سایت Twilio یک شماره تلفن خصوصی به صورت رایگان در حساب آزمایشی خود به شما می دهد که می توانید از آن برای دریافت پیامک های آنلاین و دریافت کد تایید پیامکی استفاده کنید. می توانید با فعال کردن حساب کاربری خود در سایت Twilio از شماره های دلخواه برای دریافت کدهای تایید آنلاین استفاده کنید.

این دوره نحوه ساخت برنامه های ارتباطی Real-time با استفاده از Twilio را آموزش می دهد. در این دوره نحوه استفاده از Twilio ، استفاده از کنسول های مبتنی بر وب ، نحوه تست و اشکال زدایی برنامه را می آموزید.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه PacktPub است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • نحوه راه اندازی Twilio
  • بررسی ویژگی های Twilio
  • نصب و راه اندازی Twilio SDK
  • نحوه ارسال و دریافت پیام
  • کار با IVRs
  • کار با اطلاعات به صورت Real-time
  • کار با درخواست های REAL-TIME
  • بررسی کاربر
  • به روز رسانی کاربر در زمان واقعی
  • ساخت یک جریان
  • نحوه کنفرانس تلفنی
  • نحوه اجرای داده
  • و…

عنوان دوره: PacktPub Building Real-time Communication Applications Using Twilio
نویسنده: Michael Peacock


Use Twilio to develop innovative Pusher-based apps with telephony integration
Build communication applications with real-time support, without continually polling the server for updates
Use the web-based consoles of Twilio and Pusher to debug your applications
Make and receive phone calls and SMS messages using your Twilio app
Engage your users beyond the browser with the Twilio and Pusher APIs
Who This Video Is For
If you are a PHP, Python, or VOIP developer who wants to learn how to build real-time communication apps from scratch or add such features to your existing apps, this is the course for you. You’ll be able to engage with your users using telephony services as an added bonus.
What You Will Learn
Update your users in real time when actions are performed or information is made available
Provision and program telephone numbers for a range of uses, including inbound calls and phone number masking for online marketplaces
Verify your users’ phone numbers and perform 2-factor authentication by sending them a verification call or SMS message
Build innovative IVR systems to route users to the correct part of your phone system
Give your users instant real-time feedback on screen to show how they are progressing through their offscreen processes
Initiate phone calls to connect your support team with your end user
Use composer to effectively manage the Pusher and Twilio SDKs in one go
Set up conference rooms, with support for PIN code access and moderators who can start and end the conference
Clients and users are demanding more out of web applications; the traditional web page and HTTP request process is no longer enough. Twilio has taken communication to the next level with its exciting features that cater to both messages and voice calls. It helps the administrator and users to interact with each other in real time. To add to all the fun, Twilio is both easy to understand and implement.
This video course will get you up and running with exciting web services quickly, allowing you to build real-time applications. You will learn to use tools that interact with users beyond the browser for a range of important use cases.
We will start by looking at the tools and services that Pusher and Twilio offer getting to grips with their web interfaces, debug console, and provisioning tools. Mid-way through the tutorial, we’ll look at building useful real-time and communication-based applications and learn how to build applications that can leverage the power of both Twilio and Pusher combined. Then, we will move on to building telephone verification systems with the help of 2-factor authentication tools. Before we reach the end of this course, we will develop innovative IVR systems to guide users through a telephone menu system, and update other users with their progress in real time. Finally, we will create telephone conferencing tools, voicemail services, and automated call-back request systems.
With this course, you will be able to verify your users, deal with their requests, and update them to progress and activities in real time, and much more.
Style and Approach
This video tutorial gives you a fast-paced look at the Pusher and Twilio APIs and SDKs, showing you how to utilize the power of both and build real-time applications.

Setting Up a Twilio Account
Creating a Pusher Account and Exploring the Features
Installing and Setting Up the Twilio SDK
Searching for, Provisioning, and Managing Phone Numbers
Sending and Receiving Messages
Making Outgoing and Incoming Calls
Conference Calls
Recording and Transcribing
Sending Data to Pusher
Listening for Real-time Information
Pushing in the Background
Requesting a Callback
Listening for Callbacks
Fulfilling the Callback
Verifying a User's Phone Number
Updating the User in Real-time
Pushing the IVR Activity to Pusher
Building a Real-time Stream

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