فریمورک Ext JS یک کتابخانه قوی از جاوااسکریپت می باشد که با تولید اشیا و ویجت‌های مختلف ، کار با AJAX را ساده می‌کند. همچنین این فریمورک از معماری MVVM و ویژگی های data binding دو طرفه، برای ساخت اپلیکیشن ها استفاده می کند.

این دوره نحوه ساخت برنامه های کاربردی را با Ext JS آموزش می دهد. در این دوره ساخت dashboard های تعاملی ، بهبود عملکرد برنامه ، کار با ابزار ها ، جلوگیری از حملات در سایت ، نحوه اشکال زدایی و تست برنامه را می آموزید.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه PacktPub است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • معرفی Cmd
  • امنیت داده های وب
  • تامین امنیت سرویس گیرنده
  • تامین امنیت درخواستها
  • مدیریت کاربر
  • کار با منوها
  • ساخت مدل پروکسی
  • ساختار جداول MySQL
  • کار با شبکه  ها
  • کار با قالب های سفارشی
  • نحوه ساخت نمودار
  • تبدیل نمودارها به صورت PDF
  • کار با SASS
  • فشرده سازی کدهای JavaScript و CSS
  • استقرار سرور
  • استفاده از CDN
  • کار با CORS, JSONP و CSRF
  • نحوه اشکال زدایی و تست برنامه
  • تست خودکار با Selenium
  • تست برنامه با TestSwarm و Saucelabs
  • و…

عنوان دوره: PacktPub Building Applications with Ext JS
نویسنده: Simon Elliston Ball


Produce high quality business applications using the Ext JS framework
Make the most of charting libraries to create interactive dashboards for your app
Improve the functionality of your app with the extensive range of widgets and data tools available with the Ext JS framework 
Secure your application effectively to avoid common attacks
Who This Video Is For
If you want to get to know the Ext JS framework and what it can do for you, then this video course is for you. It assumes you have a good grasp of JavaScript and software development processes in general.
What You Will Learn
Create grids to present hierarchical and report data for users
Test your code for both frontend widgets and models to get an error-free app
Get to know security best practices to protect your app from unwanted attacks
Optimize your app with easy-to-understand layouts and clean controller logic
Use custom templates to add your own brand to the app
Ext JS is a powerful framework for developing complex web applications for your business. With more such business applications moving to the web everyday, a framework such as Ext JS can speed up your development and help you sharpen the quality of your applications.
This video course will take you through the components of the framework that you need for a typical business application.
You will get a thorough overview of how the Ext JS data package works, how it interacts with the many frontend widgets, and general concerns such as security, production optimized code, and continuous integration. We’ll then show you data using the wide variety of components available, before moving on to charting and graphics, and bringing our app to life. Finally, you will deploy and test your code to make your application production-ready.
By the end of this course, you will cover all the key aspects of the Ext JS framework and successfully build and deploy your application.
Style and Approach
This video course takes you through a typical practical application piece by piece, explaining the theory behind some of the conventions and approaches in the ExtJS Framework.

Course Overview
Application Layout
Introducing Sencha Cmd
Authentication (User Logins)
Login Dialogs
Securing Client-side Actions
Securing All Back-end Requests
User Management Interface
Dynamic Menus
The Stores
Model Proxies
How to Structure MySQL Tables
The Grids
Master-detail Views
Calendar Control
Custom Templates
Some Basic Charting
Exporting Charts as PNGs
Exporting Charts as PDFs
Places and Maps
Localization and Translation
Theming with SASS
History Support
Compressing JavaScript and CSS
Deploying to a Server
Packaging a Desktop Application
Using a CDN
Cross-site Scripting, CORS, JSONP, and CSRF
Inspecting Ext JS Applications with Chrome DevTools
Digging into the Ext JS Object Model with Illuminations
Automated Testing with Selenium
Cross-browser Testing with TestSwarm and Saucelabs
Looking towards Continuous Integration for Ext JS

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