این دوره نحوه مدیریت DNS Server را در لینوکس آموزش می دهد. این دوره شما را برای آزمون LPIC-2 202 آماده می کند و مباحثی مانند  پیکربندی DNS ، DNS Server ، DNS Security ، PowerDNS و DNSMasq را شامل می شود. در ادامه نحوه استفاده از DNS در لینوکس ، کار با CentOS و Ubuntu ، کار با ماژول ها ، تست و اشکال زدایی برنامه را نیز خواهید آموخت.

این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه Pluralsight است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • کار با DNS Server
  • آشنایی با DNS
  • مدیریت DNS
  • نحوه پیکربندی فایل های سرور
  • کار با DNS Chrooting
  • نحوه کنترل DNS Server
  • کار با ابزارهای برنامه
  • نصب و راه اندازی BIND
  • نحوه تست BIND روی CentOS 7
  • نحوه استفاده از DNSMasq
  • مقدمه ای بر DNSMasq
  • پیکربندی برنامه
  • کار با ابزار های حل مسائل مربوط به DNS
  • معرفی ابزار های مشتری
  • نحوه اسکریپت نویسی
  • نحوه گسترش DNS
  • افزایش رکوردها به برنامه
  • تولید رکوردهای منطقه ای
  • نحوه عیب یابی DNS
  • نحوه ورود به سیستم فایل در DNS
  • نحوه پیکربندی DNS
  • پیکربندی DNS Server
  • پیکربندی DNS Security
  • نحوه استفاده از ACL
  • پیاده سازی امنیت با استفاده از کلید های TSIG
  • پیکربندی روی PowerDNS
  • نحوه پیکربندی سرور
  • نصب و راه اندازی PowerDNS با MySQL
  • نحوه اشکال زدایی برنامه
  • و…

عنوان دوره: Pluralsight Linux Managing DNS Servers LPIC-2
سطح: متوسط
مدت زمان: 4 ساعت و 16 دقیقه
نویسنده: Andrew Mallett


Pluralsight Linux Managing DNS Servers (LPIC-2)

Andrew Mallett
4h 16m

Getting you ready for the LPIC-2 202 exam, we concentrate in detail upon Objective 207. Ensuring you know all there is to know about DNS, we configure a BIND Master of Ubuntu and the Slave on CentOS as well as configuring PowerDNS and DNSMasq. Not to leave you short changed, we also look at security and sign zones with DNSSEC.
This course makes up the first in a series looking at the LPI's LPIC-2 202 exam and covers in detail objective 207. This is most certainly a great resource for those preparing for the exam but, additionally, this has been written to be the definitive course on using DNS in Linux. We make sure that the advanced topics for the exam are covered and we see this both on CentOS and Ubuntu systems. We cover BIND 9, DNSMAsq, and PowerDNS. In today's workplace, security has to be taken seriously and, in the module titled "Configuring DNS Security," we cover TSIG keys as well as setting up signed zones with DNSSEC.

10m 53s
Course Introduction
5m 46s
DNS Server in 30 Seconds
3m 39s
Summary and What's Next
1m 27s
Understanding DNS
30m 4s
Introducing DNS Management
2m 17s
Server Configuration Files
5m 35s
Understanding Zone Files
5m 4s
Chrooting DNS
3m 22s
Controlling the DNS Server
4m 59s
Additional Tools
5m 21s
Summary and What's Next
3m 23s
Installing BIND
22m 20s
2m 29s
Installing and Testing BIND on CentOS 7
4m 49s
Files and Locations
6m 15s
Modes and Configuration
6m 38s
2m 7s
Caching Nameserver Using DNSMasq
18m 25s
Introduction to DNSMasq
4m 32s
Installing and Basic Setup
4m 20s
Detailed Configuration
6m 49s
Testing and Summary
2m 43s
Client Tools Resolving DNS Issues
24m 17s
Introducing Client Tools
2m 47s
Working with the /etc/resolv.conf
5m 21s
Common Client Tools
2m 14s
Hands-on with Client Tools
3m 45s
Working with Scripts
4m 31s
Hands-on with Scripts
4m 16s
Summary and What's Next
1m 20s
Extending DNS to Host Zones
30m 27s
Introducing Zones
4m 39s
Adding Zones to Our Configuration
4m 43s
Understanding Zone Resource Records
6m 50s
Creating Zones Files and Testing
8m 3s
Generating Zone Resource Records
3m 59s
2m 10s
Troubleshooting DNS and Log Files
38m 0s
Introduction to Resource Records and Logging
8m 45s
Managing Additional Resource Record Types
6m 41s
Log Files in DNS
4m 11s
Client Query Logging
6m 26s
Custom Log Configuration
5m 38s
Permissions and Summary
6m 17s
Configuring DNS Replication
23m 12s
Introduction to Zone Transfers
4m 46s
Configuring a Slave DNS Server
7m 22s
Adding Records and Synchronizing
7m 41s
Summary and What's Next
3m 22s
Configuring DNS Security
41m 40s
DNS Security
2m 10s
Using Simple ACLs
5m 44s
Understanding TSIG Keys
3m 54s
Implementing Security Using TSIG Keys
7m 55s
Completing TSIG Security on the Slave
5m 37s
Understanding Signed Zones
3m 13s
Steps in Zone Signing
2m 30s
Signing Your Zone
8m 3s
Summary and What's Next
2m 30s
Configuring PowerDNS
17m 16s
PowerDNS as a BIND Alternative
2m 37s
Configuring the Caching-only Server
3m 6s
Installing PowerDNS with MySQL
9m 18s
2m 13s