CakePHP 2 یکی از فریمورک های محبوب PHP است که به کمک آن می توانید برنامه های کاربردی سریع و پیچیده را با روش MVC پیاده سازی کنید.

در این آموزش تصویری با CakePHP 2 آشنا می شوید.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Lynda است.

سرفصل های این دوره:

  • CakePHP چیست؟
  • بررسی اجمالی CakePHP
  • CakePHP به عنوان یک چارچوب MVC
  • CakePHP 2 در مقابل CakePHP 3
  • نصب و پیکربندی CakePHP
  • ساختار پوشه CakePHP
  • قواعد نامگذاری CakePHP
  • پوسته CakePHP
  • کنترل برنامه CakePHP
  • ایجاد یک کنترل CakePHP
  • جریان کنترل CakePHP
  • روش کنترل CakePHP
  • دستکاری داده ها در کنترل
  • پارامترهای کنترل
  • صفحه بندی کنترل
  • خواص کنترل اضافی
  • آشنایی با مدل
  • مدل های CakePHP
  • و ….

عنوان دوره: Lynda CakePHP 2 Essential Training

مدت دوره: 4 ساعت و 55 دقیقه

نویسنده: Justin Yost


Lynda CakePHP 2 Essential Training

Justin Yost
4h 55m

CakePHP is a critical framework for PHP developers. It helps them build complex web applications faster and more efficiently than coding by hand. If you want to use CakePHP in your own development workflow, this is the place to start. Justin Yost provides an overview of the underlying MVC pattern in CakePHP, and the installation and configuration process for the framework. He shows how to use CakePHP shells and the console to build your first basic CakePHP app, and then discusses each application element in depth: controllers, models, views, components, behaviors, helpers, and utilities.
In later chapters the course gets a little more advanced. Watch these videos to learn how to write a custom shell, extend CakePHP with plugins, and write unit tests to identify and eliminate bugs in your code. Justin also shows how to add security to your CakePHP apps with a basic user authentication system.
NOTE: While CakePHP 2 is a slightly older version of the framework, it's still an actively developed tool that is useful for maintaining and updating web applications. Many of the conventions and problem-solving approaches in this course are also applicable to CakePHP 3.
Topics include:
Comparing CakePHP 2 and CakePHP 3
Installing and configuring CakePHP
Using different CakePHP shells
Creating CakePHP controllers
Saving data in a CakePHP model
Creating views
Using components to share functionality between controllers
Using behaviors
Formatting data with helpers
Developing faster with CakePHP utilities
Writing a custom CakePHP shell
Creating a custom plugin
Testing CakePHP applications
Authorizing users of CakePHP applications

5m 19s
What you should know
Using the exercise files
1m 7s
Follow along in Windows
2m 57s
1. What Is CakePHP?
6m 29s
Overview of CakePHP
1m 13s
CakePHP as an MVC framework
2m 24s
Convention over configuration
1m 3s
CakePHP 2 vs. CakePHP 3
1m 49s
2. Getting Started
11m 15s
CakePHP requirements
Install and configure CakePHP
4m 12s
CakePHP folder structure conventions
1m 42s
CakePHP naming conventions
4m 28s
3. Building Our First CakePHP App
10m 40s
CakePHP shell
4m 22s
Bake a CakePHP project
6m 18s
4. Controllers in Depth
44m 14s
CakePHP app controllers
3m 20s
Create a CakePHP controller
6m 56s
CakePHP controller flow
4m 14s
CakePHP controller methods
7m 29s
Manipulate data in controllers
5m 50s
Controller parameters
3m 31s
Controller pagination
7m 6s
Additional controller properties
5m 48s
5. Models in Depth
1h 9m
CakePHP models
2m 27s
HasOne model associations
5m 59s
BelongsTo and hasMany associations
6m 44s
Complex associations
2m 54s
Find your data
4m 29s
Save your data
3m 28s
Customized save methods
10m 12s
Delete your data
3m 25s
Standard CakePHP validation
5m 35s
Creating custom validation
8m 28s
Model callbacks
10m 50s
Virtual fields
4m 45s
6. Views in Depth
10m 26s
CakePHP views
5m 53s
View elements
4m 33s
7. Components in Depth
13m 45s
CakePHP components
3m 50s
Standard CakePHP components
4m 46s
Create and use a custom component
5m 9s
8. Behaviors in Depth
13m 42s
CakePHP behaviors
4m 18s
Standard CakePHP behaviors
5m 19s
Create and use a custom behavior
4m 5s
9. Helpers in Depth
12m 5s
CakePHP helpers
2m 51s
Standard CakePHP helpers
4m 26s
Create and use a custom helper
4m 48s
10. CakePHP Utilities
15m 20s
CakePHP's hash utility
5m 11s
CakePHP's email utility
6m 9s
CakePHP's logging utility
4m 0s
11. CakePHP Shell
7m 52s
Write a custom CakePHP shell
7m 52s
12. CakePHP Plugins
14m 23s
CakePHP plugins
2m 44s
Install a plugin in CakePHP
7m 3s
Create and use a custom plugin
4m 36s
13. Unit Testing CakePHP Applications
33m 18s
Test a CakePHP helper
5m 58s
Test a CakePHP model
6m 51s
Test a CakePHP controller
7m 36s
Test a CakePHP behavior
8m 8s
Test a CakePHP component
4m 45s
14. User Authentication and Authorization
26m 59s
Login and logout a user
9m 59s
Authorize a user
9m 34s
Using routes to authorize a user
7m 26s
Next steps