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لوگو بخش مهمی از چشم انداز بصری مدرن است. برای آشنایی با نحوه ایجاد، این مهم است که قادر به شناسایی اجزا و تکنیک های طراحی در پشت نمونه های موفق باشید. در این دوره، Nigel French به کنکاش آرم های محبوب به منظور توضیح اینکه چرا و چگونه کار می کنند میپردازد، و یک رویکرد برای ایجاد آرم در Illustrator را ارائه می دهد.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

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عنوان دوره: Lynda Logo Design Techniques

سطح: مقدماتی

مدت زمان: 4 ساعت و 58 دقیقه

نویسنده: Nigel French


Lynda Logo Design Techniques
Deconstructs popular logos to explain why and how they work, and offers a methodical approach to creating a logo in Illustrator and Photoshop.
Author: Nigel French
Duration: 4h 58m
Level: Beginner

Updated: 12/16/2016
Released: 11/4/2014

Logos are a critical part of the modern visual landscape. To learn how to create your own, it's important to be able to identify the components and design techniques behind the most successful examples, from the Nike swoosh to the Coca-Cola ribbon. In this course, Nigel French deconstructs popular logos in order to explain why and how they work, and offers a methodical approach to creating a logo in Illustrator. These tutorials combine theory with nuts-and-bolts techniques that emphasize simplicity and readability: the principles that ground the best logo designs.

Topics include:
Generating logo ideas
Choosing the right typeface
Designing with simple shapes
Adding shine, texture, beveled edges, and transparency
Designing with negative space
Choosing logo colors
Preparing final files

Exercise files and font usage
Who should take this course?
1. What Makes a Good Logo?
The purpose of a logo
1m 56s
What makes a good logo?
1m 55s
Doing your homework
1m 56s
Generating ideas
1m 35s
2. Exploring Type Variables
Choosing the right typeface
1m 23s
Exploring type variables
1m 45s
Add or remove one thing
3m 24s
Looking beyond twenty-six letters
4m 24s
Replacing letters with words
4m 23s
3. Type Treatments
Outlined type
5m 53s
Creating a circular logo with type on a path
6m 14s
Working with warped type
11m 5s
Creating a monogram
5m 34s
Creating a handwritten logo
5m 36s
Creating a stacked type logo
2m 40s
Perspective typeRendering letters as a halftone dot pattern
3m 49s
Rendering letters as a halftone dot pattern
5m 50s
Creating a vintage label
12m 50s
4. Designing with Simple Shapes
Using simple shapes to create a logo symbol
1m 31s
5m 26s
5m 53s
More arrows
3m 51s
Squares and rectangles
7m 21s
Circles and ellipses
3m 31s
Triangles and diamonds
6m 19s
4m 58s
5m 19s
Abstract shapes
5m 12s
Geometric patterns
5m 42s
Creating a modular logo from simple shapes
5m 35s
5. Logo Motifs
Designing a seal logo
5m 52s
Designing a shield logo
7m 36s
Designing a ribbon logo
2m 34s
Designing with swirls and swooshes
4m 14s
Designing with hearts
5m 27s
Designing with nature-inspired imagery
5m 36s
Designing with architecture-inspired imagery
4m 53s
Designing with animal-inspired imagery
1m 46s
Taking inspiration from patterns
10m 13s
6. Logo Effects
Creating shine
1m 37s
Creating gloss
3m 26s
Creating a bevel effect
9m 17s
Working with transparency
3m 43s
Designing with negative space
6m 5s
Adding texture to a logo
1m 57s
7. Choosing Logo Colors
Color associations
1m 39s
Combining colors
1m 58s
Spot, process, and web colors
1m 16s
Recoloring artwork: Experiment with different color schemes
3m 51s
Converting process to spot color
1m 37s
Converting process to tints
1m 46s
Converting transparency to tints
4m 38s
8. Lines and Stripes
Offsetting mutliple paths
3m 48s
Working with stripes
6m 24s
Creating a circular maze
3m 23s
Creating a patterned spiral
8m 8s
Creating a camera shutter swirl
4m 41s
9. Simple 3D and Shadow Effects
Type on a cube
7m 55s
Perspective extrusion
7m 27s
Adding a shaded shadow
3m 35s
Creating an offset shadow
4m 8s
10. Finalizing the Logo
Preparing usage guidelines
3m 6s
Preparing print files
4m 28s
Preparing screen files
4m 39s