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عنوان دوره: Lynda InDesign Scripting Made Easy

مدت دوره:1 ساعت و 55 دقیقه

نویسنده:  Keith Gilbert



Lynda InDesign Scripting Made Easy

Keith Gilbert
1h 55m

InDesign scripts can help automate complex layout and design tasks. But scripting isn't as hard as you think. This is InDesign Scripting Made Easy. This course helps designers, production artists, and other InDesign users obtain, install, use, create, and modify scripts. Keith Gilbert eases you into InDesign scripting, starting with finding and installing existing third-party scripts. He then shows you how to edit those scripts to fit your unique needs, which means working with the friendly JavaScript-based ExtendScript Toolkit. But you don't need to be a programmer. Keith demonstrates how anyone can create simple scripts from scratch with a little bit of JavaScript. He also provides three practical examples'setting preferences, watermarking layouts, and transposing characters'to show what is possible when you harness the power of InDesign scripts.
Topics include:
What are InDesign scripts?
Installing scripts
Editing scripts
Working with JavaScript variables and loops
Referencing InDesign objects in scripts
Creating a script to set preferences
Creating a script to watermark designs
Creating a script to transpose characters

1m 48s
Before watching this course
Using the exercise files
1. Get Started
7m 23s
What are scripts?
4m 39s
Scripts and Creative Cloud
1m 17s
Script languages
1m 27s
2. Find and Install Scripts
14m 14s
How to run a script
6m 11s
Where to find finished scripts
3m 33s
How to install a script
4m 30s
3. Edit a Script
5m 47s
Choosing a script editor
2m 36s
Your first script edit
3m 11s
4. A Few JavaScript Basics
20m 12s
Understand the importance of syntax
6m 50s
4m 9s
Decision making and looping
9m 13s
5. Reference InDesign Objects with a Script
10m 7s
Understand the InDesign object model
4m 36s
How to use the object model reference
5m 31s
6. Create a Script to Configure Preferences and Defaults
22m 22s
Begin with a template
4m 43s
Write the body of the script
7m 58s
Test and troubleshoot the script
4m 40s
Finish the script
5m 1s
7. Create a Script to Add Document Watermarks
17m 39s
Start the Watermark script
3m 23s
Create a text frame
5m 20s
Format the text
3m 50s
Duplicate a frame
5m 6s
8. Create a Script to Transpose Two Characters
15m 26s
Plan the Transpose script
1m 38s
Check for an insertion point
5m 1s
Transpose the characters
4m 3s
Polish the script
4m 44s
Where to go from here