این دوره نحوه آمادگی برای گواهینامه 420-77 را در Excel 2013 آموزش می دهد. در این آموزش تصویری نحوه آمادگی در آزمون 420-77 ، مهارت های کار با Excel 2013 ، ایجاد برگه ، سلول ، فرمول و توابع را می آموزید. در ادامه نحوه قالب بندی داده ها ، افزودن سرصفحه و پاورقی ، ایجاد جداول و نمودارها و نحوه مدیریت خطا را نیز خواهید آموخت.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • کار با Microsoft Office
  • آماده شدن برای آزمون
  • ایجاد و مدیریت دفتر کاری
  • نحوه اضافه کردن داده ها
  • نحوه لینک گذاری بین داده ها
  • نحوه ساخت فرمول
  • نحوه قالب بندی داده ها
  • استفاده از سبک ها و تم ها
  • کار با ribbon
  • افزودن سرصفحه و پاورقی
  • نحوه افزودن ستون ها و سطرها
  • نحوه اضافه کردن مقادیر به برگه
  • وارد کردن داده به سلول ها
  • انتقال داده ها بین سلول ها
  • تغییر اندازه سلول با کمک متن
  • نحوه فرمت بندی سلول ها
  • نحوه قالب بندی شرطی
  • ایجاد و اصلاح جداول
  • نحوه مرتب سازی جداول
  • کار با فرمول ها و توابع
  • استفاده از تابع CONCATENATE
  • نحوه ایجاد نمودارها
  • فرمت بندی نمودار
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Lynda Excel 2013 Prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam (77-420)
سطح: مقدماتی
مدت زمان: 4 ساعت و 5 دقیقه
نویسنده: Jennifer McBee


Lynda Excel 2013 Prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam (77-420)

Jennifer McBee
4h 5m

Demonstrate your knowledge of Excel by becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist. Study to pass the MOS Excel 2013 certification exam. This course, created by Microsoft Certified Trainer Jennifer McBee, helps test takers prepare for exam 77-420, which covers the five main skills on the MOS Excel 2013 exam: creating worksheets and workbooks, cells and ranges, formulas and functions, and charts and other objects.
The course first explores the MOS certification program, its cost, and its format. Jennifer then walks through all of the Excel certification objectives in detail. She includes free practice files so you can follow along as she demonstrates each skill. There are challenges to test your skills at the end of almost every chapter, and the full-length, 50-minute practice exam at the end of the course will ensure you're ready for the real exam.
Topics include:
Preparing for the exam
Understanding the registration process
Creating new Excel workbooks and worksheets
Formatting data
Inserting columns and rows
Moving data
Applying conditional formatting
Creating tables
Applying formulas and functions
Summarizing data
Creating charts
Taking a full-length practice exam

2m 9s
What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files
Using the challenges
1. Microsoft Office Specialist Exam Overview
7m 7s
Compare the different Microsoft Office Specialist certifications
2m 0s
Prepare for the exam
2m 12s
Exam format and registration process
2m 55s
2. Create and Manage Workbooks and Worksheets
57m 52s
Create new workbooks
3m 20s
Add, copy, and move worksheets
5m 8s
Use hyperlinks to navigate workbooks
2m 52s
Use named ranges in navigation and formulas
4m 45s
Use Find and Replace for conditional formatting and data validation
3m 3s
Format using styles or themes
3m 35s
Format using the Page Layout ribbon
3m 27s
Insert headers and footers into worksheets
4m 47s
Insert columns and rows; hide and unhide data
3m 45s
Configure worksheets and workbooks for printing
6m 19s
Add values to workbook properties
6m 11s
Challenge: Worksheets and workbooks
1m 29s
Solution: Worksheets and workbooks
9m 11s
3. Create and Modify Cells and Ranges
56m 25s
Use Append to insert data into cells
5m 35s
Move data between cells, worksheets, and workbooks
8m 17s
Format worksheets using merge, cell styles, and number formats
6m 8s
Resize cells to accommodate text
6m 45s
Format cells using merge and align options
6m 21s
Apply conditional formatting
6m 32s
Create and use named ranges
4m 50s
Use Find and Replace
5m 28s
Challenge: Cells and ranges
Solution: Cells and ranges
5m 57s
4. Create and Modify Tables
24m 3s
Create tables
6m 15s
Modify tables
4m 51s
Filter and sort tables
7m 0s
Challenge: Create and modify tables
Solution: Create and modify tables
5m 22s
5. Apply Formulas and Functions
41m 19s
Use relative and absolute references in formulas
5m 55s
Understand the order of operations in formulas
3m 46s
Summarize data using functions
5m 35s
Utilize conditional logic in functions
7m 59s
Use the CONCATENATE function to combine text
7m 11s
Challenge: Formulas and functions
1m 6s
Solution: Formulas and functions
9m 47s
6. Create Charts and Objects
24m 56s
Create charts and add data series
7m 48s
Format charts
4m 44s
Insert and format graphic objects
6m 49s
Challenge: Charts and objects
Solution: Charts and objects
4m 44s
7. Final Practice Exam
31m 42s
Challenge: Full-length practice exam
Solution: Full-length practice exam
30m 43s
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