در این آموزش تصویری با نحوه طراحی و ساخت یک UX حرفه ای آشنا می شوید.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسهLynda است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • تجربه کاربر
  • UX چیست و از کجا شروع کنیم؟
  • زمینه UX: طراحی، پژوهش و استراتژی
  • طراحی تعاملی
  • طراحی بصری
  • خدمات طراحی
  • معماری اطلاعات
  • نوشتن مطالب، طراحی اطلاعات و ارتباطات فنی
  • مشاغل پژوهشی
  • تحقیقات کاربران
  • دسترسی
  • عوامل انسانی
  • شغلی استراتژی
  • استراتژی UX
  • استراتژی محتوا
  • تجربه مشتری (CX)
  • UX حرفه ای شما
  • کار در خانه، مشاوره و مستقل
  • رزومه و اوراق بهادار داستان خود
  • نام تجاری UX و جستجوی کار خود
  • و ..

عنوان دوره: Lynda Planning a Career in User Experience

مدت دوره: 52 دقیقه

نویسنده:  Cory Lebson


Lynda Planning a Career in User Experience

Cory Lebson
52m 7s

User experience is a rewarding career. Successful UX professionals can improve technology so that it is more efficient, effective, and satisfying for those that use it. But where does a career in UX start?
In this course, UX expert Cory Lebson breaks down the sub-disciplines of user experience (the trifecta of design, research, and strategy), so you can learn about the different jobs that align with your strengths and passions. Cory helps you understand job responsibilities as well as the benefits of working full-time for a company vs. consulting or freelancing. With his guidance, you can create a more compelling resume and portfolio package and make sure that you properly brand yourself as a UX professional.
This course offers focused career advice for job seekers, tips for recruiters and employers who want to better understand UX, and a necessary framework for grad/undergrad students exploring the next step in their career. Along the way, Cory highlights training in the library to build specific UX skills.
Topics include:
What is UX?
Should you be a UX generalist or a specialist?
Available UX career types: design, research, and strategy
Working in-house, consulting, or freelancing
Telling a story with a portfolio and resume
Working with recruiters

1. User Experience Careers
12m 12s
What is UX and where do you start?
3m 46s
UX fields: Design, research, and strategy
4m 8s
UX generalist or specialist?
4m 18s
2. Design Careers
12m 51s
Interaction design
3m 13s
Visual design
1m 25s
Service design
1m 30s
Information architecture
3m 9s
Content writing, information design, and technical communication
3m 34s
3. Research Careers
6m 57s
User research
4m 5s
1m 38s
Human factors
1m 14s
4. Strategy Careers
5m 25s
UX strategy
1m 55s
Content strategy
1m 48s
Customer experience (CX)
1m 42s
5. Your UX Career
13m 22s
Working in-house, consulting, and freelancing
3m 27s
Resumes and portfolios to tell your story
3m 6s
UX branding and your job search
3m 30s
Working with recruiters
3m 19s
Next steps