در این آموزش تصویری با نرم افزار Pixars RenderMan آشنا می شوید.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسهLynda است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • کار با RenderMan برای مایا
  • سابقه و هدف: از RenderMan تا مایا
  • اصول اولیه IT
  • AOVs (متغیرهای خروجی دلخواه)
  • AOVs در مایا
  • AOVs در پنجره IPR
  • ارائه
  • مقدمه ای بر انتگرال
  • ردیاب مسیر مقابل انتگرال VCM: شکست فنی
  • ردیاب مسیر مقابل انتگرال VCM: نمودارها
  • تنظیم یک صحنه: چراغ مش
  • راه اندازی یک شی به عنوان یک نور انتشار
  • اضافه کردن یک مواد شیشه ای و افزایش سرعت تنظیمات آن
  • مقایسه ردیاب مسیر VCM با شیشه و انتشار
  • مقایسه تست رندر
  • حداکثر طول مسیر
  • اولین نگاه در صحنه هنوز هم زندگی
  • حداکثر طول مسیر: زندگی هنوز
  • نمونه مکس و پیکسل واریانس
  • استفاده از پیکسل واریانس به زندگی
  • BRDF (توابع توزیع بازتاب دو طرفه) در مقابل نمونه نور
  • مروری PxrDisney BRDF
  • PxrDisney در مقابل مواد PxrLM
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Lynda Pixars RenderMan Essential Training

مدت دوره:4 ساعت و 33 دقیقه

نویسنده: Christos Obretenov


Lynda Pixars RenderMan Essential Training

Christos Obretenov
4h 33m

Ever wondered how Pixar makes all their animated feature films and how most studios around the world do their visual effects? Meet RenderMan. Created by Pixar, and available for the first time ever for noncommercial use, RenderMan is the high-end 3D rendering package that can be used for any 3D rendering projects: animation and visual effects, but also architecture, visualizations, and commercial work. This introduction teaches the basics of using RenderMan with Autodesk Maya, including features such as arbitrary output variables (AOVs), the path tracer, and integrators. It dives into all the lights offered in the software (area lights, mesh lights, etc.), as well as the main shading networks (PxrDisney and LM-layered materials) and beginner-intermediate rendering settings in RenderMan's new RIS path-tracing rendering engine. Shading architect Christos Obretenov also demonstrates techniques for creating realistic glass surfaces and still life scenes, so you can see what possibilities RenderMan offers straight out of the box.
Topics include:
Generating your first render in RenderMan
Using interactive progressive rendering (IPR)
Working with AOVs
Rendering with different integrators, including the path tracer and bidirectional VCM
Setting up a scene with mesh lights
Adjusting Max Path Length and other render settings
Rendering materials
Lighting in RenderMan

1m 27s
What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files
1. Getting Started with RenderMan for Maya
1h 14m
Background: RenderMan for Maya
6m 6s
Lay of the land in RenderMan for Maya
5m 53s
Your first render
5m 39s
IT basics
7m 26s
Your first render: Materials
14m 11s
Your first render: IPR (Interactive Render Preview) vs. regular render and LocalQueue
10m 50s
AOVs (arbitrary output variables)
5m 20s
AOVs in Maya
6m 57s
6m 33s
AOVs in the IPR window
5m 57s
2. Rendering
1h 33m
Introduction to integrators
7m 39s
Path tracer vs. VCM integrators: A technical breakdown
8m 24s
Path tracer vs. VCM integrators: Diagrams
7m 9s
Setting up a scene: Mesh lights
8m 8s
Setting up an object as an emissive light
5m 8s
Adding a glass material and tweaking its settings
6m 42s
Comparing path tracer to VCM with glass and emissive
6m 15s
Comparing the test renders
4m 46s
Max Path Length
3m 30s
First look at the still-life scene
6m 45s
Max Path Length: Still life
5m 38s
Max Samples and Pixel Variance
7m 47s
Applying Pixel Variance to the still life
6m 40s
BRDF (bidirectional reflectance distribution functions) vs. light samples
8m 43s
3. Materials
1h 22m
PxrDisney BRDF overview
10m 38s
PxrDisney vs. PxrLM materials
10m 23s
Maya Material Viewer
5m 49s
LM-layered materials overview
7m 42s
LMDiffuse and Clear Coat
5m 40s
The making of still-life renders
4m 21s
Layering with LMLayer
9m 6s
Glass shadowing examples
8m 52s
Glass shadowing applied
8m 1s
Tangent fields examples
5m 45s
Tangent fields applied
6m 24s
4. Lighting
15m 3s
Area light overview
6m 17s
Area light, env light, and mesh light
8m 46s
5m 51s
Next steps: Exercises to try and more advanced topics
5m 51s