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عنوان دوره: Lynda SharePoint 2013 Site and Collection Administration

سطح: متوسط

مدت زمان: 1 ساعت و 50 دقیقه
نویسنده: Ron Davis


SharePoint administrators: learn how to manage sites and collections for your organization with these short, focused SharePoint tutorials. Author Ron Davis familiarizes new and part-time administrators with common duties involved with administrating SharePoint, such as navigating the SharePoint architecture; handling permissions and quotas; backing up and restoring data; creating site libraries, lists, and site pages; and branding your SharePoint site with the Design Manager. This course is an excellent starting point to understand your responsibilities as a collection or site admin.
Topics include:
    Navigating the SharePoint architecture
    Handling blocked files and locks
    Working with quotas
    Backing up and restoring the content database
    Creating and modifying site libraries and lists
    Adding site pages and Web Parts
    Branding your SharePoint site with Design Manager

    2m 12s
        What you should know before watching this course
        Using the exercise files
    1. Navigating the SharePoint Architecture
    38m 26s
        Understanding SharePoint terms and concepts
            12m 1s 
        Exploring user credentials and SharePoint Central Administration access
            7m 23s 
        Creating a web application and a collection
            12m 8s 
        Exploring user credentials and SharePoint sites access
            6m 54s 
    2. Managing Site Collections
    22m 57s
        Handling blocked files
            3m 21s 
        Handling locks
            2m 21s 
        Changing administrators
            2m 44s 
        Working with quotas
            2m 47s 
        Understanding the impact of Features
            4m 54s 
        Content database backup and restore
            6m 50s 
    3. Site Administration
    45m 52s
        Creating and modifying site libraries and lists
            7m 32s 
        Working with views
            6m 24s 
        Adding site pages and Web Parts
            4m 39s 
        Deciding between folders and metadata
            6m 3s 
        Creating content types
            7m 18s 
        Using document sets
            6m 44s 
        Configuring and using basic intrinsic workflows
            3m 0s 
        Branding your site with Design Manager
            4m 12s 
    1m 7s
        Next steps
            1m 7s

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