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  • استفاده از کنترل فرایند آماری
  • ایجاد محدودیت های عمل
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  • درک هزینه های واقعی
  • کاهش هزینه ها
  • فرآیند کسب و کار مهندسی مجدد به منظور بهبود عملکرد زمان
  • درک خطوط متعادل و جریان
  • بهبود عملکرد زمان
  • بهبود عملکرد زمان: صف
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عنوان دوره: Lynda Process Improvement Fundamentals

مدت دوره: 1 ساعت و 36 دقیقه

نویسنده: Chris Croft


Lynda Process Improvement Fundamentals

Chris Croft
1h 36m Appropriate for all

The objective of management is to make improvements not only to products and services but also to entire processes. The difficult thing is to know what needs improving, and then whether your interventions have made a positive difference. This course provides an overview of the basic tools used for process improvement, such as statistical process control, and how to use these tools to improve the three most critical aspects of your business process: time, quality, and cost. Chris Croft distills the best practices from process improvement frameworks such as Lean and Six Sigma, and combines them into lessons that will help take the core of what your business does, measure it, and do it better.
This course qualifies for 1.5 Category A professional development units (PDUs) through, PMI Registered Education Provider #4101.

1m 50s
1m 50s
1. Measuring Your Processes
24m 15s
Measuring and managing
2m 43s
Measuring the right thing
6m 7s
Using statistical process control
5m 48s
Setting action limits
9m 37s
2. Improving Your Processes
1h 9m
Optimising your quality, costs, and time tradeoff
3m 30s
Understanding the real cost of quality
6m 57s
Reducing cost by reducing waste
5m 23s
Understanding lead time
5m 12s
Business process reengineering to improve time performance
5m 54s
Understanding balanced lines and flow
8m 12s
Improving time performance: Bottlenecks
5m 30s
Improving time performance: Queues
8m 35s
Reducing lead time using a pull approach to reduce buffers
8m 12s
Thinking about your batch sizes
6m 42s
Improving quality and cost through team projects
2m 56s
Looking briefly at Lean and Six Sigma
2m 20s
1m 30s
Final thoughts
1m 30s