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عنوان دوره: TreeHouse Managing Users in WordPress
نویسنده: Zac Gordon


TreeHouse Managing Users in WordPress

Zac Gordon

About this Course
The popular publishing platform WordPress comes by default with a number of different user roles. These determine how people are able to view, add and edit content and settings on your site. If you work with WordPress, especially on sites with more than one user it's important that you understand how these different user roles work. In this course we will cover everything you need to know about assigning and managing the correct user roles. We will even cover how to setup custom user roles.
What you'll learn
- Default User Roles
- How to Manage Users
- Custom User Roles
- Membership and Social Sites
An Overview of User Roles and Fields
In this stage we will introduce the topic of WordPress User Roles and talk about user fields and how to enable registration on a WordPress site.
Default User Roles in WordPress
In this stage we will walk through each of the different user roles that come with WordPress by default. These include admins, editors, authors, contributors and subscribers.
6 steps
Customizing the User Experience in WordPress
In this stage we will look at how you can use plugins to customize things like the login experience, profile fields, and privileges.
8 steps

5 steps
An Overview of User Roles in WordPress
Default User Fields
How to Add Users Manually in WordPress
How to Enable User Registration on a Site
User Roles Quiz
3 questions