Slack نام یک پلتفرم برای ارتباطات کاری و شغلی است که  بر روی مدیریت تیم و هشدارها متمرکز شده است. این سرویس یک بستر ارتباط تیمی است، که همه چیز را در یک مکان ادائه می دهد، و می توان همه چیز را در آن جستجو کرده و در هر جایی به آن دسترسی داشت.

در این آموزش تصویری با Slack آشنا می شوید. این دوره به معرفی ویژگی های Slack و کار با آن می پردازد.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های دوره:

عنوان دوره: Lynda Up and Running with Slack
سطح: مقدماتی
مدت زمان: 2 ساعت و 39 دقیقه
نویسنده: Gini Courter


Step up your team communication with Slack. In this course, Gini Courter teaches you how to use Slack for messaging, file sharing, and more. Learn how to create a new team or sign into an existing team, customize your profile, and start writing and replying to messages in Slack. Gini also covers uploading, sharing, and commenting on files; searching for content; integrating with other cloud storage services, calendars, and Twitter; using Slack on the go; and setting your team up for success with roles and permissions.
Topics include:
Creating a Slack team
Editing your profile
Writing and replying to messages
Sharing links and files
Joining channels and groups
Creating posts and text snippets
Sharing files
Finding conversations and files in Slack
Integrating Slack with Box, Dropbox, Twitter, and Google Calendar
Setting preferences
Using the Slack mobile app
Configuring team roles and permissions

4m 25s
1m 6s
What is Slack?
1m 40s
Understanding Slack versions
1m 39s
1. Creating or Joining a Slack Team
13m 44s
Creating a Slack team
2m 49s
Setting a team password
1m 30s
Logging in and out of Slack
1m 42s
Editing your profile
2m 41s
Inviting full members
3m 38s
Finding your teams
1m 24s
2. Working with Messages
22m 56s
Communicating in Slack
3m 11s
Writing a message
1m 9s
Reacting to a message
6m 30s
Voting with emojis
2m 21s
Setting your status
3m 13s
Mentioning a colleague in a message
2m 8s
Sharing links
1m 54s
Using shortcuts
2m 30s
3. Working with Channels and Groups
25m 40s
Joining a channel
2m 44s
Viewing channel information
1m 11s
Creating a new channel
1m 45s
Making an announcement
4m 10s
Creating a private group
4m 12s
Inviting members to a private group
2m 52s
Managing a channel
6m 33s
Managing a private group
2m 13s
4. More Messaging and Preferences
14m 24s
Sending a direct message
1m 54s
Creating a post
5m 17s
Creating a text snippet
2m 2s
Messaging yourself using Slackbot
1m 37s
Getting notifications from Slack
3m 34s
5. Working with Files
10m 8s
Uploading files
4m 33s
Sharing a file privately
1m 1s
Commenting on and reacting to files
1m 23s
Opening or downloading a file
1m 14s
Creating a public link to a file
1m 57s
6. Finding Content in Slack
8m 21s
Viewing your activity feed
1m 4s
Searching in Slack
2m 13s
Using search modifiers
3m 54s
Excluding channels from search results
1m 10s
7. Adding Integrations
12m 50s
Integrating Slack with Box
4m 19s
Integrating Slack with Dropbox
1m 0s
Integrating Slack with Twitter
2m 56s
Changing an integration configuration
1m 44s
Integrating Slack with Google Calendar
2m 51s
8. Changing Your Preferences
15m 19s
Setting notifications and message display preferences
5m 14s
Setting theme, expansion, and emoji preferences
2m 21s
Setting advanced options
4m 28s
Setting channel notifications
3m 16s
9. Mobile and Desktop Apps
7m 8s
Using Slack for the desktop
2m 28s
Using a Slack mobile app
3m 33s
Integrating Slack with other mobile apps
1m 7s
10. Team Administration
23m 47s
Configuring team settings
5m 8s
Setting permissions
5m 48s
Working with team roles
5m 38s
Managing team member accounts
2m 18s
Using the admin menu
2m 35s
Upgrading to a paid account
2m 20s

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