این دوره Visual Studio 2015 را برای کاربران حرفه ای آموزش می دهد. این آموزش تصویری به معرفی ابزارها و ویژگی های Visual Studio 2015 و نحوه استفاده از آن می پردازد.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Pluralsight است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • معرفی انواع نرم افزارها
  • نحوه نصب و راه اندازی Visual Studio 2015
  • نحوه تنظیمات برنامه
  • کار با SKU
  • کار با پروژه ها و راه حل ها
  • نحوه ایجاد یک راه حل
  • نحوه اضافه کردن پروژه
  • کار با فضاهای نامی، پوشه ها و فایل ها
  • نحوه استفاده از Namespace
  • نحوه استفاده از پیش فرض ها
  • کار با ساختار فایل ها
  • آشنایی با معماری برنامه
  • کار با اجزای رابط کاربری
  • کار با Visual Studio
  • کار با نوار ابزار ها
  • نحوه نمایش منو
  • بررسی رابطه ها در کدنویسی
  • نحوه نمایش کلاس ها
  • نحوه جستجو در ویندوز
  • نحوه مدیریت خطاها
  • راهنمای ویژوال استودیو
  • کار با IntelliSense
  • نحوه بازسازی داده ها
  • کار با طراحان
  • رابط کاربری در Visual Studio
  • نحوه بهره وری ابزار
  • کار با انواع پسوند ها
  • مبانی IntelliTrace
  • نحوه تست و اشکال زدایی برنامه
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Pluralsight Visual Studio 2015: Essentials to the Power-User
سطح: مقدماتی
مدت زمان: 6 ساعت و 34 دقیقه
نویسنده: Kate Gregory


Pluralsight Visual Studio 2015: Essentials to the Power-User

 Kate Gregory
6h 34m

This course introduces Visual Studio 2015 to people who may have never used it before. It includes productivity boosters for everyone to make writing and reading code easier and more fun.
Visual Studio 2015 is an integrated development environment you can use to create applications and libraries with many different frameworks and languages. It has a rich feature set, including an intelligent editor, built in compiler (and related tools), and context sensitive help. This course starts with basic concepts like projects and solutions, shows you how to make Visual Studio look and work the way you want it to, and demonstrates how to use the most popular tool windows and dialogs. It goes further into tips and shortcuts that will save you time every day. Using Visual Studio is about more than writing code or reading code written by others. To be truly productive, you need to debug well and understand the designers that help you build your user interface. This course also shows you how to add helpful extensions that make Visual Studio even better. When you've completed it, you'll know how to use the tool itself and can focus on a specific language or framework as your next step.

Getting Started
42m 8s
0m 58s
Course Overview
2m 40s
Application Types
2m 23s
Projects and Solutions
1m 23s
Settings vs. Properties
1m 11s
Demo: Projects and Solutions
12m 33s
3m 36s
Demo: Settings
11m 47s
Versions and SKUs
2m 34s
Signing In
1m 6s
Signing Out
1m 0s
0m 52s
Projects and Solutions
13m 23s
0m 47s
0m 24s
Demo: Creating a Solution
3m 58s
Adding a Project
0m 56s
Demo: Adding a Project
6m 15s
1m 2s
Namespaces, Folders, and Files
27m 3s
0m 33s
Using Namespaces
2m 4s
Demo: Using Namespaces
3m 4s
Folders and Subfolders
2m 23s
Demo: Folders and Subfolders
4m 1s
Use Defaults
2m 41s
Inside the Files
2m 0s
Demo: File Structure
6m 29s
2m 18s
1m 26s
Understanding and Personalizing Visual Studio UI Components
26m 57s
0m 27s
Start Page
0m 59s
Demo: Start Page
2m 41s
1m 53s
Demo: Toolbars
2m 58s
View Menu
1m 36s
Demo: View Menu
4m 49s
Beyond Docking
2m 3s
Demo: Beyond Docking
7m 44s
1m 45s
Exploring Relationships in Your Code
36m 41s
0m 36s
Class View
1m 23s
Demo: Class View
4m 28s
Seeing Code Your Code Calls
1m 31s
Demo: Seeing Code Your Code Calls
3m 18s
Call Hierarchy, Find All References
1m 42s
Demo: Call Hierarchy, Find All References
2m 28s
Back and Forward
1m 11s
Demo: Back and Forward
6m 7s
Editor Dropdowns
0m 53s
Demo: Editor Dropdowns
1m 41s
1m 58s
Demo: Overview
2m 28s
Enhanced Scrollbar
1m 42s
Demo: Enhanced Scrollbar
3m 27s
1m 41s
Using Search and Find Effectively
28m 15s
0m 54s
2m 40s
Demo: Finding
13m 40s
Searching in Tool Windows
1m 9s
Demo: Searching in Tool Windows
1m 49s
Output and Errors
1m 41s
Demo: Output and Errors
4m 1s
2m 16s
Letting Visual Studio Help You
46m 28s
1m 41s
Visual Studio Will Fix Your Errors
1m 5s
Demo: Visual Studio Will Fix Your Errors
5m 9s
1m 56s
Demo: Snippets
4m 3s
Work with IntelliSense
2m 11s
Demo: Work with IntelliSense
3m 41s
2m 29s
Demo: Refactoring
11m 49s
2m 17s
Demo: Help
8m 9s
1m 53s
Basic Debugging Features
24m 4s
0m 46s
Build Configurations
1m 31s
Demo: Build Configurations
7m 0s
Where Are the Files?
1m 35s
Demo: Where Are the Files?
2m 37s
Breaking Execution
1m 0s
Important Concepts
2m 20s
Demo: Important Concepts
5m 53s
1m 18s
Additional Debugging Features
44m 30s
0m 43s
Data Tips, Visualizers, and Watches
1m 59s
Demo: Data Tips, Visualizers, and Watches
14m 40s
More Complicated Values
1m 10s
Demo: More Complicated Values
7m 19s
Don't Break Too Soon or Step Too Much
1m 49s
Demo: Don't Break Too Soon or Step Too Much
6m 48s
Beyond Step Over
2m 27s
Demo: Beyond Step Over
5m 43s
1m 50s
Working with Designers
39m 37s
0m 41s
Building User Interfaces in Visual Studio
2m 2s
1m 38s
Demo: Fundamentals
8m 44s
1m 6s
Demo: Properties and Handlers
8m 2s
Properties Assistance
1m 16s
1m 40s
2m 14s
Demo: Layout
10m 6s
2m 3s
Useful Extensions
39m 54s
0m 43s
0m 42s
Visual Studio Gallery
1m 34s
Spell Checker
1m 1s
Demo: Spell Checker
3m 16s
0m 38s
Demo: VSColorOutput
4m 57s
Productivity Power Tools
2m 48s
Demo: Productivity Power Tools
15m 51s
Other Kinds of Extensions
2m 17s
Controlling Extensions
1m 29s
Demo: Controlling Extensions
2m 47s
1m 46s
IntelliTrace and Code Map
25m 57s
0m 55s
IntelliTrace Basics
1m 39s
Demo: IntelliTrace Basics
1m 32s
IntelliTrace for Time Travel
1m 1s
Demo: IntelliTrace for Time Travel
5m 0s
IntelliTrace between Computers
2m 12s
Demo: IntelliTrace between Computers
2m 29s
Code Map
1m 16s
Demo: Code Map
8m 47s
1m 3s