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عنوان دوره: Lynda Photo Editing Fundamentals How to Choose Your Best Shots

مدت دوره: 38 دقیقه

نویسنده: Steve Simon


Lynda Photo Editing Fundamentals How to Choose Your Best Shots

Steve Simon
38m 12s

Among photo pros, photo editing doesn't mean Photoshopping. Instead, the phrase refers to the process of reviewing a shoot to identify the very best shots. Find out how to choose your best shots, and how to identify what makes one photo better than another similar one. Steve Simon uses examples from his own portfolio'photos shot around the world in locations such as Cuba and India as well as intimate family portraits'to show how professional photographers select their best images. Plus, get tips on strengthening your final shots with cropping and other post-processing techniques.

2m 46s
1m 16s
Understanding the philosophy behind self-critique
1m 30s
1. Selecting Images from Portfolios
33m 25s
Selecting and evaluating the best parade image
8m 6s
Evaluating photos from Havana, Cuba
4m 18s
Exploring the light in images from Jaipur, India
8m 10s
Isolating the best image from Times Square
6m 36s
Choosing the best image from a family photo shoot
6m 15s
Final Thoughts
2m 1s
Final thoughts and tips
2m 1s