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عنوان دوره: Lynda iBooks Author Essential Training

مدت دوره:6 ساعت و 55 دقیقه

نویسنده: Chris Mattia


Lynda iBooks Author Essential Training

Chris Mattia
6h 55m Appropriate for all

Even writers without extensive design or publishing experience find they can publish their own digital books with iBooks Author'and the right training. Start here to learn how to create your own ebooks with this easy-to-use ebook publishing software.

Follow along with Chris Mattia as he assembles a dynamic and engaging ebook for distribution on the iPad and EPUB readers. He includes all the features of a well-designed ebook, including text, images, audio, video, 3D models, and web content, as well as essential navigation tools such as links, bookmarks, and a table of contents. He also shows how leverage built-in templates to produce a beautifully designed and polished ebook without any extra effort, and customize and share your own iBooks templates. The course wraps up with a review of the iBooks EPUB workflow and the iBooks Store publishing process.
Topics include:
Creating a book cover
Creating pages, chapters, and sections
Adding a table of contents and a glossary
Working with templates and placeholder content
Sharing a custom template
Importing text from Pages, Word, or InDesign
Formatting text
Adding objects such as titles, labels, and captions
Inserting images
Adding tables and charts
Working with widgets such as movies, 3D objects, and interactive images
Creating review sections with multiple-choice and matching questions
Adding links and bookmarks
Creating, importing, and exporting EPUBs
Exporting a book as a PDF or text document
Publishing to the iBooks Store

9m 24s
The exercise files UPDATED
1m 59s
Previewing the finished iBook NEW
3m 46s
The 2015 update NEW
2m 51s
1. Getting Started
1h 2m
Installing iBooks Author UPDATED
1m 44s
Creating a new document
3m 25s
iBooks Author interface UPDATED
4m 56s
Views inside iBooks Author NEW
2m 39s
Creating a book cover UPDATED
9m 30s
Adding an intro video UPDATED
2m 8s
Creating chapters
8m 1s
Creating sections
3m 52s
Creating pages
2m 15s
Adding visual interest UPDATED
4m 54s
How Tables of Contents work NEW
4m 11s
Customizing the Scroll View TOC UPDATED
5m 43s
Creating a glossary
2m 57s
Previewing and Proofing your Book NEW
5m 48s
2. Working with Templates
26m 52s
Templates in iBook Author
3m 18s
Starting with a Blank Template UPDATED
1m 28s
Modifying existing layouts
5m 13s
Creating a custom layout
3m 57s
Placeholder media
1m 1s
Placeholder text
Auto-updating text
1m 17s
Photo collage layout
3m 25s
Custom template UPDATED
4m 19s
Creating a portrait-only book
2m 4s
3. Adding Text
22m 58s
Dragging and dropping plain text
3m 16s
Inserting text from Pages
6m 51s
Inserting text from Microsoft Word
7m 11s
Linked text boxes
2m 7s
Importing InDesign Documents NEW
3m 33s
4. Formatting Text
52m 12s
Understanding how to format text
2m 5s
Formatting text
8m 6s
Creating lists
5m 29s
Creating custom styles
9m 34s
Controlling tabs
5m 54s
More on text control
12m 37s
Embedding equations with LaTeX
3m 52s
Embedding equations with MathType
4m 35s
5. Working with Objects
28m 57s
7m 16s
Adding objects
2m 26s
Manipulating objects on a page
3m 24s
Layering objects together
1m 36s
Changing an object's appearance
7m 15s
Titles, labels, captions & descriptions
5m 25s
Adding accessibility text to objects
1m 35s
6. Working with Images
21m 45s
Adding images
5m 33s
Remove parts of photos with Instant Alpha
3m 54s
Cropping and masking images
4m 0s
Controlling image settings
3m 0s
Spanning an image across two pages
5m 18s
7. Working with Shapes
16m 12s
Understanding shapes
2m 29s
Adding shapes
2m 29s
Editing shapes
3m 24s
Drawing shapes
3m 31s
Creating a custom shape mask
4m 19s
8. Working with Tables
25m 57s
Understanding tables
2m 22s
Creating tables
2m 9s
Adding and importing data into tables
3m 3s
Formatting table cells and data
8m 37s
Performing calculations
3m 57s
Using conditional formatting
2m 52s
Sorting table data
1m 15s
Adding a custom table description
1m 42s
9. Working with Charts
22m 33s
Understanding charts
2m 30s
Adding charts
3m 59s
Editing chart data
3m 51s
Formatting charts
5m 24s
Changing the chart type
5m 48s
Adding chart descriptions
1m 1s
10. Working with Widgets
43m 1s
Understanding widgets
4m 18s
Creating an image gallery
5m 18s
Adding a movie UPDATED
5m 33s
Adding a Keynote presentation UPDATED
4m 15s
Adding a 3D object
4m 24s
Adding an interactive image
7m 54s
Adding custom HTML UPDATED
4m 53s
Creating a scrolling sidebar
3m 45s
Creating a popover effects
2m 41s
11. Creating Review Sections
17m 3s
Understanding review questions
2m 26s
Adding a review section
2m 27s
Creating multiple-choice questions
7m 15s
Creating matching questions
4m 55s
12. Working Links and Bookmarks
21m 51s
Understanding Bookmarks and Links NEW
Creating internal links NEW
4m 39s
Using Bookmarks NEW
1m 40s
Creating external links NEW
2m 29s
Creating deep links into your iBook NEW
5m 57s
Creating deep links to other iBooks NEW
6m 19s
13. Working with ePubs
18m 1s
ePub Workflows NEW
3m 17s
Importing ePubs NEW
4m 48s
ePub Templates NEW
4m 10s
Widgets and Tables for ePub NEW
4m 35s
Exporting ePub NEW
1m 11s
14. Exporting the Book
26m 3s
Preflighting on an iPad UPDATED
5m 23s
Exporting a book in iBooks format
2m 26s
Exporting a book as a PDF
2m 33s
Exporting a book as a text document
1m 49s
Emailing a book
2m 24s
Preparing to publish to the iBookstore
4m 44s
Publishing to the iBookstore
6m 44s