در این آموزش تصویری با مبانی Photoshop CC آشنا می شوید.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Pluralsight است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • آغاز به کار با Photoshop CC
  • تفاوت بین Mac و Windows
  • ایجاد اسناد جدید
  • کار با پانل های برنامه
  • سفارشی کردن پانل و نوار ابزار
  • ساخت میانبرهای صفحه کلید
  • نحوه استفاده از فضاهای کاری
  • نحوه کار با اسناد
  • تنظیمات زبانه ها
  • نحوه کنترل سند
  • مفاهیم تصویربرداری دیجیتال
  • آشنایی با انواع فایل ها
  • بررسی RAW
  • ایجاد تصاویر نمونه
  • نحوه انتخاب ابزارها
  • کار با ابزار Magic Wand
  • بررسی محدوده رنگ
  • کار با لایه ها و ماسک ها
  • نحوه باز کردن تصاویر
  • نحوه انتخاب لایه ها
  • نحوه قفل کردن لایه ها
  • نحوه تنظیمات opacity
  • مبانی Layer Mask
  • کار با ابزار Crop
  • بررسی هیستوگرام
  • تنظیم Layer Mask
  • تنظیم Curves
  • نحوه روتوش کردن تصاویر
  • کار با ابزار Spot Healing Brush
  • کار با ابزار Patch
  • کار با ابزار Eraser
  • اضافه کردن طرح بندی
  • افزودن ستون
  • نحوه به روز رسانی برنامه
  • نحوه ذخیره سازی داده ها
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Pluralsight Photoshop CC Fundamentals
سطح: مقدماتی
مدت زمان: 6 ساعت و 47 دقیقه
نویسنده: Matthew Pizzi


Pluralsight Photoshop CC Fundamentals

Matthew Pizzi
6h 47m

Learn how to harness the power of Adobe Photoshop CC to create superior images and artwork. This course is the first in a series designed to help you master one of the world's most popular software applications.
Learn how to harness the power of Adobe Photoshop CC to create superior images and artwork. We'll teach you how to perform key image editing tasks, including retouching, sharpening, and color correction. In the course you'll see how to effectively work with layers, blend modes, masks, and so much more. This course is the first in a series designed to help you master one of the world's most popular software applications.

Course Overview
1m 13s
Course Overview
1m 13s
Getting Started with Photoshop CC
1h 0m
The Start Workspace
4m 46s
Mac and Windows Differences
2m 14s
Opening Documents
3m 31s
Creating New Documents
3m 32s
3m 24s
Working with Panels
5m 26s
Customizing Panels and the Toolbar
6m 3s
Keyboard Shortcuts and Menu Commands
5m 53s
Using Workspaces
4m 2s
Interface Shading Options
2m 5s
Screen Modes
2m 4s
Working with Multiple Documents
3m 19s
Tab Preferences
4m 8s
Document Navigation
4m 53s
Preferences Dialog Box
4m 54s
Digital Imaging Concepts
30m 42s
Understanding File Types
3m 58s
Reviewing RAW Formats
3m 23s
Bitmaps vs. Vectors
1m 21s
Understanding Resolution
5m 53s
Resize vs. Resample Images
5m 51s
Printing Resolution
4m 59s
Understanding Color Modes
5m 14s
Making Selections and Basic Compositing
1h 16m
Selection Tool Overview
7m 51s
Practical Marquee Selection
4m 40s
Feather a Selection
4m 26s
Copy and Paste
3m 56s
Scaling the Image
5m 5s
Modifying Selections
9m 10s
Quick Selection and Magic Wand Tools
7m 16s
Refine Edge Command
10m 48s
Quick Mask Mode
6m 30s
Color Range Command
7m 10s
Focus Area Command
6m 8s
Saving Selections
3m 31s
Layers and Masks
59m 55s
Undo and Redo
5m 30s
Background Layer
4m 1s
Opening Images to Layers
3m 28s
Layer Basics
5m 39s
Selecting Layers
4m 32s
Layer Panel Options
2m 28s
Locking Layers
3m 31s
Distribute and Align Layers
2m 13s
Layer Groups
3m 40s
Layer Opacity Options
2m 40s
Understanding Blend Modes
6m 23s
Layer Mask Basics
6m 43s
Gradient Layer Masks
2m 18s
Layer Styles
3m 15s
Rasterize and Flatten Layers
3m 27s
Crops, Transformations, and Warps
42m 38s
Using the Crop Tool
4m 30s
Non-destructive Crops
3m 46s
Crop to Add Canvas
3m 29s
Canvas Size Dialog Box
2m 27s
Perspective Crop Tool
2m 39s
Straighten an Image
2m 40s
4m 4s
Content-aware Scale
6m 56s
Puppet Warp
6m 31s
Perspective Warp
5m 33s
41m 47s
Reviewing the Histogram
5m 57s
Adjustment Layers
3m 27s
Levels Adjustment
6m 28s
Adjustment Layer Mask
4m 10s
Clipping to the Adjustment Layer
3m 8s
Curves Adjustment
5m 13s
Hue/Saturation Adjustment
3m 47s
Vibrance Adjustment
3m 4s
Photo Filter Adjustment
1m 31s
Remove a Color Cast
2m 35s
Black and White Adjustment
2m 22s
Photo Retouching
47m 5s
Toning Tools
5m 49s
Spot Healing Brush
8m 33s
Healing Brush
4m 16s
Patch Tool
7m 9s
Content-aware Fill
3m 30s
Content-aware Move
3m 18s
Eraser Tools
8m 17s
Sharpening an Image
6m 10s
Types, Guides, and Grids
27m 34s
Type Tool
5m 34s
Area Type Tool
3m 25s
Displaying Rulers
2m 18s
Using Guides
3m 1s
Add a Guide Layout
3m 22s
Smart Guides
3m 52s
Showing the Grid
2m 9s
Using Columns
3m 49s
Libraries, Output, and Updates
19m 13s
Creative Cloud Libraries
6m 25s
Shared Libraries
2m 29s
Save Files
2m 27s
Quick Export
6m 0s
Keeping Photoshop Updated
1m 1s
0m 50s