در این آموزش تصویری طرز کار با نرم افزار OmniPlan3 را فرا خواهید گرفت. کاربرد این نرم افزار  مدیریت پروژه ها می باشد.مدرس در این دوره با استفاده از نمودار گانت به چگونگی وظایف، نقاط عطف  و ابستگی های پروژه می پردازد.در پایان دوره چند پروژه شبیه سازی وجود دارد.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسهLynda است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • چگونگی نصب نرم افزار
  • نوار ابزار OmniPlan
  • نمایش پروژه ها به عنوان نمودار گانت
  • گزینه ها برای نمایش OmniPlan
  • Zoom in و out در زمان
  • چگونگی استفاده از بازرسان
  • کار با پروژه ها و پروژه عناصر
  • شروع یک پروژه با OmniPlan
  • ایجاد وظایف
  • ایجاد وابستگی
  • کار با وظایف
  • مدت زمان کار تنظیم
  • وظایف گروه
  • اتصال وظایف با وابستگی
  • اتمام کار به روز رسانی
  • کار با منابع
  • درست منابع در OmniPlan
  • اختصاص منابع به وظایف
  • منابع گروه
  • واحد تنظیم و بهره وری
  • منابع ویرایش
  • تقویم و شبکه نمایش ها
  • کاوش نمایش تقویم
  • تنظیم ساعات کار
  • و …

عنوان دوره: Lynda OmniPlan 3 Essential Training

مدت دوره: 2 ساعت و 48 دقیقه

نویسنده: Jason Osder


Lynda OmniPlan 3 Essential Training

Jason Osder
2h 48m

Expertly manage your projects with OmniPlan 3, the popular Mac-based project management software. This detailed training course first explores the OmniPlan interface, explaining how to use the powerful Gantt chart visualizations to grasp the whole project. It also explains how to work with project and project elements, including tasks, milestones, and dependencies. Author Jason Osder then takes a deep dive into working with tasks: setting durations, grouping, splitting, connecting tasks with dependencies, and more.

The course explains how to most efficiently create and assign resources, including grouping resources, assigning duration and effort, and modifying individual schedule expectations. Learn how to use views; track project progress with critical paths, Gantt charts, and baselines; and configure different project settings. Chapter 9 shows how to work with OmniPlan Pro's expanded feature set, including Monte Carlo simulations and the multiproject dashboard.
Topics include:
Navigating the OmniPlan interface
Viewing projects as Gantt charts
Starting new projects
Creating milestones, tasks, and dependencies
Grouping and splitting tasks
Assigning resources to tasks
Working with the Calendar and Network views
Checking and finalizing a project plan
Gauging progress with baselines
Configuring start and end dates, styles, templates, and more
Working with OmniPlan Pro

6m 32s
What you need to know
2m 3s
Use the exercise files
How to install the software
3m 20s
1. Navigate the Interface
14m 48s
The OmniPlan toolbar
4m 10s
View projects as Gantt charts
1m 25s
Options for OmniPlan views
3m 23s
Zoom in and out in time
1m 57s
How to use the Inspectors
3m 53s
2. Work with Projects and Project Elements
14m 43s
Start a project with OmniPlan
3m 22s
Create a milestone
3m 33s
Create tasks
3m 55s
Create dependencies
3m 53s
3. Work with Tasks
22m 4s
Set task duration
4m 3s
Group tasks
3m 50s
Connect tasks with dependencies
6m 11s
Create hammock tasks
2m 47s
Split tasks
2m 46s
Update task completion
2m 27s
4. Work with Resources
19m 36s
Create resources in OmniPlan
4m 21s
Assign resources to tasks
4m 42s
Group resources
2m 12s
Set units and efficiency
3m 27s
Edit resources
4m 54s
5. Calendar and Network Views
7m 35s
Explore Calendar view
2m 23s
Set up working hours
2m 33s
Create and edit exceptions
2m 39s
6. Finalize a Project Plan
19m 54s
Gantt chart planning and visualization
3m 1s
Network view
3m 11s
Level resources
7m 7s
Resolve violations
3m 26s
Check the critical path
3m 9s
7. Gauge Progress with Baselines
12m 3s
Set the baseline
1m 45s
Compare the baseline to the actual schedule
3m 23s
Revise the baseline
3m 58s
Catch up
2m 57s
8. Project Configuration
28m 30s
Set start and end dates
4m 58s
Project formats
2m 47s
3m 40s
3m 41s
Manage templates
3m 14s
Export OmniPlan projects
3m 58s
Print projects
3m 21s
Explore Preferences
2m 51s
9. OmniPlan Pro
21m 44s
Publish and subscribe
3m 52s
Track Changes
2m 36s
Monte Carlo simulations
3m 10s
Multi-project dashboard
3m 45s
4m 58s
Additional Pro features
3m 23s
Learn more