openFramework چیست؟

openFramework یک مجموعه ابزار متن باز به زبان سی پلاس پلاس است که در برنامه های خود می توانید از آن استفاده کنید.

ابزار openFramework بیش از 4000 تابع آماده دارد که در سه بعدی سازی، اپلیکیشن ها، رویدادها، ریاضیات، کار با صدا، کار با ویدئو، برنامه نویسی شبکه، هوش مصنوعی، کار با عکس ها، کار با دستگاه های اندروید و iOS و … می تواند نیازهای شما را برآورده کند.

در این آموزش تصویری با openFrameworks  آشنا می شوید.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Udemy است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • سخت افزارهای مورد نیاز
  • نصب Vision
  • کار با ویندوز
  • نصب Vision روی OSX
  • نصب Vision روی لینوکس
  • راه اندازی raspberry pi
  • نصب raspberry Pi
  • نصب openFrameworks 0.8.4
  • افزودن محتویات برنامه
  • کار با Makefile ها و config.make
  • کار با توابع
  • نحوه اجرای برنامه
  • نحوه تعامل با کاربران
  • کار با رابط کاربری گرافیکی
  • نحوه پردازش تصویر
  • کار با انواع داده ها
  • نحوه پردازش تصویر
  • کار با هیستوگرام
  • نحوه پردازش ویدئو
  • کار با Raspberry Pi
  • کار با Blobs و Conotours
  • نحوه تطبیق الگو ها
  • نحوه پیگیری رنگ
  • طراحی پس زمینه
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Udemy Vision with openFrameworks
سطح: متوسط
مدت زمان: 1 ساعت و 30 دقیقه
نویسنده: Hasan Ijaz


Udemy Vision with openFrameworks

Hasan Ijaz
1.5 Hours
Intermediate Level

Add vision to your Pi
openFrameworks is an open source C++ toolkit that assists the creative process by bringing together opensource libraries for graphics, audio/video analysis, image manipulation, computer vision and 3D modeling.
This course aims to teach anyone how to get started with oF and build really awesome applications. Vision with openframeworks is for anyone who wants his applications to see and interact with the real world like living beings. You will learn to create applications for major operating systems and additionally we will be working with the raspberry pi and its camera module, so that you can create mini devices equipped with computer vision and be a real entrepreneur.
We will start off with the
basics of the toolkit i.e openframeworks,
you will work with user interfaces,
video input/output,
basics of image processing down to rgb and hsv channels and histograms.
The prime focus of this course will be on computer vision applications such as
contour detection
color tracking
object detection
face tracking
motion analysis
and many more things.
There will be detailed projects for each and every module and in addition to that we will work with real products to improve your hands on skills.
The ideal student for this course is a programmer who wants to add vision to his applications or an entrepreneur who wants to create a new product or a startup. If you have the basic programming skills and the thirst to learn please join in.
Feel free to check out the course contents and free s, looking forward to seeing you inside.
What are the requirements?
This is an intermediate level course so students should have a basic understanding of object oriented programming. A little understanding of Linux will be helpful, however it is not a must.
You will require a raspberry pi B+ board
You will also require a webcam or a raspberry pi camera
What am I going to get from this course?
Over 35 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
work with the best toolkit in C++ i.e openframeworks
perform image processing
work with video I/O
create mind blowing computer vision applications
What is the target audience?
Anyone who wants to learn the most comprehensive toolkit for programming in C++
Anyone who wants to work with images, video, graphics, networking and computer vision
Anyone who wants to add vision to his applications
Anyone who wants to be a real entrepreneur and create futuristic products

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Hardware Requirements
Section 2: Getting Started
Lecture 3
Install oF on Windows
Lecture 4
Install oF on OSX
Lecture 5
Install oF on Linux
Lecture 6
Setup SD card for raspberry pi
Lecture 7
Install oF on the raspberry Pi
Lecture 8
Install openFrameworks 0.8.4 on debian wheezy installed on your raspberry pi
Lecture 9
Hello World!
Lecture 10
RESOURCE: Code Repository
Section 3: oF Internals
Lecture 11
Contents of your oF installation
Lecture 12
Anatomy of your oF project
Lecture 13
Makefiles and config.make
Lecture 14
Lecture 15
Coding Exercise
Section 4: Important Functions
Lecture 16
Program Execution
Lecture 17
Utility Functions
Section 5: User Interaction
Lecture 18
Modes of User Interaction
Lecture 19
Example GUI
Lecture 20
GUI code explanation
Lecture 21
Coding Exercise
Section 6: Image Processing
Lecture 22
Image Data Types
Lecture 23
Image Processing
Lecture 24
Histogram Equalization
Section 7: Video Processing
Lecture 25
Video Player
Lecture 26
Video Player Example
Lecture 27
Video Grabber
Lecture 28
Video Grabber Example
Lecture 29
Interfacing Raspberry Pi Camera Module
Section 8: Computer Vision
Lecture 30
Blobs and Conotours
Lecture 31
Object Detection: Template Matching
Lecture 32
Object Detection: Color Tracking
Lecture 33
Object Tracking: Haar Finder
Lecture 34
Background Separation
Lecture 35
Motion Analysis