در این آموزش تصویری همه چیز در مورد سیستم عامل iOS9 و  iPhone یا iPad را فرا خواهید گرفت.مدرس این دوره مواردی مانند دریافت تماس، ایمیل، مرور وب، استفاده از نقشه ها ، یادداشت برداری ، تماشای فیلم و گوش دادن می پردازد.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسهLynda است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • امکانات جدید در iOS9
  • قفل صفحه اصلی
  • انتخاب و کنترل صداها
  • دسترسی به تنظیمات
  • استفاده از مرکز اطلاع رسانی
  • آموزش حرکات انگشت
  • استفاده از صفحه لمسی 3D
  • اتصال به شبکه های Wi-Fi
  • فعال کردن و استفاده از ID لمسی
  • چند وظیفه ای
  • جستجوکردن
  • ملزومات تایپ
  • درک صفحه کلید
  • رفع غلط املایی
  • استفاده از برش، کپی، چسباندن
  • دسترسی به کلید های مخفی
  • اضافه کردن صفحه کلید بین المللی و شخص ثالث
  • همگام سازی با کامپیوتر
  • اتصال دستگاه به مک یا ویندوز
  • همگام سازی موسیقی، فیلم ها و آهنگ های زنگ
  • همگام سازی عکس ها از یک مک
  • عکس همگام سازی از ویندوز
  • همگام سازی مخاطبین و تقویم از یک مک
  • همگام سازی مخاطبین و تقویم از ویندوز
  • همگام سازی دستگاه با IOS بی سیم با استفاده از Wi-Fi
  • ساخت تماس های تلفنی و ارسال پیام های متنی
  • استفاده از کنترل تلفن عمومی
  • افزودن و مدیریت علاقه مندی ها
  • دسترسی به پست صوتی
  • دریافت تماس
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Lynda iOS 9 iPhone and iPad Essential Training

مدت دوره:8 ساعت و 57 دقیقه

نویسنده: Garrick Chow


Lynda iOS 9 iPhone and iPad Essential Training

Garrick Chow
8h 57m

Get the most out of your iPhone or iPad and learn just about everything you could ever want to know about iOS 9, Apple's operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Garrick Chow explores the ways to interact with iOS 9 devices, from the external controls, touch screen, and multitasking views to the predictive keyboard and Siri, Apple's improved digital assistant. He also covers essential tasks: making and receiving calls, emailing, browsing the web with Safari, using Maps, taking notes, shooting photos, watching videos, and listening to music. Plus, discover how to extend the functionality of your iPhone or iPad by installing one of the 1 million+ apps available in the App Store. The course wraps up with some essential tips to help you customize your device, protect your privacy, and troubleshoot your iPhone or iPad if you encounter a problem.
Topics include:
Connecting to Wi-Fi
Controlling sounds
Syncing music, photos, contacts and more with your computer
Calling and texting
Making video calls with FaceTime
Sending and receiving email
Surfing the web
Playing music
Shooting photos and video
Getting directions from Maps
Making purchases with Apple Pay
Adding events to the calendar
Purchasing and installing apps
Finding your iPhone
Controlling your device with Siri
Troubleshooting your iOS 9 device

4m 10s
1m 41s
What's new in iOS 9
2m 29s
1. The Basics
1h 0m
A tour around the outside of your iOS device
6m 7s
Understanding the Lock and Home screens
3m 25s
Choosing and controlling sounds
5m 49s
Accessing commonly used settings with Control Center
5m 16s
Using the Notification Center
6m 46s
Learning finger gestures
4m 4s
Using 3D Touch
6m 49s
Connecting to Wi-Fi networks
3m 23s
Enabling and using Touch ID
5m 4s
3m 28s
iPad Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture
5m 35s
4m 17s
2. Typing Essentials
27m 11s
Understanding the keyboard
4m 18s
Fixing typos
8m 51s
Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
3m 19s
iPad-only selection features
2m 55s
Accessing hidden keys
1m 59s
Adding international and third-party keyboards
5m 49s
3. Syncing with Your Computer
41m 44s
Connecting your device to your Mac or Windows computer
5m 17s
Syncing music, videos, and ringtones
8m 4s
Syncing photos from a Mac
5m 25s
Syncing photos from Windows
4m 24s
Syncing contacts and calendars from a Mac
5m 33s
Syncing contacts and calendars from Windows
6m 1s
Understanding your backup options
4m 44s
Syncing your iOS device wirelessly using Wi-Fi
2m 16s
4. Making Phone Calls and Sending Text Messages
43m 34s
Using the basic phone controls
2m 47s
Adding and managing favorites
2m 57s
Accessing voicemail
4m 35s
Receiving calls
4m 39s
Handing off calls between iOS devices
3m 3s
Blocking phone numbers
2m 27s
Making video calls with FaceTime
4m 44s
Assigning photos and ringtones to contacts
2m 30s
Texting using iMessage
9m 18s
Attaching photos, videos, audio, or location to your text messages
6m 34s
5. Email
37m 14s
Setting up Exchange, iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, or AOL email accounts
4m 9s
Setting up other types of email accounts
2m 27s
Composing email
4m 49s
Receiving and reading email
10m 26s
Annotating attachments
6m 44s
Setting up mail options
8m 39s
6. Surfing the Web
33m 28s
Web browsing with Safari
9m 13s
Saving bookmarks and viewing the History list
6m 7s
Completing forms with AutoFill
6m 15s
Using Reader and the Reading List
2m 51s
Blocking ads and other content
4m 3s
Browsing the web privately
1m 43s
Using iCloud tabs
3m 16s
7. Using the Music and Video Apps
22m 50s
Playing and controlling video
8m 26s
Browsing your library
5m 37s
Playing and controlling music
3m 24s
Adjusting your music and video settings
5m 23s
8. Shooting Photos and Video, and Managing Your Photo Library
1h 5m
Shooting still photos
6m 39s
Shooting with HDR
2m 22s
Shooting panoramas
2m 15s
Shooting Live Photos
2m 53s
Browsing, viewing, and displaying photos
8m 39s
Editing photos
9m 7s
Shooting video
3m 5s
Shooting slow motion
3m 27s
Shooting time-lapse video
1m 11s
Viewing and editing video
3m 47s
Taking screenshots
1m 26s
Sharing photos and video
8m 24s
Creating albums
2m 37s
Syncing your photos with My Photo Stream
4m 40s
Creating a shared photo stream
4m 34s
9. Using Maps
26m 58s
Getting your location
4m 10s
Finding addresses and nearby businesses
4m 6s
Favoriting locations
3m 59s
Getting directions
7m 40s
Showing traffic and alternate maps
2m 33s
Using 3D and Flyover views
4m 30s
10. Managing Your Time
27m 24s
Adding events to your calendar
12m 11s
Setting Time Zone support
2m 37s
Using the Clock app
7m 26s
Setting Reminders
5m 10s
11. Taking Notes
17m 25s
Using the Notes app
13m 51s
Using the Voice Memos app
3m 34s
12. Other Included Apps
27m 44s
5m 8s
Using Apple Pay
10m 13s
4m 17s
2m 19s
5m 47s
13. The App Store
22m 4s
Browsing the App Store through iTunes
5m 19s
Browsing the App Store in your device
6m 55s
Purchasing apps
9m 3s
Finding app settings
14. Important Settings
28m 27s
Airplane mode
2m 46s
4m 7s
Do Not Disturb
4m 1s
4m 21s
Side Switch
3m 46s
3m 39s
5m 47s
15. Protecting Your Device
16m 57s
Using Auto-Lock
1m 29s
Using Passcode Lock
6m 2s
Using Find My iPhone and Activation Lock
8m 28s
Sending last-known location before the battery dies
16. Siri and Your Personal Assistant
23m 3s
Siri overview
11m 44s
Listening and responding to messages
3m 19s
Setting reminders
2m 22s
Dictating in apps
2m 22s
Using "Hey Siri"
3m 16s
17. Troubleshooting
11m 34s
Begin by restarting
1m 9s
Force-quitting apps
1m 8s
2m 25s
Erasing and restoring
6m 6s
Next steps