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  • سازماندهی حالت استراحت برای کاراکتر
  • اضافه کردن رنگ
  • تصویر واج SSS
  • ایجاد واج EEE
  • نشان دادن واج AH برای کاراکتر
  • ایجاد واج RRR
  • نشان دادن واج OH برای کاراکتر
  • ایجاد واج FFF
  • نشان دادن واج EL برای کاراکتر
  • ایجاد واج TH
  • ایجاد واج Ooo/Q
  • و…

عنوان دوره:  Digital Tutors Creating Phonemes for Character Animation in Illustrator
مدت زمان: 1 ساعت و 31 دقیقه
نویسنده:  Alex Hernandez


Digital Tutors Creating Phonemes for Character Animation in Illustrator

Alex Hernandez
1h 31m

In this Illustrator course, we'll learn how to illustrate facial expressions that'll for animation.
We'll start by creating the resting position for our character. To help with this, we'll use different layers so it'll be easier to isolate areas of our character. This'll also save time when importing into animation software.
Next we'll begin illustrating the other sounds in our mouth chart like EEE and AH. Once we've created illustrations for each phoneme, we'll create artboards for each sound. Our artboards will simplify the process of compositing our drawings into other software programs.
After finishing this Illustrator tutorial, you'll know how to create phonemes for your own characters.

1 Introduction and project overview Watch it now
2 Establishing the resting position for our character
3 Adding color to the resting pose for our character
4 Illustrating the SSS phoneme
5 Creating the EEE phoneme
6 Illustrating the AH phoneme for our character
7 Creating the RRR phoneme
8 Illustrating the OH phoneme for our character
9 Creating the FFF phoneme
10 Illustrating the EL phoneme for our character
11 Creating the TH phoneme
12 Creating the Ooo/Q phoneme and preparing our project for export