این آموزش تصویری Docker را برای توسعه دهندگان وب آموزش می دهد.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Pluralsight است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • استفاده از Docker به عنوان توسعه دهنده
  • Docker چیست؟
  • مزایای Docker به عنوان توسعه دهنده
  • راه اندازی محیط Dev با Docker Toolbox
  • نصب Docker Toolbox برای مک
  • نصب Docker Toolbox برای ویندوز
  • کار با Docker Kitematic
  • استفاده از Docker Machine و Docker Client
  • کار با Docker Machine
  • Docker Machine در ویندوز
  • Docker Machine در مک
  • Docker Client
  • Docker Client در مک
  • Docker Client در ویندوز
  • اتصال کدهای منبع
  • Source Code, Volumes, و Containers
  • حذف Containers و Volumes
  • ساخت تصاویر سفارشی با Dockerfile
  • شروع کار با Dockerfile
  • ساخت یک Node.js Dockerfile سفارشی
  • ایجاد هسته ASP.NET برای Dockerfile
  • انتشار یک تصویر با Docker Hub
  • برقراری ارتباط بین Docker Containers
  • آغاز به کار با Container Linking
  • لینک کردن Containers با اسم
  • لینک کردن Node.js و MongoDB Containers
  • لینک کردن ASP.NET Core و PostgreSQL Containers
  • کار با Container Networks
  • مدیریت Containers با Docker Compose
  • کار با Docker Compose
  • فایل docker-compose.yml
  • ایجاد فایل docker-compose.yml سفارشی
  • کار با Docker Cloud
  • لینک کردن Docker Cloud
  • اجرای Container ها
  • بررسی Docker ها

عنوان دوره: Pluralsight Docker for Web Developers

سطح: مقدماتی

نویسنده: Dan Wahlin

مدت دوره: 5 ساعت و 19 دقیقه

Pluralsight Docker for Web Developers

5h 19m
Dan Wahlin

Building web apps that run the same in multiple environments can be a time-consuming process. This course, Docker for Web Developers, will teach you how to use Docker's open platform so that you can efficiently build apps that run consistently across any machine. First, you'll learn about Docker, its toolbox, the Docker Machine and Docker Client commands, and how all these components help you in your development environment. Next, you'll learn to work with images, as well as Docker containers and how to link and manage them. After that, you'll discover how to get a fully-functional development environment up and running, both locally and in the cloud. By the end of this course, you'll be able to increase your productivity and create lightweight apps that run the same no matter the environment.

Course Overview 1m 33s
Why Use Docker as a Developer?
25m 53s
Introduction 1m 33s
What Is Docker? 9m 38s
Docker Benefits (for Web Developers) 5m 11s
Docker Tools 4m 2s
Docker in Action 3m 21s
Summary 2m 5s
Setting up Your Dev Environment with Docker Toolbox
17m 14s
Introduction 1m 22s
Installing Docker Toolbox on Mac 2m 39s
Installing Docker Toolbox on Windows 3m 46s
Getting Started with Docker Kitematic 0m 51s
Docker Kitematic in Action 7m 35s
Summary 1m 0s
Using Docker Machine and Docker Client
52m 41s
Introduction 2m 7s
Getting Started with Docker Machine 3m 36s
Docker Machine in Action (Mac) 7m 34s
Docker Machine in Action (Windows) 6m 48s
Getting Started with Docker Client 2m 33s
Docker Client in Action (Mac) 12m 18s
Docker Client in Action (Windows) 14m 12s
Docker Commands Review 2m 37s
Summary 0m 53s
Hooking Your Source Code into a Container
46m 16s
Introduction 1m 57s
The Layered File System 4m 59s
Containers and Volumes 3m 46s
Source Code, Volumes, and Containers 7m 40s
Hooking a Volume to Node.js Source Code 12m 18s
Hooking a Volume to ASP.NET Source Code 10m 27s
Removing Containers and Volumes 2m 59s
Summary 2m 6s
Building Custom Images with Dockerfile
48m 26s
Introduction 1m 44s
Getting Started with Dockerfile 6m 40s
Creating a Custom Node.js Dockerfile 11m 38s
Building a Node.js Image 9m 53s
Creating a Custom ASP.NET Core Dockerfile 5m 48s
Building an ASP.NET Core Image 5m 59s
Publishing an Image to Docker Hub 5m 22s
Summary 1m 18s
Communicating Between Docker Containers
39m 44s
Introduction 2m 17s
Getting Started with Container Linking 2m 49s
Linking Containers by Name 3m 17s
Linking Node.js and MongoDB Containers 6m 25s
Linking ASP.NET Core and PostgreSQL Containers 10m 2s
Getting Started with Container Networks 6m 10s
Container Networks in Action 6m 3s
Linking Multiple Containers 1m 28s
Summary 1m 9s
Managing Containers with Docker Compose
56m 56s
Introduction 2m 31s
Getting Started with Docker Compose 5m 16s
The docker-compose.yml File 7m 4s
Docker Compose Commands 5m 24s
Docker Compose in Action 12m 5s
Setting up Development Environment Services 7m 39s
Creating a Custom docker-compose.yml File 9m 18s
Managing Development Environment Services 5m 47s
Summary 1m 47s
Running Your Containers in the Cloud
26m 24s
Introduction 2m 22s
Getting Started with Docker Cloud 3m 18s
Linking to a Cloud Provider 3m 7s
Deploying a Node 3m 10s
Creating a Stack 6m 26s
Managing Stack Services 6m 1s
Summary 1m 56s
Reviewing the Case for Docker
4m 24s
Course Review 4m 24s