(Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF در ویژوال استودیو 2015 کمک می کند توسعه دهندگان اپلیکیشن ها، دسکتاپ مدرن برای ویندوز بسازند. مدل رویداد سیستم جدید WPF برای نظارت و واکنش به رویداد های نرم افزار و رویدادهای اعمال شده توسط کاربران مانند صفحه کلید و ورودی ماوس می باشد.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • آشنایی با رویداد های روت شده و امضا رویداد
  • رویداد، تونل زنی
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  • صفحه کلید برنامه نویسی و رویدادهای ink

عنوان دوره:  Lynda Windows Presentation Foundation 3: Events and the Event Model

سطح: متوسط

مدت زمان: 1 ساعت و 48 دقیقه

نویسنده: Walt Ritscher


Lynda Windows Presentation Foundation 3: Events and the Event Model
Create rich Windows user experiences using Windows Presentation Foundation and the event model—the new and improved system for reacting to application events and user-triggered events like keyboard and mouse input.
Author: Walt Ritscher
Duration: 1h 48m
Level: Intermediate

Released: 12/8/2016

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in Visual Studio 2015 helps developers build modern desktop applications for Windows. The event model is WPF's new system for monitoring and reacting to application events and user-triggered events like keyboard and mouse input. It greatly improves on the .NET event model, and is an important skill for any developer who wants to create rich Windows user experiences. Join expert developer Walt Ritscher as he steps you through the details of working with events in WPF. Learn how routing works and discover how to navigate up the tree (with event bubbling) and down the tree (with event tunneling)—and stop events from moving at all with event suppression. Then follow along with Walt as he explores many sample events, including mouse, text, and keyboard events and gesture events on the InkCanvas.

Topics include:
Understanding routed events and event signatures
Wiring up event handlers
Event bubbling and tunneling
Programming mouse events
Programming keyboard and ink events

What you should know before watching
2m 26s
Disable the WPF debugging tool
Using the exercise files
1m 27s
1. Understand the Event Model
Understand routed events
6m 3s
Understand event signatures
6m 56s
Understand the RoutedEventArgs
5m 1s
Wire up event handlers in XAML
4m 58s
Wire up event handlers with the Properties window
4m 18s
Wire up event handers in code
4m 4s
Understand event bubbling
5m 17s
Understand event tunneling
3m 51s
Suppress events as they traverse the element tree
5m 22s
2. Mouse Events
The MouseEnter and MouseLeave events
2m 26s
Use the MouseWheel event
2m 55s
Use the MouseMove event
6m 19s
Set the mouse cursor
2m 2s
Start a drag operation
7m 24s
Use DragEnter to indicate a valid drag target
2m 20s
Use the Drop event to complete the drag/drop operation
2m 34s
Use formats to send different data to the drop target
3m 39s
3. Keyboard and Ink Events
Use the TextChanged event
5m 13s
Use the KeyUp event
5m 26s
Use TextInput event to block user input
5m 42s
Use the InkCanvas
4m 52s
Use the Gesture event
4m 14s
Next steps
1m 34s