در این آموزش تصویری با تبدیل فرمت کتاب های الکترونیکی به فرمت های Kindle و ePub آشنا می شوید. این دوره نحوه ساخت کتاب های الکترونیکی (eBook) و قالب بندی آنها را به صورت کامل مورد بررسی قرار می دهد.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Udemy  است.

سرفصل های دوره:

نحوه سرمایه گذاری مناسب

  • نحوه تدوین کتاب
  • بررسی کامپایل Scriviner
  • نحوه راه اندازی Kindle
  • ایجاد سرفصل مطالب
  • نحوه کار با قالب ها
  • نحوه کامپایل کردن
  • کار با فرمت های از پیش تعیین شده
  • فرمت بندی کتاب های الکترونیکی با توجه به Genre
  • مقدمه ای بر Vellum
  • بررسی قالب ePub
  • نحوه اعتبار سنجی داده های ورودی
  • نحوه اعتبار سنجی در فایل ePub
  • چک کردن قالب های کتاب
  • اعتبار سنجی در ER
  • نحوه جمع بندی مطالب

عنوان دوره: Udemy Formatting eBooks – How To Format For Kindle and ePub
مدت زمان: 2 ساعت
نویسنده: David James Ault


Udemy Formatting eBooks - How To Format For Kindle and ePub

David James Ault
2 Hours
All Levels

Learn how to format professional looking eBooks within Scrivener while correctly formatting ebook front and back matter
Nothing cries out amateur more for a self-published author than a badly formatted book.
At its worst, bad formatting can stop the reader from finishing your book and may even result in bad reviews.
Even books with minor formatting mistakes can result in the reader being distracted from the world that you have lovingly created and jolt them back into reality, thus spoiling their reading experience.
In this course, you will learn how to give your readers the best reading experience possible by compiling professional looking eBooks within the writing tool, Scrivener.
You will also learn how to correctly format the all-important front and back matter of your books in Scrivener, how to create children's illustrated books in the Kindle Kids Book Creator and how to format elegantly styled eBooks within Vellum.
Finally, you will learn how to validate both ePub and Kindle formatted books and check that they render correctly on a number of different devices.
Save time, money and countless hassle formatting your ePub and Kindle eBooks
Tired of spending all that time and effort manually formatting your eBooks?
Would you like to know how I easily and effortlessly format my books into different formats for publishing on the various online eBook distributors?
You will get an over-the-shoulder, step-by-step guide to Scrivener's powerful Compile feature, where you will learn how to correctly use the different compilation options available and create correctly formatted books in both the ePub and Mobi formats.
At the end of each section of the course, I have included:
a Quiz - to test your knowledge of what you have just learned
a supplementary PDF - with links to the resources and tools mentioned in the section, as well as some further reading on the topic
a Task Sheet - which sets out a number of tasks for you to complete in order to practice what you have learned
And by completing the quizzes, the extra reading material and the tasks I have set, I believe you will take even more from the course than if you just sit and watch it, so I highly recommend that you do so.
By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently format your books so that they render correctly on different devices and ensure that your readers enjoy the perfect reading experience.
What are the requirements?
You will need a copy of the writing tool Scrivener (NB. You can download a FREE 30 day of actual use trial of Scrivener and I have included a special link within the course materials)
A willingness to take action on the knowledge learned in this course
What am I going to get from this course?
Learn how to compile professional looking eBooks within Scrivener
Learn how to correctly format your book's front and back matter
Learn how to create Children's Illustrated Books using Amazon's Kindle Kids Book Creator
Learn how to format elegantly styled eBooks using Vellum
Learn how to validate and check your eBooks on a variety of devices
What is the target audience?
Self-published authors who want to save time and money formatting their eBooks
Authors, who are new to self-publishing, and are looking to publish their first eBook

Section 1: An Introduction to the Course
Lecture 1
Thank You for Choosing This Course
Lecture 2
An Overview of What You Will Learn from This Course
Lecture 3
The Four Key Investments of Self-Publishing: Investment No. 2 - Scrivener
Lecture 4
A Look At The Major eBook Formats
Lecture 5
A Word About Manual Formatting
Section 2: Important Steps Before Formatting Your Book in Scrivener
Lecture 6
Front Matter and Back Matter and Why They Matter !!!
Lecture 7
Setting Up Your Front Matter in Scrivener (Part One)
Lecture 8
Setting Up Your Front Matter in Scrivener (Part Two)
Lecture 9
Setting Up Your Back Matter in Scrivener
Section 3: Compiling Your Books Within Scrivener
Lecture 10
Overview of Scriviner's Compile
Lecture 11
Installing Kindle Gen Within Scrivener
Lecture 12
Scrivener Compilation Options: Contents
Lecture 13
Scrivener Compilation Options: Separators
Lecture 14
Scrivener Compilation Options: Cover
Lecture 15
Scrivener Compilation Options: Formatting
Lecture 16
A Walkthrough Scrivener's Compile
Lecture 17
Preset Formats in Scrivener's Compile
Section 4: FREE Software for Formatting eBooks
Lecture 18
An Overview of FREE Software for Formatting eBooks Depending on the Genre
Lecture 19
A Look at the Kindle Kids' Book Creator
Section 5: Premium Software for Formatting eBooks
Lecture 20
An Introduction to Vellum
Lecture 21
Vellum Tutorial
Section 6: Validating and Checking the Formatting of an ePub
Lecture 22
An Overview of Validating and Checking the Formatting of an ePub eBook
Lecture 23
Validating on the ePUB Validator
Section 7: Validating and Checking the Formatting of a Kindle Book
Lecture 24
An Overview of Validating and Checking the Formatting of a Kindle eBook
Lecture 25
Validating on the Kindle er
Lecture 26
Using the Send To Kindle application
Section 8: Course Wrap-up
Lecture 27
Bonus Lecture: Exclusive Offer for Completing the Course