adding images
3m 28s
Adjusting the CSS for design
7m 17s
Structure and absolute positioning in CSS
6m 38s
Working with the navigation documents
3m 29s
5. Designing Region Magnification (Pop-Ups)
17m 16s
Text in region magnification CSS
6m 3s
Region magnification pop-up boxes
5m 43s
Magnification amount and pop-up location
5m 30s
6. Using Kindle Previewer to Create Your Fixed-Layout Ebook
13m 39s
Using Kindle Previewer
5m 29s
Sideloading a file to Kindle devices
1m 40s
Sideloading Kindle files to iOS devices
2m 22s
Uploading to Kindle Direct Publishing
4m 8s
7. Bonus Kindle Features
13m 16s
Popping up images
6m 26s
How to deal with text on a path
3m 30s
Using media queries
3m 20s
1m 2s
Next steps
1m 2s