این دوره نحوه ویرایش کدک یا Transcoding را در  Premiere Pro آموزش می دهد. در این آموزش تصویری نحوه فرمت بندی ، ویرایش کدک ، نحوه ورود به سیستم ، رمزگذاری برنامه ، استفاده از Premiere و … را می آموزید.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • کدک ها و فرمت برای عکسبرداری
  • کدک ها و فرمت برای ویرایش
  • تنظیمات ضروری
  • ایجاد یک پیش تعیین شده برای کد
  • کار با منابع بسیار فشرده
  • کار با منابع غیر فشرده
  • تصحیح رنگ با LUT
  • مزایا و امکانات کدک در حالی که شما را ویرایش کنید
  • بررسی توالی
  • تنظیمات دنباله
  • کدک Subclip
  • تبادل دنباله موفق و یا رسانه با سایر حرفه ای ویدئو
  • پروژه های بایگانی
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Lynda Premiere Pro Guru Transcoding Workflows

مدت دوره: 2 ساعت و 8 دقیقه

نویسنده: Jason Osder


Lynda Premiere Pro Guru Transcoding Workflows

Jason Osder
2h 8m
Appropriate for all

Adobe Premiere Pro made waves when it started supporting native editing of compressed and raw file formats. It's usually the best decision to edit natively. However, there are still advantages of transcoding or changing the format of the video to facilitate the editing process. Do you know your choices if you do choose a transcoded workflow? Premiere Pro Guru: Transcoding Workflows explores all the relevant tools and techniques to help you decide when and how to transcode. Post-production pro Jason Osder helps you understand the pros and cons of transcoding, and introduces different transcoding workflows for Premiere Pro, Adobe Media Encoder, and Prelude: transcoding at the very beginning, in the middle while you're working, or at the end during output.
Topics include:
Different kinds of transcoded workflows
Codecs and formats for shooting
Important definitions: log, raw, and more
Using Premiere, Media Encoder, and Prelude for transcoding
Creating transcoded presets
Transcoding subclips
Rendering and replacing clips
Transcoding at the end of an edit

Getting Started
4m 18s
How to get the most from this course
2m 34s
Using the exercise files
1. Understanding Transcoded Workflows
31m 1s
Native vs. transcoded editing in Premiere Pro
2m 47s
Codecs and formats for shooting
5m 14s
2m 52s
3m 21s
Codecs and formats for editing
2m 21s
Limitations of native workflows
3m 6s
Pros and cons of transcoded workflows
4m 28s
Factors that go into choosing a workflow
1m 55s
Doing a basic transcoded workflow
4m 57s
2. Transcoding before You Edit
43m 39s
Using Prelude to transcode footage before you edit
6m 12s
Understanding Adobe Media Encoder in the transcoding process
8m 49s
Essential transcoding settings
5m 27s
Creating a preset for transcoding
5m 2s
Working with highly compressed sources
6m 6s
Working with uncompressed sources
6m 0s
Applying first-pass color correction with a LUT
6m 3s
3. Transcoding While You Edit
28m 25s
Benefits and possibilities of transcoding while you edit
5m 33s
Examining your sequence at full quality
3m 45s
Sequence settings
4m 5s
Subclip transcoding
4m 47s
Exchanging managed sequence or media with other video professionals
6m 27s
Render and replace
3m 48s
4. Transcoding at the End of the Edit
20m 34s
Benefits and possibilities of transcoding at the end of your edit
4m 45s
Adjusting pixels and frame sizes
5m 8s
Implementing watched folders for output
6m 8s
Archiving projects
4m 33s
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