این دوره نحوه مدیریت برنامه های سازمانی Big Data را آموزش می دهد. این آموزش تصویری یک بینش قوی در مورد سازماندهی اطلاعات شرکت ها و سازمان ها می دهد. همچنین نقش مدیران و بهبود مهارت های آنها ، افزایش نقاط قوت و کاهش نقاط ضعف مدیران را نیز پوشش می دهد.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • مدیر برنامه
  • رهبری موفق
  • مهارت های مورد نیاز
  • مسئولیت
  • تیم شما
  • تیم اصلی و نقش آنها
  • مراحل مقدماتی
  • جهت برنامه
  • لیست اولیه از پروژه
  • متحدان و دشمنان
  • نقاط عطف برنامه
  • وضعیت فعلی خود
  • تعیین نقاط عطف
  • سازماندهی نقاط عطف به پروژه
  • تراز پروژه به بودجه
  • نقشه راه پروژه
  • مدیریت نقطه عطف پیشرفت
  • شاخص های کلیدی عملکرد (KPI ها)
  • بررسی برنامه
  • تنظیمات برنامه
  • و …

عنوان دوره: Lynda Manage Your Organizations Big Data Program

مدت دوره: 1 ساعت و 11 دقیقه

نویسنده: Alan Simon


Lynda Manage Your Organizations Big Data Program

Alan Simon
1h 11m

Big data is a game changer. It's brought an entirely new era of data-driven insights to companies in all industries. But the greatest value in this new era comes from a world-class big data program: one that is meticulously planned and then actively managed for success. Without it, your company might not be capturing all the insights big data can offer.
Interested in leading the charge? Manage Your Organization's Big Data Program is for business intelligence professionals who are tasked with implementing a big data and analytics program at their companies. Alan Simon explains the role of program managers, their desired skills, and the people they need on their core team. After the preliminary steps'defining program direction, budget, and initial projects'Alan helps map project milestones and define the KPIs to help track their progress. In chapter 6, you survey the risks to the program, from financial and technological standpoints. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills to be successful in a big data leadership role'and drive data-driven insights throughout the enterprise.
Topics include:
What makes a good big-data program manager
How to recruit members of a big data team
Defining the program direction
Creating an initial list of projects
Identifying allies and adversaries
Determining program milestones
Managing milestone progress
Assessing program risks

1m 52s
1m 3s
What you should know
1. Program Manager
9m 31s
Successful leadership
1m 34s
Required skills
3m 54s
4m 3s
2. Your Team
13m 28s
Core team and their roles
6m 11s
Extended team
3m 33s
Recruit leadership
3m 44s
3. Preliminary Steps
13m 5s
Program direction
3m 8s
Initial list of projects
2m 16s
Core technologies and platforms
3m 37s
Allies and adversaries
4m 4s
4. Program Milestones
14m 56s
Your current state
3m 25s
Your future state
2m 43s
Determine milestones
1m 56s
Organize milestones into projects
1m 28s
Align projects to budget
1m 46s
Project roadmap
3m 38s
5. Manage Milestone Progress
10m 33s
Key performance indicators (KPIs)
3m 25s
Program review
3m 26s
Program adjustments
3m 42s
6. Program Risks
7m 3s
Risk landscape
1m 7s
Financial and budget risks
3m 19s
Technology risks
2m 37s
Next steps