در این آموزش تصویری با اصول مدیریت زمان آشنا می شوید. اهمیت مدیریت زمان به عنوان یک مهارت ضروری برای کسب و کار شناخته شده است. در این دوره مبانی نظری و عملی مدیریت زمان ، کسب کوتاه ترین زمان برای انجام کارها ، اجتناب از مشکلات ، تکنیک های پرورش ذهنی و بهره وری بیشتر از کارها را خواهید آموخت.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • استفاده از فایل های تمرین
  • آماده ساختن زمینه بهره وری
  • تعیین سبک بهره وری
  • پیدا کردن انگیزه های شخصی خود برای تغییر پایدار
  • موانع بهره وری
  • درک عواقب چند وظیفه ای
  • درک سه اصل بهره وری
  • بهره وری اصل 1: فضا
  • راه اندازی یک نقطه جمع آوری صندوق
  • گرفتن بیشتر از یک دفترچه یادداشت
  • تحکیم چندین حساب ایمیل
  • تحکیم حساب صوتی چندگانه
  • ایجاد یک نقطه جمع آوری کارت ها
  • گام بعدی برای کنترل فضای خود
  • بهره وری اصل 2: ذهن
  • انتخاب گزینه پاکسازی ذهن خود
  • پاکسازی ذهن خود با محرک روانی
  • تنظیم یک برنامه ذهن پاکسازی
  • گام بعدی در نگه داشتن ذهن شما
  • بهره وری اصل 3: زمان
  • انتخاب تقویم مناسب برای شما
  • و …

عنوان دوره: Lynda Time Management Fundamentals

مدت دوره: 2 ساعت و 51 دقیقه

نویسنده: Dave Crenshaw


Lynda Time Management Fundamentals

Dave Crenshaw
2h 51m Appropriate for all

Effective time management is an indispensable skill. Best-selling author and business coach Dave Crenshaw lays the theoretical and practical foundations for managing your time and becoming more productive.
Learn how to get more done in the shortest time possible and avoid the obstacles and distractions that can get in the way of good time management. Dave gives practical strategies for increasing productivity in three main areas: developing habits to be more organized and reducing clutter in your workspace; staying mentally on task and eliminate the to-dos you have floating in your head; and developing a time budget to get the most done during your workday and focus on your most valuable activities.
Perhaps most importantly, Dave helps you understand your personal motivations and the productivity style that works best for you, so that the changes you make can be maintained over the long haul.
Topics include:
Finding your productivity style and motivation
Understanding the principles of time management
Avoiding the pitfalls of multitasking
Narrowing your gathering points
Consolidating email and voicemail accounts
Practicing mind-clearing techniques
Choosing and using calendar software
Saying no with tact
Mastering the what, when, where processing system
Processing email vs. checking email
Maintaining productivity gains

1m 40s
Using the exercise files
1. Laying the Productivity Groundwork
9m 51s
Getting the most from this course
3m 33s
Determining your productivity style
4m 23s
Finding your personal motivation for lasting change
1m 55s
2. Obstacle to Productivity
10m 23s
Addressing the myth of multitasking
3m 16s
Understanding the consequences of multitasking
3m 23s
Understanding the three principles of productivity
3m 44s
3. Productivity Principle 1: Space
26m 5s
Taking an inventory of your gathering points
2m 42s
Narrowing your gathering points
2m 49s
Setting up an inbox gathering point
2m 32s
Working with a portable inbox
3m 5s
Getting the most from a notepad
3m 15s
Consolidating multiple email accounts
2m 40s
Consolidating multiple voicemail accounts
2m 33s
Establishing a wild card gathering point
2m 56s
Separating work and personal gathering points
2m 11s
Taking the next step to controlling your space
1m 22s
4. Productivity Principle 2: Mind
9m 21s
Selecting your mind clearing options
2m 41s
Clearing your mind of its to-dos with mental triggers
3m 39s
Setting a mind-clearing schedule
1m 51s
Taking the next step to keeping your mind clear
1m 10s
5. Productivity Principle 3: Time
13m 54s
Choosing the right calendar for you
3m 8s
Using your calendar effectively
4m 23s
Saying no to others
3m 17s
Saying no to yourself
3m 6s
6. Equpping Yourself for Action
4m 30s
Preparing for action
4m 30s
7. Gathering to the Inbox
13m 25s
Preparing to gather
2m 46s
Gathering to your inbox: Desk
6m 36s
Gathering to your inbox: Elsewhere
4m 3s
8. Understanding Processing
37m 44s
Mastering the what, when, where processing system
3m 32s
Processing question 1: What is the next step?
3m 49s
Processing question 2: When will it be done?
5m 2s
Processing question 3: Where is it home?
4m 4s
Filing made simple
3m 51s
Digital filing made simple
4m 9s
Processing your first inbox
7m 35s
Setting your processing schedule
5m 42s
9. Processing Email
19m 34s
Applying what, when, where processing to email
1m 52s
Setting up an email archive folder
2m 33s
Creating email rules or filters
4m 31s
Processing an email walk-through
5m 28s
Processing email vs. checking email
5m 10s
10. Your Time Budgeter
18m 42s
Understanding "work time" vs. "you time"
4m 35s
Establishing the most valuable activities
2m 40s
Identifying your most valuable activities
3m 41s
Budgeting time for your most valuable activities
4m 18s
Using your time budgeter
3m 28s
1m 56s
Maintaining your productivity gains
1m 56s
4m 30s
Dave Crenshaw on getting himself organized
4m 30s