این آموزش تصویری استفاده از فیلترهای Photoshop را برای طراحان آشنا آموزش می دهد. در این دوره نحوه استفاده از فیلترها ،  ترکیب آنها و اهمیت هوشمند سازی فیلترها را می آموزید. همچنین استفاده از فیلترهای masks ، Blur ، Poster Edges ، Wave ، ZigZag ، Stamp و… را نیز خواهید آموخت.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • کار با فیلترها
  • کار با صفحه کلیدهای میانبر
  • کار با منوها
  • اهمیت فیلترهای هوشمند
  • استفاده از فیلتر masks
  • کار با Unsharp Mask
  • نحوه افزایش نور
  • افزایش نور رنگی به تصاویر
  • استفاده از فیلتر Blur
  • نحوه ایجاد خطوط
  • نحوه افکت گذاری صحیح
  • نحوه ایجاد پس زمینه
  • کار با Motion Blur
  • نحوه استفاده از Motion Blur
  • استفاده از فیلتر Radial Blur
  • نحوه سه بعدی کردن تصاویر
  • استفاده از Spin Blur
  • ساخت تصاویر انتزاعی
  • استفاده از فیلتر Poster Edges
  • استفاده از فیلتر Brush Strokes
  • استفاده از فیلتر Angled Strokes
  • کار با Ink Outlines
  • استفاده از فیلتر Distort
  • استفاده از فیلتر Polar Coordinates
  • استفاده از فیلتر Wave
  • استفاده از فیلتر ZigZag
  • استفاده از فیلتر Color Halftone
  • کار با Fragment
  • استفاده از فیلتر Render
  • کار با Sketch
  • کار با فیلتر Chrome
  • استفاده از فیلتر Stamp
  • استفاده از فیلتر Stylize
  • افزودن جلوه های ویژه
  • استفاده از فیلتر Find Edges
  • استفاده از فیلتر Texture
  • استفاده از فیلتر Vanishing Point
  • نحوه استفاده از دوربین
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Lynda Photoshop for Designers Filters
سطح: متوسط
مدت زمان: 6 ساعت و 33 دقیقه
نویسنده: Nigel French


Lynda Photoshop for Designers Filters

Nigel French
6h 33m

Filters are a part of Adobe Photoshop often misused or overlooked by designers. Author Nigel French teaches a creative approach to filters, explaining how to combine them both with other filters and with the Photoshop masking and blending tools for maximum visual impact. Plus, learn how to use filter blending modes, filter masks, and how to stack filters to create unique filter combinations.
Topics include:
Understanding the importance of Smart Filters
Sharpening with filters
Creative use of filter blend modes
Painting in the effect of a filter using filter masks
Combining filters

1m 45s
1m 3s
Using the exercise files
1. Overview
18m 6s
Designing with filters
1m 25s
Terms, keyboard shortcuts, and menus
6m 47s
The importance of Smart Filters
2m 50s
Understanding filter blend modes
1m 47s
Using filter masks
1m 49s
The stacking order of filters
3m 28s
2. Sharpening: What Every Designer Needs to Know
24m 1s
Sharpening overview
4m 17s
Unsharp Mask and Smart Sharpen
4m 22s
Sharpening with Vivid Light and Surface Blur
4m 51s
Sharpening with Gaussian Blur
5m 38s
High-pass sharpening
1m 41s
Sharpening and line art
3m 12s
3. Blurring for Effect
58m 30s
Using Field Blur to vary focus in a scene
3m 22s
Using Iris Blur to accentuate a foreground
3m 9s
Using Iris Blur with the Bokeh effect
2m 57s
Creating an abstract bokeh background
3m 38s
Creating a tilt-shift effect
4m 27s
Creating a blur effect with Motion Blur and Puppet Warp
6m 31s
Using Motion Blur to create a starburst effect
2m 9s
Creating a radial blur
2m 13s
Creating a flaming meteorite with the Flame, Path Blur, and Lens Flare filters
11m 42s
Using the Path Blur filter
3m 33s
Working with the Spin Blur filter
3m 45s
Creating a star trail with the Spin Blur filter
2m 45s
Creating strobe effects with the Spin Blur filter
3m 31s
Creating abstract images with strobe effects
4m 48s
4. Artistic Filters
45m 57s
An overview of the Filter Gallery
3m 44s
Beyond the Colored Pencil
4m 47s
Using the Cutout filter: Part one
9m 50s
Using the Cutout filter: Part two
4m 46s
Using the Cutout filter: Part three
6m 48s
The Dry Brush filter
2m 48s
Looking at the Fresco filter
4m 31s
Turning on the neon
5m 32s
Using the Poster Edges filter
3m 11s
5. Brush Strokes Filters
20m 21s
The Angled Strokes filter
3m 32s
The Crosshatch filter
4m 24s
The Ink Outlines filter
7m 15s
5m 10s
6. Working with the Distort Filters
27m 1s
Creating a circular image with the Polar Coordinates filter
8m 7s
Applying distort filters to shape layers
7m 19s
Creating marbled paper with the Wave filter
7m 46s
Creating Art Nouveau type with the ZigZag filter
3m 49s
7. Effective Use of the Pixelate Filters
30m 34s
Using the Color Halftone filter
3m 59s
Using Color Halftone for a black-and-white halftone effect
4m 17s
Creating a line drawing with the Fragment filter
3m 0s
Creating an authentic mezzotint
9m 31s
Creating a misregistration effect
2m 15s
Experimenting with pointillist techniques
7m 32s
8. Using the Render Filters
30m 19s
Creating a woodgrain effect with Fibers
3m 16s
Distressing a photo with Fibers and Difference Clouds
7m 56s
Creating synthetic textures with the Clouds filter
2m 25s
Adding drama with Lens Flare
6m 27s
Using Lighting Effects with a texture map
5m 44s
Creating a patchwork effect
4m 31s
9. Creative Use of the Sketch Filters
49m 28s
Combining Bas Relief with Lighting Effects
8m 8s
Creating a charcoal portrait
3m 54s
Making it shine with the Chrome filter
5m 47s
Creating a portrait with the Graphic Pen filter
4m 5s
Creating a circular halftone effect
5m 12s
Creating a line halftone effect with a displacement map
4m 35s
Creating a scan-line effect
4m 58s
Creating a hand-painted look using the Photocopy filter
7m 19s
Creating a "cut paper collage" using the Stamp filter
5m 30s
10. Working with the Stylize Filters
38m 39s
Creating a painterly look with the Diffuse filter
4m 26s
Using the Find Edges filter to create a line drawing
3m 49s
Combining the Find Edges filter with hand painting
8m 22s
Creating a glowing-edges effect
4m 15s
Creating effective solarizations
2m 42s
Creative use of the Tiles and Offset filters
8m 11s
Creating a line drawing with the Trace Contour filter
6m 54s
11. Using the Texture Filters
20m 44s
Straightening perspective with Adaptive Wide Angle
4m 45s
Combining Lens Correction and Adaptive Wide Angle
2m 31s
Suggestions for working with the Oil Paint filter
5m 24s
A simple application of the Vanishing Point filter
3m 40s
Combining the Liquify and Vanishing Point filters
4m 24s
13. Applying Camera Raw as a Filter
25m 42s
An overview of using Camera Raw as a filter
6m 43s
Noise reduction using the Camera Raw filter
5m 31s
Portrait retouching using the Camera Raw filter
5m 27s
Correcting perspective using the Camera Raw filter
2m 2s
Creating an HDR-like effect using the Camera Raw filter
5m 59s
12. Creative Use of the "Big" Filters
1m 56s
Third-party filters and beyond
1m 56s