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  • نحوه راه‌اندازی یک کسب و کار کوچک
  • سفارشی کردن کسب و کارها
  • مبانی فروش کسب و کار
  • فروش محصولات در سه مرحله
  • کار با ایده های کسب و کار
  • بررسی ایده ها
  • بررسی سه مرحله
  • جذب مشتری جدید
  • نحوه تجارت آسان
  • قوانین تجارت موفق
  • روشهای فروش
  • نحوه پاسخ به درخواست های مشتری
  • نحوه پاسخ به اعتراضات
  • نحوه مشتری مداری
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Lynda Sales Secrets for Small Business
مدت زمان:  45 دقیقه و 57 ثانیه
نویسنده: Dave Crenshaw


Lynda Sales Secrets for Small Business

Dave Crenshaw
48m 57s Appropriate for all

Small business consultant Dave Crenshaw offers a simple three-step sales system (explore-present-act) that you can incorporate into your own small business to boost sales. First, learn the seven foundations of small business sales: common-sense techniques such as asking questions, listening, and following up. Then get tips to start building your sales system. Dave shows that by (1) getting to know the prospects and their needs better, you can (2) provide a brief presentation that focuses on their needs and (3) follow up to determine next steps and encourage them to act. Dave also provides sample sales scripts you can use for each stage of the process, as well as suggestions to create your own scripts. To keep your sales going strong far into the future, make sure you check out the closing chapters on practicing and measuring your progress and evolving your sales system.

1m 36s
What you should know before watching
1. Crafting Your Approach
4m 12s
Customizing approach for small businesses
1m 51s
Foundations of small business sales
2m 21s
2. Building Your Three-Step Sales System
27m 3s
Overview of three steps
1m 21s
System step one: Explore
2m 33s
Demonstration: Exploring with a new customer
8m 54s
System step two: Present
2m 42s
Demonstration: Presenting to a customer
2m 57s
System step three: Act
3m 14s
Demonstration: Encouraging action
3m 0s
Keep following up
2m 22s
3. Using Simple Sales Scripts
8m 51s
Understanding the question-based script
1m 33s
Demonstration: The script in action with three-step sales
2m 4s
Building a question script for three-step sales
2m 1s
Responding to objections with questions
1m 15s
Demonstration: Responding to objections with questions
1m 58s
4. Practicing and Measuring
6m 32s
The power of repetition
2m 7s
Demonstration: Giving and receiving feedback
1m 59s
Measuring your progress
2m 26s
Next steps