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عنوان دوره: Lynda SharePoint 2013 Installing and Configuring a Test Environment
سطح: پیشرفته
مدت زمان: 3 ساعت و 57 دقیقه
نویسنده: Spike Xavier


Lynda SharePoint 2013 Installing and Configuring a Test Environment

Spike Xavier
3h 57m

For a successful SharePoint deployment, it's a best practice to create a test environment first. However, SharePoint is not a simple "next, next, next" installation. There are hosts to prepare, virtual machines to configure, connections to make. So let an expert walk you through it first. In this course Spike Xavier covers the entire process of preparing, installing, and configuring a three-machine, on-premises SharePoint 2013 farm that can be used for testing and development. He'll show how to prepare a Windows 8.1 client, configure the host machine to use Hyper-V, and configure the three virtual machines that will power the SharePoint farm. Plus, learn how to install and connect Workflow Manager to take advantage of the new SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows.
Topics include:
Reviewing the logical and physical architecture
Preparing the host machine
Configuring the domain-controller virtual machine
Configuring a SharePoint and SQL machine
Preparing and connecting the workflow farm
Validating and testing the environment
Building out the environment

1m 0s
1m 0s
1. The Basics
18m 43s
What you should know before watching this course
5m 6s
What we will be building and why
4m 17s
Logical architecture
2m 50s
Physical architecture
3m 9s
The software
3m 21s
2. Preparing the Host Machine
17m 37s
Getting Hyper-V up and running on Windows 8.1
5m 44s
Setting up the network
2m 58s
Creating the three virtual machines
6m 26s
Working with checkpoints and snapshots
2m 29s
3. Configuring the Domain-Controller Virtual Machine
28m 5s
Installing the Server 2012 OS
9m 5s
Creating a domain controller
10m 20s
Creating the accounts
8m 40s
4. Configuring the SharePoint and SQL Machine
42m 11s
Installing the Server 2012 OS
6m 58s
Joining the SharePoint SQL machine to the domain
3m 11s
Configuring local permissions
1m 3s
Installing SQL Server 2012
14m 13s
Installing SharePoint 2013 prerequisites
6m 18s
Installing SharePoint 2013
4m 44s
Configuring SharePoint 2013 service applications
5m 44s
5. The Workflow Farm
32m 52s
Planning the workflow farm
4m 15s
Preparing the workflow farm
9m 22s
Installing and configuring Workflow Manager and Service Bus
4m 39s
Connecting the workflow farm
3m 34s
Testing the configuration
11m 2s
6. Configuring the Client Machine
13m 57s
Installing and configuring Windows 8.1 for the environment
7m 16s
Installing Office
2m 30s
Installing SharePoint Designer 2013
4m 11s
7. Validating and Testing the Environment
39m 3s
Create a web application
6m 27s
Create a site collection
1m 45s
Configuring DNS
3m 0s
Loopback checking
2m 37s
Configure the test account
13m 2s
Create a simple SharePoint 2010 workflow
6m 38s
Create a simple SharePoint 2013 workflow
5m 34s
8. Building Out the Environment
43m 8s
Creating an intranet with PowerShell
13m 53s
Validating the test intranet
2m 26s
Adjusting the environment
5m 53s
Configuring My Sites
5m 47s
Configuring the User Profile service application
11m 25s
Configuring search
3m 44s
Next steps