در این آموزش تصویری با PowerPoint 2013 آشنا می شوید. این دوره به معرفی اصول اولیه برای ایجاد، ویرایش ، اضافه کردن اشکال و نحوه ساخت تصاویر به صورت خودکار در پاورپونت می پردازد. در ادامه نحوه افزودن و ویرایش متن ها، تصاویر و نمودار ها، کار با لیست های گلوله ای ، ایجاد نمودار و نحوه به اشتراک گذاری مطالب را می آموزید.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • مروری در پاورپوینت
  • بررسی Ribbon
  • بررسی نوار وضعیت
  • نحوه تغییر دیدگاه ها
  • اتصال پاورپوینت به SkyDrive
  • کار با Presentations
  • کار با قالب  ها
  • نحوه تغییر تم
  • اضافه کردن سربرگ و پاورقی
  • کار با اسلاید ها
  • اضافه کردن و حذف اسلاید
  • تغییر طرح اسلاید
  • سازماندهی اسلایدها
  • مرتب کردن اسلاید
  • اضافه کردن تصاویر به اسلاید
  • اضافه کردن افکت به تصاویر
  • افزودن و حذف پس زمینه از تصاویر
  • اضافه کردن محتوا به اسلاید
  • کار با لیست های گلوله ای
  • نحوه قالب بندی متن
  • ایجاد WordArt
  • نحوه افزودن نمودارها
  • اضافه کردن اشکال
  • قالب بندی اشکال
  • استفاده از SmartArt برای ایجاد نمودار
  • کار با کلیپ های ویدئویی
  • اضافه کردن انیمیشن
  • چک کردن املا
  • ویرایش و چاپ فایل ها
  • نحوه نمایش اسلاید ها
  • نحوه حاشیه نویسی
  • ضبط تصاویر به صورت خودکار
  • تبدیل فایل به PDF یا JPEG
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Lynda PowerPoint 2013 Essential Training
مدت زمان: 3 ساعت و 19 دقیقه
نویسنده: Jess Stratton


Lynda PowerPoint 2013 Essential Training

Jess Stratton
3h 19m

In this course, author Jess Stratton teaches the basics of creating, editing, and sharing presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. The course shows how to build a slideshow from scratch, or leverage PowerPoint templates and themes for quick construction. Jess shows how to add and edit text, images, graphs, video, and animation; format slides for consistency; and add speaker notes to ensure a smooth delivery. Plus, discover how to collaborate on changes and then share the final presentation via print, video, PDF, or email.
Topics include:
Touring the PowerPoint interface
Creating a presentation
Adding, removing, and rearranging slides
Adding and formatting pictures
Working with bullet points
Inserting tables from Excel
Adding shapes and creating diagrams
Inserting audio and video clips
Delivering your presentation
Reusing and sharing a presentation

1m 15s
Using the exercise files
1. Navigating PowerPoint
16m 2s
Touring the PowerPoint interface
2m 13s
Exploring the Ribbon
4m 51s
Exploring the status bar
2m 45s
Changing views and adding guides
3m 54s
Connecting Powerpoint to your SkyDrive account
2m 19s
2. Working with Presentations
22m 5s
Creating a presentation from scratch and saving
4m 43s
Creating a presentation from a template or theme
5m 3s
Changing themes
2m 28s
Controlling the look of your presentation with slide masters
4m 22s
Adding a header and footer
3m 27s
Working with file options using Backstage view
2m 2s
3. Working with Slides
14m 43s
Adding and removing slides
4m 36s
Changing the slide layout
3m 26s
Organizing slides into sections
4m 18s
Rearranging slides
2m 23s
4. Adding Pictures to Slides
26m 13s
Adding pictures and clip art
5m 2s
Aligning objects using guides
3m 43s
Formatting and adding effects to pictures
4m 24s
Understanding object layering
4m 18s
Removing the background from pictures
3m 38s
Matching a logo's color to the PowerPoint color palettes using the Eyedropper tool
2m 52s
Inserting screenshots into a presentation
2m 16s
5. Adding Content to Slides
25m 14s
Working with bullet points
3m 17s
Using Outline mode to edit content directly
2m 44s
Formatting text and creating WordArt
3m 5s
Working with text boxes
4m 41s
Creating and formatting tables
4m 24s
Inserting tables from Excel
3m 36s
Using the research, language, and thesaurus tools
3m 27s
6. Adding Shapes, Diagrams, and Charts to Slides
24m 10s
Adding shapes
4m 9s
Formatting shapes
3m 1s
Cropping a picture to a shape
3m 4s
Merging shapes to create your own graphics
4m 7s
Creating and formatting charts
4m 11s
Using SmartArt to create diagrams
3m 52s
Adding equations
1m 46s
7. Adding Video, Audio, and Animation to Slides
20m 11s
Adding and formatting video from your computer and from YouTube
4m 57s
Working with video clips
4m 29s
Adding and working with audio files
3m 17s
Adding slide transitions
3m 36s
Adding animation to objects and text
3m 52s
8. Preparing the Presentation
18m 0s
Checking spelling
2m 28s
Adding speaker notes
1m 39s
Editing and printing handout masters
4m 9s
Rehearsing a presentation
1m 56s
Adding and viewing comments
2m 41s
Reviewing and comparing changes with coworkers
5m 7s
9. Delivering Your Presentation
9m 39s
Running a slideshow
4m 7s
Using Presenter view
2m 50s
Annotating, highlighting, zooming, and jumping to different sections or slides during a slideshow
2m 42s
10. Reusing and Sharing Presentations
21m 5s
Saving a custom theme
2m 0s
Saving a presentation as a template
2m 6s
Printing a presentation
2m 5s
Recording and narrating a slideshow
2m 23s
Saving your presentation as a video
2m 41s
Exporting the presentation as a PDF or JPEG
2m 15s
Sending the presentation via email
1m 21s
Inspecting a presentation for stray comments
1m 55s
Presenting live online
2m 28s
Packaging the presentation for use on another computer
1m 51s
Next steps