این دوره آموزشی یک دید کلی و عمومی برای انتشار کتاب خود در سایت آمازون برای Amazon Kindle در 24 ساعت یا کمتر را ارائه می دهد. همچنین در این دوره با مواردی همچون چگونگی انتخاب موضوع کتاب ،فرمت بندی، ویرایش و آپلود کردن کتاب آشنا خواهید شد.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسهUdemy  است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • ثبت نام برای KDP
  • انتخاب موضوع خود
  • نرم افزار Freshkey
  • نوشتن نکته
  • فرمت کتاب رایگان شما
  • آپلود کتاب شما
  • و …

عنوان دوره: Udemy Amazon Kindle Publish Your First Ebook In 24 Hours Or Less

مدت دوره: 23 دقیقه

نویسنده: Greg Jeffries


Udemy Amazon Kindle Publish Your First Ebook In 24 Hours Or Less

Greg Jeffries
23 Mins
Intermediate Level

This course is a basic overview and blueprint of how to take your book vision from idea to completion and publish it to the Amazon Kindle bookstore.
You will learn
How to sign up for KDP
How to pick a niche, topic or subject
How and where to outsource your book if you're not a writer
Resources for getting book covers designed
Tools to help you format, edit and upload your book automatically
How and where to promote your book
...and MORE!
What are the requirements?
Proficient online
Desire to create a solid sustainable asset
What am I going to get from this course?
Over 13 lectures and 23 mins of content!
To give you the education and confidence to publish your first book to Amazon Kindle
What is the target audience?
Anyone who is eager to learn how to publish to Amazon Kindle
Lecture 1
Overview of what to expect from this course
Section 1: Step-by-Step Process
Lecture 2
Signing Up For KDP
Sign up for KDP
Lecture 3
Selecting Your Topic
Decide on your topic, subject, niche and title
Freshkey software
Lecture 4
Outsource Your Book
If you're not a writer that's ok. You can outsource your Kindle book.
On the homepage select Services > Custom eBook Creation > and then select a length that you would like your eBook to be
IDplr purchase a subscription to rebrandable rights to dozens of hot information products
Lecture 5
Writing Tip
Just a quick tip to let you know that you don't have to be a "writer" or be scared about writing a 200 or 300 page novel for Kindle. You're fine with just writing short reports and tutorials.
Lecture 6
Formatting Your Book FREE
How to format your books for Kindle using completely FREE software
Lecture 7
Formatting Your Book
Kindle Publishing Pro create, edit, format and upload your Kindle creation with ease
If you're on a PC, great. If you have a Mac you will need an emulator like one below to run Windows inside your Mac
VirtualBox (FREE)
VMWare Fusion (PAID solution)
Lecture 8
Uploading Your Book
How to upload your Kindle book manually using the KDP back office
Lecture 9
Designing Your Cover
Tools and resources to design your Kindle book cover
Lecture 10
How and where to promote your Kindle book online to gain traffic, exposure and sales
Lecture 11
Find how many books you're selling and how much money you've made from selling your books
Lecture 12
Other Tools
Other recommended tools for expanding your Amazon Kindle expertise
AK Elite
Number One Book System
Lecture 13