در این آموزش تصویری با تبلیغات Twitter برای کسب و کارها و کارآفرینان آشنا می شوید.

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  • خوش آمدگویی
  • آشنایی با  Dynamic Customer Journey
  • راه اندازی مانند یک حرفه ای
  • آشنایی با آگهی های توییتر
  • ایجاد توییتها برای تبدیل
  • حساب آگهی های توییتر شما
  • ایجاد توییت های تبلیغاتی با IMPACT
  • انتخاب نوع مناسب آگهی
  • هدف قرار دادن توییت شما
  • ایجاد مخاطبان متناسب
  • ایجاد و مدیریت بودجه شما
  • پیگیری ارتقا عملکرد توییت
  • توییتر کارت
  • آشنایی با توییتر کارت
  • انواع کارت های توییتر
  • استفاده از توییتر کارت به صورت رایگان
  • راه اندازی توییتر کارت
  • اتصال توییتر به پلت فرم CRM خود

عنوان دوره: Udemy Twitter Ads NEW 2016 – For Business Agencies And Entrepreneurs

مدت دوره: 2 ساعت و 30 دقیقه

نویسنده: The Digital Hack Academy


Udemy Twitter Ads NEW 2016 - For Business Agencies And Entrepreneurs

The Digital Hack Academy
2.5 hours

Corse updated: FEB 2016 - Over 4500 students enrolled. 5 STAR REVIEWS!!!
6 reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now!
1. You get lifetime access including all of the updated content as the platform changes. The content is updated most months with the latest and greatest twitter add examples , case studies and guides.
2. Ask me questions and see me respond in the discussions, as well as edit the course in response to your questions.
3. What you will learn in this course is succinct, to the point and works! These Twitter ad strategies and tactics have helped reduce the cost of leads by as much as 55% and increase conversions over 100% [proof on the inside]
4. Get access to dozens of case studies and examples showing you exactly what Twitter ad tactics works and WHY
5. Step by step instruction walking you through everything from setting up your Twitter ads account, creating tweets that convert, targeting, budget management and analytics.
6. As the popularity of Twitter advertising continues to grow (over 90% growth over the last 12 months) You can take this knowledge and start offing Twitter Ads management to clients with confidence tomorrow, giving you additional revenue streams and relevant offers for your business.
What do the students think?
"Comprehensive twitter advertising training with fast supportI really wanted to be able to learn how to set up twitter ads and understand what works and what doesn't. This course delivers. Some great tips and tricks to increase click through rate, and how to target your ads. Loved the section on NOT using images in tweets. Makes perfect sense now. I asked a question in the discussions and Chris replied within 30 minutes with a really well thought out answer. He even added additional lecture just to answer this question more thoroughly. Thanks Chris, looking forward to your next course"Sarah - UK
Latest Information At Your Fingertips
Take this course now to get lifetime access, ask questions, and see the newest information available about making money on Twitter! If you use Twitter for business, want to use Twitter to make money online, or want to get better results with Twitter ads for your clients, you can count on this course to give you the very best, most original, and most detailed information available anywhere online!
30 Money Back Guarantee. Take the course for 30 days, try it, implement what I show you, run some ads on Twitter and if you don't like it, you will get a full 100% refund no questions asked. What have you got to lose? Get the course right now and generate new leads and sales in less than 3 hours!
What are the requirements?
Active Twitter Account
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 27 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
Understand strategically where twitter fits in the marketing and advertising mix
Use twitter ads and twitter cards to sell to more people
Use Twitter cards and ads to increase your Twitter engagement rate
Understand when to use Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and the 9 different Twitter Card types
Use Twitter cards to increase your mailing list, capture business leads, and make sales
Identify the 4 vital elements that should be included in EVERY twitter ad, and how to deploy them
Use analytics to track THE MOST IMPORTANT metrics
Learn from dozens of case studies and examples
Use different targeting options to DOUBLE targeted reach
Use our one weird trick that increased ad click through rate by over 700%
What is the target audience?

Entrepreneurs using Twitter to grow an online business
Twitter account owners
Twitter account admins
Agencies helping brands and business use social media
Social Media Consultants looking for up to date Twitter Hacks
Business consultants who are looking to create profitable campaigns for themselves or their clients

Section 1: WELCOME! What's the course all about?
Lecture 1
Why You Will Love This Twitter Ads Course
Introduction as to why we think you are going to love this course!
Lecture 2
How To get The Most From This Course
Use our 3 guiding principles for getting the most from this course:
1. Minimum Effective Dose
2. Run Before You Walk
3. Action
Lecture 3
22 Blogs That Will Supercharge Your Learning
4 pages
Here you will find a document jam packed with some of the most insightful, up to date and useful information available on the subjects of business and digital marketing.
Lecture 4
3 Must Read Social books for 2015
2 pages
One of the challenges of writing a print book on social media or digital marketing is that it�s obsolete the moment it�s printed.
I added these 3 books as �suggested reading� because their messages were up-to-date, and they included the newer networks.
Quiz 1
How Are You Going To Get The Most From This Course?
1 question
Section 2: Twitter & The New Dynamic Customer Journey
Lecture 5
Understanding The Dynamic Customer Journey
Understanding todays dynamic customer journey is a vital part of knowing where Twitter fits in the mix.
Here we discuss the Moments of Truth customer journey framework to help you understand how the user moves from being made aware of products and services to purchasing and feeding back their experiences.
Lecture 6
Where Does Twitter Fit In The Journey?
Twitter can be used at most stages in the customer journey. However we discover in this lecture that Twitter ads are primarily used at the earlier stages of the journey.
Quiz 2
Where Can Twitter Be Used?
1 question
Section 3: Setting Up Like A Pro
Lecture 7
Understanding Twitter Ads
Know the difference between the three primary advertising products twitter offer, and what they can be used for:
Promoted Accounts
Promoted Trends
Promoted Tweets
Lecture 8
Creating Tweets That Convert
Understanding what encourages users to take action from a tweet is key to increasing your advertising return on investment. Here we look at some examples both good and bad to help you understand more.
Lecture 9
Your Twitter Ads Account
When you click the Start Advertising button in your email, you are taken to a login screen to sign in with your current Twitter handle and password. If you try signing in to Twitter Ads with an account other than the one you were invited with, it will give you a message that you do not have access and must request it on the Twitter for Business site.
Lecture 10
Conversion Tracking - The Holy Grail
How to set up conversion tracking to help monitor measure and optimise your twitter campaigns
Quiz 3
What Are The Key Ingredients In A Tweet?
1 question
Section 4: Creating Promoted Tweets With Impact
Lecture 11
Selecting The Right Ad Type
Selecting the right ad type based on your objectives is a vital step in running successful twitter ad campaigns.
In the past, some consumer brands have thrown more advertising dollars toward Twitter, especially during live events such as the Super Bowl or Academy Awards. Twitter's simple suite of promoted advertising products�a trio of ads that target select users and receive preferential placements as tweets, trends and recommended accounts�haven't resonated with some whose advertising decisions are driven by app downloads, subscriber sign-ups and purchases.
Lecture 12
Targeting Your Tweets
Selecting the right audience to display your promoted tweet to can help drive ROI and protect your budget from wasted media spend
Username targeting helps you connect with the right audience by allowing you to target your Twitter Ads campaigns to people who follow specific usernames or are similar to the followers of those usernames.
Targeting the usernames of specific and relevant accounts will focus your campaign on the most receptive audience. The precise nature of this method means the experience will be improved for both the users, who will be seeing content similar to what's already in their home timelines, and for the advertisers, since those users are already primed to engage with that content.
Lecture 13
Creating Tailored Audiences
14 pages
A person who has already expressed interest in your business is more likely to respond to your marketing message. But how do you find these people on Twitter? With Tailored Audiences, you can remarket your business to these prospects when they log into Twitter. This product allows you to define groups of existing and prospective customers based on users' web browsing behavior, email addresses, Twitter ID and other CRM data.
Lecture 14
Tweet Selection For Promotioin
If you are creating tweets specifically for ads, you will want to watch this Lecture. we show you one way to increase your website link clicks by 300% and another way to drive responses by over 700%!
Lecture 15
Establishing and Managing Your Budget
Many businesses use social media to grow awareness and customer loyalty. But for many, �social media increasingly means paid media� as David Berkowitz states in Ad Age. In 2015, Twitter will favour paid ads over organic posts, and Evaluate your marketing budget, does it include enough for paid twitter advertising?
Lecture 16
Tracking Promoted Tweet Performance
Understanding the various reports from within the reporting dashboard is interesting, but don't let your eye of the main goal...conversions
The key to success on Twitter starts with establishing what you want to achieve and then crafting a marketing strategy to get there. Decide how you'll measure success with Twitter analytics.
Use the analytics homepage to get a bird's eye view of your account activity. You'll see monthly highlights including:
- how many people have seen your Tweets, visited your profile, mentioned your @username, or followed your account
- your top Tweets and follower with the largest network in any given month
Lecture 17
Learn how to diagnose the problem with promoted tweets, and understand what you need to fix depending on your performance factors.
Section 5: Twitter Cards
Lecture 18
How Are You Finding Things So Far?
Lecture 19
Understanding Twitter Cards
We're all pretty familiar with Twitter's 140 characters�and of course, a photo is always an eye-catching addition. But what if your Twitter audience could sign up for your email list without ever leaving Twitter, or directly download your new app straight from a tweet? What if a photo and article summary could travel alongside every post of your content?
And what if you could do all of this for free, right now?
Lecture 20
Types Of Twitter Cards
With 9 different card types to choose from, you can use Twitter cards to ask your audience to do things like:
Sign up for an email list
Register at a website
View and use a coupon
Visit a landing page
Download an app
�without them ever having to leave Twitter.
Lecture 21
Using Twitter Cards For Free
Twitter's card infrastructure is what allows us to have these rich media experiences that go far beyond a 140-character written message right within Twitter.
By adding a few lines of HTML to your webpage (don't worry, we'll cover that; it's probably easier than you think), you can create this experience for your audience, too. Any users who Tweet links to your content will have a �card� added to the tweet that's visible to all of their followers.
Lecture 22
Setting Up Twitter Cards
For maximum control and flexibility over your Twitter cards, you can add the appropriate meta tags for the card of your choice onto your site. Twitter offers some nice documentation on how to do this, with the code all set for you to plug your information into. Dont let words like code, put you off, we will show you exactly how to do this in under 5 minutes!
Lecture 23
Connecting Twitter To Your CRM Platform
If you are using the lead generation cards you may want to consider adding a link to your CRM platform
Lecture 24
How To Export leads From Twitter
If you are not using a CRM programme you will need to be able to export your lead data manually
Lecture 25
How To Promote Cards For Immediate Results
Looking for leads? Want to grow your email list? Twitter's lead generation cardcan help. This card allows users to sign up for a special offer or opt in to a newsletter right from Twitter�Twitter even automagically fills in your email address so all you have to do is say yes. These cards stand alone; they can't be attached to specific content or URLs right now.
Section 6: Case Studies Examples & More!
Lecture 26
10 Awesome Twitter Examples
4 pages
Are you looking for a way to step up your business' marketing with Twitter?
Do you want to boost retweets and increase engagement across the board?
In this article, I'm going to critique 10 of the top brands on Twitter, giving you concrete examples of how to maximize Twitter in your social media strategy.
Lecture 27
Updated Case Studies - Part 1
3 new case studies showing how to:
1. drive website conversions
2. Drive traffic
3. Reach influencers and increase PR coverage