در این آموزش تصویری با Ruby on Rails 4 آشنا می شوید. در این دوره نصب و راه اندازی Ruby on Rails روی Mac و Windows ، نحوه ایجاد ، به روز رسانی و حذف داده ها ، اعتبارسنجی داده های ورودی ، مدیریت دسترسی کاربر و نحوه تست و اشکال زدایی برنامه را می آموزید.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • Ruby on Rails چیست؟
  • معرفی Ruby on Rails
  • استفاده از Ruby on Rails
  • آشنایی با معماری MVC
  • نصب Ruby on Rails در Mac
  • راه اندازی Unix
  • کار با Xcode
  • کار با Ruby
  • کار با RubyGems
  • کار با MySQL
  • ویرایشگر متنی
  • نصب Ruby on Rails روی Windows
  • استفاده از خط فرمان
  • کار با RubyGem
  • کار با وب سرور
  • معرفی Bundler
  • کار با متغیرها
  • پارامترهای URL
  • معرفی پایگاه های داده
  • پیکربندی پایگاه داده
  • آشنایی با ActiveRecord و ActiveRelation
  • نحوه به روز رسانی داده ها
  • ساخت فرم
  • نحوه طرح بندی
  • کار با JavaScript
  • نحوه افزودن تصاویر
  • نحوه اعتبار سنجی داده های ورودی
  • بهبود سیستم مدیریت محتوا
  • نحوه مرتب سازی داده ها
  • کار با HTTP REST
  • نحوه اشکال زدایی
  • نحوه مدیریت خطا
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Lynda Ruby on Rails 4 Essential Training
سطح: مقدماتی
مدت زمان: 12 ساعت و 41 دقیقه
نویسنده: Kevin Skoglund


Lynda Ruby on Rails 4 Essential Training

Kevin Skoglund
12h 41m

Join Kevin Skoglund as he shows how to create full-featured, object-oriented web applications with the latest version of the popular, open-source Ruby on Rails framework. This course explores each part of the framework, best practices, and real-world development techniques. Plus, get hands-on experience by building a complete content management system with dynamic, database-driven content. Kevin teaches how to design an application; route browser requests to return dynamic page content; structure and interact with databases using object-oriented programming; create, update, and delete records; and implement user authentication. Previous experience with Ruby is recommended, but not required.
Topics include:
Why use Ruby on Rails?
Installing Ruby on Rails on Mac and Windows
Rendering templates and redirecting requests
Generating and running database migrations
Creating, updating, and deleting records
Understanding association types
Using layouts, partials, and view helpers
Incorporating assets using asset pipeline
Validating form data
Authenticating users and managing user access
Architecting RESTful applications
Debugging and error handing

3m 32s
Using the exercise files
2m 34s
1. What Is Ruby on Rails?
12m 0s
Introducing Ruby on Rails
2m 25s
Why use Ruby on Rails?
6m 5s
Understanding MVC architecture
3m 30s
2. Installing Ruby on Rails on a Mac
57m 38s
Terminal and Unix setup
10m 18s
4m 6s
3m 50s
10m 3s
3m 39s
Ruby on Rails
5m 3s
10m 50s
Web server
3m 2s
Text editor
6m 47s
3. Installing Ruby on Rails on a Windows Machine
53m 26s
Using the Command Prompt
3m 28s
7m 24s
5m 21s
2m 29s
Ruby on Rails
3m 27s
10m 40s
MySQL RubyGem
10m 2s
Problems with MySQL RubyGem
2m 15s
Web server
1m 54s
Text editor
6m 26s
4. Getting Started
40m 21s
Creating a project
5m 16s
Introducing Bundler
5m 0s
Accessing a project
4m 30s
Generating a controller and view
5m 19s
File structure
5m 24s
Server request handling
5m 5s
9m 47s
5. Controllers, Views, and Dynamic Content
38m 26s
Rendering templates
8m 2s
Redirecting actions
5m 46s
View templates
5m 19s
Instance variables
4m 28s
6m 20s
URL parameters
8m 31s
6. Databases and Migrations
1h 6m
Introducing databases
7m 21s
Creating a database
5m 45s
Configuring a project for a database
6m 9s
2m 46s
Introducing migrations
2m 55s
Generating migrations
10m 27s
Running migrations
8m 6s
Migration methods
10m 4s
Solving migration problems
5m 13s
Challenge: Migrations for the CMS
3m 16s
Solution: Migrations for the CMS
4m 46s
7. Models, ActiveRecord, and ActiveRelation
1h 1m
Understanding ActiveRecord and ActiveRelation
4m 33s
Generating a model
7m 12s
Working in the Rails console
2m 56s
Creating records
8m 11s
Updating records
4m 29s
Deleting records
2m 56s
Finding records
6m 51s
Query methods: Conditions
8m 23s
Query methods: order, limit, and offset
6m 6s
Named scopes
9m 39s
8. Associations
52m 15s
Relationship types
6m 55s
One-to-one associations
8m 44s
One-to-many associations
8m 54s
Many-to-many associations: Simple
10m 6s
Many-to-many associations: Rich
11m 47s
Traversing a rich association
5m 49s
9. Controllers and CRUD
1h 3m
Basic CRUD
4m 52s
Read action: Index
4m 21s
Read action: Show
4m 17s
Form basics
5m 59s
Create action: New
3m 51s
Mass assignment and strong parameters
4m 5s
Create action: Create
7m 13s
Update actions: Edit/update
5m 57s
Delete actions: Delete/destroy
6m 7s
Flash hash
6m 20s
Challenge: Pages and sections CRUD
1m 16s
Solution: Pages and sections CRUD
8m 45s
10. Layouts, Partials, and View Helpers
51m 10s
9m 8s
Partial templates
5m 9s
Text helpers
9m 58s
Number helpers
5m 7s
Date and time helpers
4m 14s
Custom helpers
5m 42s
Sanitize helpers
11m 52s
11. Assets
32m 22s
Introducing the asset pipeline
7m 27s
7m 13s
11m 9s
6m 33s
12. Forms
43m 35s
Form helpers
11m 12s
Form option helpers
10m 1s
Date and time form helpers
7m 40s
Form errors
10m 1s
Preventing cross-site request forgery
4m 41s
13. Data Validation
31m 17s
Validation methods
12m 22s
Using validation methods
11m 17s
The validates method
3m 0s
Custom validations
4m 38s
14. User Authentication
37m 46s
Introduction to authentication
3m 37s
Secure passwords
9m 39s
Login and logout
7m 4s
Cookies and sessions
9m 14s
Restricting access with before_action
8m 12s
15. Improving the Simple CMS
58m 29s
Challenge: AdminUser CRUD
3m 50s
Solution: AdminUser CRUD
7m 26s
Nesting pages in subjects
11m 55s
Adding RubyGems: acts_as_list
7m 24s
Managing sort positions
5m 14s
ActiveRecord callbacks
7m 51s
The public area
9m 51s
Public area navigation
4m 58s
16. REST and RESTful Routes
21m 53s
What is REST?
3m 45s
3m 6s
RESTful routes
3m 35s
RESTful links and forms
4m 10s
Using nonstandard resources
3m 9s
Nested resources
4m 8s
17. Debugging and Error Handling
24m 21s
Understanding errors
9m 47s
Logging to log files
7m 52s
Debugging techniques
3m 6s
Errors in production
3m 36s
18. Introducing More Advanced Topics
10m 36s
6m 1s
4m 35s
1m 40s
Next steps
1m 40s