در این آموزش تصویری با نحوه کسب درآمد از اطلاعات محصولات، بدون تبلیغات آشنا می شوید. این دوره نحوه گذاشتن اطلاعات در مورد محصولات دیجیتالی بر روی سایت را آموزش می دهد. این اطلاعات در قالب گزارش، کتاب الکترونیکی، کتاب های صوتی یا آموزش های ویدئویی ارائه می شود. این کار باعث فروش بهتر محصولات اینترنتی خواهد شد.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Udemy است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • نحوه کسب درآمد از محصولات دیجیتالی
  • فرمت های رایج برای محصولات دیجیتالی
  • معرفی hotcakes
  • نحوه استفاده از محتوای سایت
  • کار با دامنه
  • نحوه افزودن عکس به سایت
  • نحوه ایجاد کتاب های الکترونیکی
  • کار با ابزارها
  • ایجاد کتاب های صوتی
  • نحوه ایجاد ابزار های جدید
  • توزیع و فروش محصولات اینترنتی
  • نحوه افزایش کسب درآمد
  • نحوه افزایش سرمایه
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Udemy How to MAKE MONEY from INFORMATION PRODUCTS – No Advertising
سطح: مقدماتی
مدت زمان: 2 ساعت
نویسنده: Smartpreneur Academy


Complete blueprint for creating & selling digital information products across online marketplaces for passive income
Creating and selling Information products can be one of the most profitable ways of making money online. Information products can include reports, e-books, audiobooks, video tutorials or any other digital good. These products can and do provide a significant and recurring income that builds over time. Plus the more practice you put into it, the better you get, and the better your results.
In spite of the passive income potential, most of us get stuck and never create a product! We usually have the following questions which go unanswered!
What topic and format should I choose for my info product?
How do I create my product?
Where do I sell my product?
This course will answer these questions and much more to help you become an infopreneur starting today!
By the end of this course, you will:
Have an idea for the type of digital product you want to create
Know how to quickly and cost effectively create the type of digital product you want
Know how to get amazing covers for your digital products.
Know how to distribute and sell your information product online for passive income with almost no marketing!
So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!
Key Terms: Digital product creation, Information product marketing, Make money online, Make money from home, Make money without a website, Infoproducts, Earn cash, Passive income, Infopreneur, Online income, Digital Products, How to create ebooks, how to create videos, how to sell ebooks, how to promote videos, how to make money from ebooks, how to make money from videos, video courses, audiobooks, online marketplaces, Clickbank, JVZoo, Udemy, Amazon, Scribd, E-junkie, Smashwords, Mindbites, Skillshare, Information products
What are the requirements?
Students should have an eagerness to learn new tools required for creation of information products. We have provided the official tutorial links to these tools wherever applicable to enable a wholesome learning experience.
NOTE: All the tools and online resources discussed in this course are closely related to the course material and are necessary to enhance your learning. Some of these tools may require you to signup for free or for a fee to access them. However, we are NOT affiliated to any of these sites.
What am I going to get from this course?
Create digital information products in the form of eBooks, audio-books and video courses
Distribute and sell these information products across online marketplaces to generate passive income
What is the target audience?
This course is meant for newbies who are not familiar with making money from information products and/or students looking for a quick refresher on ways to create and sell information products to make money online without advertising

Section 1: Introduction - Make Money From Digital Information Products
Lecture 1	
Lecture 2	
Why Launch A Digital Information Product? 
Section 2: Research and Ideation
Lecture 3	
Preferred Formats for Digital Info Products 
Lecture 4	
Content Ideas That Sell Like Hotcakes 
Lecture 5	
How To Research Topics For Your Information Products 
Lecture 6	
How To Use Public Domain Content Effectively 
Lecture 7	
Additional Sources To Find Public Domain Books 
Lecture 8	
How To Use Private Label Rights Content Effectively 
Section 3: Creation of Ebooks
Lecture 9	
Tools and Resources Needed for Creating Ebooks 
Lecture 10	
Creating Ebook Covers - Outsourcing 
Section 4: Creation of Audiobooks
Lecture 11	
Tools and Resources Needed for Creating Audio Books 
Lecture 12	
Outsourcing Voiceovers and Audiobook Covers 
Section 5: Creation of Video Courses
Lecture 13	
Tools and Resources Needed for Creating Video Tutorials 
Lecture 14	
Official Tutorial Links For Video Creation Tools 
12 pages
Section 6: Distributing and Selling Information Products for Passive Income
Lecture 15	
Common Marketplaces To Sell Ebooks, Audiobooks and Video Courses 
Lecture 16	
Exclusive Marketplaces for Selling Ebooks 
Lecture 17	
Exclusive Marketplaces for Selling Video Courses 
Section 7: Conclusion
Lecture 18	
Next Steps 

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